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After being teased by Ji Yueze, the man finally went into the bathroom with satisfaction. Bai Yiyan's tight breath finally relieved. She sneaked up to Ji Yueze's two bedside cabinets, opened the drawer and looked at it. She didn't put it in it. She twisted her eyebrows and imagined the possible hiding place of Ji Yueze. Will he be in his cloakroom? Bai Yiyan slipped into the cloakroom again, opened a lot of drawers and looked. She didn't have her mobile phone. "

No, throw it away?" Bai Yiyan looks confused. When she was thinking about things, there was a faint voice behind her: "what are you looking for?" Yi Yan was shocked. She looked back and saw that there was only a white bath towel on the man's body and her short hair were dripping with water.

"No Nothing! " Bai Yiyan clenched her fist nervously, and her beautiful eyes flashed randomly. Season

Yue Ze takes a towel and wipes off the water drops on Jun's face. The dangerous black pupils squint tightly: "looking for your mobile phone?"

Bai Yiyan's heart is thumping. Can't she? Is this man a God? Even this can be guessed right, and he was convinced. "

Yes, can I have it back?" Since he saw through, Bai Yiyan could only admit it.

Ji Yueze forces her step by step. The handsome face is not cast. I don't know if it's stained with water, which makes people feel cool.

"Have you heard from your aunt?" Ji Yueze flashed a flash of light in her eyes and stared at her more closely.

Bai Yiyan bit her lower lip and shook her head: "no, I just want to see if she can send me any messages!" Ji heard her saying this and turned to his study. Bai

Yiyan's air pressure is on her chest. She can't go up or down. Her face turns red. After hesitating for a second, she runs with her.

In Ji Yueze's study, there is a safe box. The man stands in front of the safe box and quickly loses his password. The door of the safe box pops open. Ji Yueze takes two mobile phones and puts them on the desk: "take them and have a look!"

"Can I really see it?" Bai Yiyan can't believe it. He even gave it back to herself so easily. "

as long as you promise me, you won't cheat me any more. If you don't lie to me, we can have no more secrets." The man's voice is very light, giving people a feeling of sincere trust. Bai

Yi Yan is stunned for a moment, holds the mobile phone in her hand, and suddenly puts it down again: "forget it, the mobile phone should be kept by you, so that you will be more at ease!"

"Didn't you just look for them?" Ji Yueze sees her pick up and put down, and her eyes sink. Bai

Yiyan looks into his eyes tenderly: "I wanted to find it, but now I don't want to!"

"If you have the whereabouts of your aunt, you will tell me, won't you?" Ji Yueze's voice, with a touch of low mute, makes people listen and can't bear to brush against him. Bai

Yiyan was beating a drum in her heart, and it kept beating. She just saw her aunt outside the community gate. Do you want to tell him?

But what if I was wrong?

Yes, she must have been dazzled. That can't be Auntie's. she knows that China is so dangerous and she can't run back. "

I don't know where she is now, and I want to find her as soon as possible." Bai Yiyan sighed softly, thinking that aunt had been missing for so long, she felt uneasy. Season

the more Ze came to her, the finger light picked up her white chin: "you are thin again recently!"

Bai Yiyan's breathing is tight and stagnant. She lets her fingers and abdomen rub on her chin. "

it's hard for you!" Ji Yueze still loves her. She didn't feel any warmth when she was a child. Now, she has to be afraid of her relatives. Yi Yan thinks she is strong, but when she is cared by him, she seems to shed tears immediately.

"Take a bath and have a rest earlier!" Ji Yueze didn't want to make her cry. When he saw her with tears in her eyes, his heart was in disorder.

Bai Yiyan went to the bathroom quickly, but in the water, she still felt that her chest was stuffy and her eyes were burning.

The next morning, Bai Yiyan was going to the company with Ji Yueze. On the way to the company, she suddenly thought of something and lied that Ji Yueze had something left in her small home. She needed to go back and get it.

Jiyueze company had a lot of business, so she lent her car and asked her to go home to get it. Bai

Yiyan drives back to the old community where she lives. When she is about to walk to the elevator entrance, she suddenly hears a familiar voice calling her name, which is very light. Bai

Yiyan shuddered and turned around abruptly. She saw her aunt hiding in a corner and waved to her. Bai

Yi Yan can't even recognize her. She used to pay more attention to her appearance. But now, she's obviously getting old. Besides, she doesn't put any more makeup on her face. Her skin has sagged seriously. It can be seen how bad she has been recently.

"Auntie!" As soon as Bai Yiyan opened her mouth, tears rolled down. "

Xiaoyan, are your hands ready?" Bai Zhenzhen suddenly came to see her injured left hand. Bai

Yi Yan lets her see, looks at her aunt sadly and painfully, sobs: "last night, did you go to the gate of the community where Ji Yueze lived? I see you! " "

Yes, I went. I wanted to wait for you at the gate of the community. Unfortunately, you went in and out with Ji Yueze for several days. I didn't have a chance to call you, but yesterday I knew you should have seen me. I came here early in the morning to wait for you!" Bai Zhenzhen laughs bitterly.

"Auntie, sit and talk at home!" Bai Yiyan hurriedly takes her back to her home. White

it's really reassuring. I'm so tired when I sit on the sofa. "

it's hard to escape. I'm dying of exhaustion!" Bai Zhenzhen breathed a breath. He wished he could sit here and sleep first to relieve his tense scalp. Bai

Yiyan poured her a glass of water, and then asked, "Auntie, do you want to eat something? Are you hungry?" "

is there anything to eat? I'm really hungry! " Bai Zhenzhen sat up. "

let me go downstairs and buy you something to eat. Wait for me!"

"OK, you go!" Bai Zhenzhen nodded.

Bai Yiyan hurriedly took the bag and went out. She beat several bags anxiously and came back. When she opened the door, she found her aunt lying on the sofa and sleeping.

Bai Yiyan watched her aunt look tired and haggard. She was very distressed.

I don't know what happened to her these days, but she must be very tired.

It has been an hour since Bai Zhenzhen woke up after sleeping. She was awakened by a telephone. Yi Yan's cell phone rings. It's Ji Yueze who calls to urge her.

Bai Yiyan answers quickly: "Ji Yueze, I may go to have lunch with my mother at noon. Can I go back to the company in the afternoon?" Kyle didn't ask for her, so she agreed.