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C632 this is a big misunderstanding

Ji Yueze flipped the pen back and forth in his hand, and looked at the time. It was already more than three o'clock. He was on the phone just now. He said to his elder brother that he would take Bai Yiyan back to dinner together.

But if he remembers correctly, he seems to have left the woman in the air in his apartment.

The last time he kissed her, she gave him a jack, all the tenderness, all the interest, all of a sudden by her legs to the top, this makes season Yueze extremely angry.

If this destroys his lifeblood, he will not let her go. Moreover, he will marry her in his life.

However, fortunately, his lifeblood is still intact, but it's true that he suffered from the crime, and later when he was a trumpet, it was painful.

Ji Yueze thinks more and more about getting angry. He thinks that he is a big young master, but he is so disliked by that woman. It's too much. It's not as dull and boring as she is to replace him.

Jun's face is dark and ugly. However, as time goes on, Ji Yueze throws the piano directly on the table, takes the car key and coat, and plans to go downstairs.

No matter how rigid his relationship with Bai Yiyan is now, he must drag this woman back to Ji's house for dinner tonight, and let elder brother know how close and good their relationship is.

After Ji Yueze determined this idea, he could not care about any male self-esteem.

He drove his sports car downstairs to his apartment. When he parked his car, he suddenly thought of something.

It seems that Bai Yiyan is going back to her mother's house for dinner today. Now, I don't know if she has come back here.

Ji Yueze also promised her yesterday that he would accompany her back to her home for dinner. Now, he has broken his promise.

"What a bore!" He doesn't like dealing with women any more.

Bai Yiyan is not as gentle and understanding as Tang youyou. As expected, there is such a big gap between people.

Is this the difference between a single woman and a mother woman?

Ji Yueze is confused. He takes out his cell phone and hesitates for two seconds. After biting his thin lips, he calls Bai Yiyan.

The phone rang for a long time, but it was answered by a man.

"Hello Who is it! " Men's voices are young, too.

Ji Yueze was in such a bad mood that he suddenly heard a man's voice and his handsome face was stunned.

"Am I wrong? Isn't this Bai Yiyan's cell phone? " Ji Yueze immediately asked coldly.

"This is Yiyan's cell phone. That's right. Who are you?" The other side answered him very simply.

Ji Yueze looked even more surprised. His beautiful brow twisted: "who are you? Why can you answer her phone? "

"I'm her friend. Yiyan is drunk and resting!" The other side saw that his attitude was not good enough, and his tone was not good either.

"I'm her boyfriend. My name is Ji Yueze. Now can you tell me where she is?" Ji Yueze didn't expect Bai Yiyan to dare to get drunk in a strange man's house. What a pity.

"Oh, I know it's you. Yiyan just went to bed. If you have something, please call her later." When the other party finished speaking, he hung up directly.

Ji Yueze's brain is blank. Bai Yiyan, a casual woman, kisses her, and she's crazy. But now, she sleeps in a man's home, and she's drunk. The other party can answer her phone. Is this a close relationship?

Ji Yueze doesn't give up, so he continues to call Bai Yiyan because he has to take her to Ji's house for dinner.

Fortunately, when he reached the seventh call, Bai Yiyan's voice came to him: "who, it's so noisy!"

"It's me!" Ji Yueze heard her own voice, immediately said in a cold voice.

"Who are you?" Bai Yiyan's voice sounds like she is confused. It seems that she is really drunk.

"I'm your boyfriend!" Ji Yueze made a point in an instant.

Bai Yiyan giggles: "you lie I don't have a boyfriend! "

"I'm Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan. If you still want to receive the final payment, don't play dumb for me. Tell me the address quickly. I want to come to you!" Ji Yueze knows that this woman is sensitive to money.

"Oh, it's you!" Sure enough, Bai Yiyan woke up and recognized his voice.

"Address!" Ji Yueze has no patience any more. He's giving orders in a cold voice.

Bai Yiyan had to tell him her address. Ji Yueze snorted coldly and hung up the phone directly. The car roared and ran directly to her location.

Bai Yiyan hears that Ji Yueze is coming to find her. Her head is still buzzing. She stands up dizzy, but falls back on the sofa.

"Cousin I have something to do. Let's go first! " Bai Yiyan said something, then she got up in a hurry, took her backpack and planned to go out.

A slender man came out of the bedroom. He was the son of Bai Yiyan's stepfather and brother. He was the only one who had no prejudice against Bai Yiyan since he was a child.

Bai Yiyan has a good relationship with him. Since she was a professor in her university, she is young and knowledgeable. Bai Yiyan has always admired him.

Peloqing looked at Bai Yiyan, who was shaking when she walked. She frowned and went over to her. She reached out and held her arm. "Why don't you go away without sleeping? What if you fall down like this? "

"I'm really busy!" Bai Yiyan gave a wry smile.

"I'll take you down!" Said peloqing, reaching for her waist and one arm.

Bai Yiyan always thought that he was a brother, but she didn't think about anything.

"Thank you, cousin!" Bai Yiyan said gratefully that they opened the door and went out.

In the elevator, Bai Yiyan tries to keep her head, because when she sees Ji Yueze in a moment, she may have a tough battle to fight.

That man, he said nothing, said that he would accompany her back to her home for lunch, but she waited for him for more than four hours, he even disappeared.

She must be so naive that she believed what he said.

What a fool!

So, like a fool, she can only drown her worries with alcohol, but unexpectedly, the amount of alcohol is terrible. After a few drinks, she will be drunk and not wake up.

At the gate of the community, Bai Yiyan is half leaning on peiluoqing's side. From a distance, she sees an arrogant silver sports car coming.

Ji Yueze sees Bai Yiyan leaning on a man's side like a bird leaning on a man's body, and the fire rises in his heart instantly.

This damned woman is really messing about.

How did he feel that she was pure and clean? There must be something wrong with his eyes. A woman who can snuggle up to other men casually, where comes the pure and clean?