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C1762 does he want a daughter?

At the end of the day, Mu Weicheng turned over and stood up, straightened out the woman's pajamas lying on the sofa, and said in a low voice, "go to bed early. We may need to get up early for tomorrow's noon flight."

Ling wennuan stared at him stupefied. Just now, she had a warm look of going through the love with her. Now, his calm character was restored. She couldn't see his ideas.

"Mu Weicheng, am I not in good shape?

I can't attract you? "

Ling warm warm some sad, she has done enough preparation several times, but the midway to give up is always him, since on the car, how to get off in the midway, tickle people's hearts, another pair of high cold ascetic appearance, Ling warm almost despised him.

"Don't think about it. You're in good shape."

Afraid that she was sad, Mu Weicheng squatted down, gently stroked her long hair, smiled and comforted her.

"It's said that passion is hard to suppress, but I think you can put it away every time in the next second. Is your passion for me false?"

Ling wennuan is still a little angry. She doesn't like to stop like this. She doubts herself.

"Of course it's true. It's all true. It's warm. I'm afraid I want you. Your eldest brother will take my life. For the sake of safety, let's wait."

Mu said jokingly.

"You are so afraid of my big brother. He doesn't eat people. What are you afraid of him?

If there is any relationship between us, you should put the responsibility on me. Anyway, my eldest brother won't blame me. He will scold me at most. "

Ling warms up the corner of his mouth and looks depressed.

"It's not a matter of fear. I can't make it clear to you. I respect your elder brother very much. I hope he can believe in my character, warmth, sensitive relationship between our two families. Many things need time to be verified. Passion is temporary, but I want to live with you for a generation, not in a hurry."

Mu Weicheng doesn't know how to explain his inner thoughts, but he really cares about Ling Mo Feng's views on himself, which is related to whether he can marry Ling Nuan.

"Well, your man's dignity is still very important. I will defend it for you."

Ling warm although listen to half understand, but she can see, Mu Weicheng really attaches great importance to this matter.

The next morning, at half past five, Mu Weicheng called Ling wennuan up. Ling wennuan followed him downstairs with a yawn. When he got in the car, the man gave her a pillow to rest and let her go to sleep.

Ling wennuan is not polite to him. He goes on sleeping.

When she woke up, she found that it was three hours later, and another two hours to the airport.

"Tired or not?

I'll drive. I've got my driver's license. "

Ling wennuan is embarrassed. She looks at Mu Weicheng and wants to replace him.

Mu Wei Cheng pointed to the coffee beside him: "I have something refreshing. Don't worry. I'm trained and not easily sleepy."

"Well, I've got my driver's license, but I'm not proficient. If you can drive, you can do it."

Ling wennuan dare not make fun of their lives.

After arriving at the airport, they checked in and boarded.

Ling Mo Feng just came back from abroad. The next morning, instead of going to the general office, he directly took LAN Yanxi back to their home. Ling's mother kept him for a while. However, she also knew that young people need their own space. Even if the elder cared for them well, they still had some restrictions in their mind, which were not free enough. So, they were allowed to make their own choices Yes.

LAN Yanxi looks back at the elder standing at the door of Ling's house and asks Ling Mo Feng over his head, "is it not good that we just moved out like this?"

"It's OK. My parents won't have a problem. Besides, I prefer to live with both of us."

Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

"Where are we going to move now?"

LAN Yanxi asked curiously.

"Of course, it's a new house. It's decorated there. The vice president's office also has time to live for the new vice president. We can't occupy it all the time."

Ling Mo Feng replied softly, reaching for one of her little hands and playing with it in the palm.

"Well, wherever you go, I'll go. I'll let you know."

Lanyanxi doesn't have any requirements for the residence. Besides, what's the unhappiness of the beautiful and grand residence in the presidential palace that she's moving to now?

The motorcade drove into the gate of the presidential palace, and the green grass came into view. LAN Yanxi couldn't help asking curiously, "shall we go back to move?"

"No, I forgot to tell you. I've asked people to move our things here and tidy them up these days."

Ling Mo Feng is in a hurry every time he calls her. He has said all his love words and forgot to mention it to her.


Why didn't you tell me?

I can help. "

Blue Yan Xi some dissatisfied toot under the corner of the mouth.

"You're still pregnant. Of course, you can't be involved in the move. I think it's just that we're not at home, so a special person will move there. Don't worry. Your things are all moved here."

Ling Mo Feng comforts her tenderly. He is really afraid that she will get angry now. The last bleeding event made Ling Mo Feng have a shadow. He was afraid that if she was excited and something went wrong, his heart could not stand the second shock.

"I dare not even lift a heavy object now."

LAN Yanxi breathed and had to admit his weakness.

In the presidential palace, when she went in, LAN Yanxi found some shadows of her old home. She couldn't help looking back at the man: "how can it be similar to the previous home?"

"I'm afraid you're not used to it. I'll try my best to make it look like an old home. These furniture are almost the same. Let's go. I'll show you upstairs."

Ling Mo Feng said, took her hand, to take her upstairs.

LAN Yanxi thought of the picture he saw at the stairs last time, and couldn't help shivering.

"I've decorated the whole staircase."

Ling Mo Feng whispered.

LAN Yanxi followed him upstairs. Sure enough, the wall next to the stairs was knocked out by him. He replaced the whole glass window and hung a very beautiful curtain, just like the color of the sky and white clouds.

"It's totally different."

LAN Yanxi saw such a beautiful floor to ceiling window, and could not recall the panic of seeing that painting at that time.

Ling Mo Feng chuckled and took her upstairs directly.

There are many bedrooms on the second floor. Ling Mo Feng chose the largest one as the master bedroom. There is a room beside it, which was changed into a children's room by him. There are some small things that can be used at home and some small furniture in it.

Lanyanxi doesn't want to leave when standing at the door, because the little things in it are so lovely.

From its is that set of small sofa, pink tender, let a person want to go up to touch.

"These are also your arrangements?"

LAN Yanxi can't believe it.

Ling Mo Feng's face flashed a embarrassed color, but he nodded: "once I saw it by chance, I felt very cute, and it was sent to me."

"How do you buy pink?

Don't you think I'm carrying a daughter? "

LAN Yanxi covers his mouth and Snickers. I didn't expect that Ling Mo Feng, a man, could be hooked with pink.

Ling Mo Feng's face is redder. He can't help pinching her smile: "what's the matter with pink?

Isn't it nice?

How is your daughter? She is very kind. "

"I didn't say it's not good-looking. I just think you buy pink, which is different from your character."

LAN Yanxi laughs more happily.

"Look at our room."

Ling doesn't want to continue to discuss pink with her. He also feels that a big man is a little weird in choosing this color.

In Nuo's big bedroom, there is a big bed with a new quilt cover. There is a leisure sofa beside it, a large cloakroom and a very large dresser.

"Are you satisfied with this bedroom?"

The man is languidly leaning against the wall, watching the woman look around and caress, smilingly asking her.

"Of course, very satisfied."

LAN Yanxi replied from the bottom of her heart that he could see the intention of the man everywhere. Unexpectedly, he packed a new home behind his back, which really moved her.

Ling Mo Feng listened to her words and suddenly felt that all the expectations had results.

"Let's have dinner with Mu Weicheng and Nuan in the evening. I want to hear what they say."

Ling Mo Feng whispered.

LAN Yanxi nodded, "OK."

When Mu Weicheng and Ling wennuan's plane arrived, it was more than four o'clock in the afternoon. The person who came to pick up the plane was Mu Yun.

She is holding a bunch of flowers, standing in the crowd is quite conspicuous, she has a kind of quiet atmosphere of books, like a touch of white orchid in the deep valley, sending out a different temperament.

In the crowd, Mu Yun saw big brother at a glance, but when she saw the girl following him, she was stunned.

Ling wennuan is talking to Mu Weicheng. When she suddenly sees Mu Yun, she looks embarrassed. She pulls Mu Weicheng's sleeve and says in a small voice, "where is sister Mu Yun?

Will she be angry? "

"No, I'll make it clear to you."

Mu Weicheng walked towards his younger sister quickly. Mu Yun's eyes were slightly opened, and some of them were unbelievable.


Mu Weicheng walked over and cried with a smile.

Ling wennuan also followed in the past, hiding behind Mu Weicheng, sticking out one side of his head, smiling and greeting: "sister Muyun!"

"Brother, what's the matter with you?"

Muyun is really surprised. She didn't expect that her eldest brother would be together with Ling wennuan. Moreover, she seems to smell the air. There is love in the air. The eldest brother is in love with Ling wennuan. She is messy in the wind.

"I'm in touch with warmth."

Mu Weicheng said, reaching out to hold Ling's warm hand: "Xiaoyun, you won't object."

Mu Yun's eyes fell on their tightly clasped hands. After a while, she couldn't help but wry smile: "I remember that you used to hate her the most. Every time you come back from home, you complain that she sticks you too tightly, which makes you impatient. Now I finally understand that you don't bother her at all. You may like her."

Mu Weicheng's face is slightly stunned, and Ling Nuan's eyes are staring at her. Does Mu Weicheng even think she's upset?

"Small Yun, can you give elder brother a little face? Don't mention the old things."

Mu Weicheng attached to her sister's ear and lowered her voice to plead.