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C682 are you sure you want to get drunk?

Relying on Tang youyou's arms, Ji Xiaohan's soft feeling, coupled with the unique fragrance of the quiet air on the woman, unexpectedly seemed to be able to pacify his nerves. As soon as the nerves were relaxed, the sense of tiredness came. He had been busy for a day. At this moment, Ji Xiaohan had never slept so peacefully, but he did fall asleep, and fell asleep safely in a few minutes.

Tang youyou thought that he would talk with her about his father and that woman after the sorrow for Ji Xiaohan. Unexpectedly, when the steady breath came, she looked down at her beautiful eyes, and Ji Xiaohan fell asleep.

She kissed him on the brow again. She was so sleepy. She wanted to be brave. This man, I don't know what to say about him.

This night, Tang youyou fell asleep with Ji Xiaohan in his arms. He just slept until midnight, and the man put her in his arms directly. They changed their positions to sleep.

Tang youyou likes the feeling of sleeping close to his arm and leaning against his chest. It's very reassuring and warm. In this cold winter night, there is a person who warms his bed, which is definitely a very happy thing.

After Ji Yueze fed Bai Yiyan, he took her directly to his private mansion.

Bai Yiyan can also feel that although this man is not as good to himself as before, he is not as bad as before.

"After that, you still live here!" As soon as he stepped in, Ji Yueze asked for the order.

Bai Yiyan nodded: "OK, when can I go back to pack my luggage? I can move here! "

"I don't need to clean up. I'll send all the things I need for women tomorrow. When it comes to your dressing, I'll cheer up to clean up. Don't let me see you dressed like a turtle today." Ji Yueze couldn't bear it, so he was very rude.

Bai Yiyan quickly looked down at her clothes. She frowned and retorted, "where is the earth? But it's the washing of the old, which can also convict me? "

"In my eyes, it's earth!" Ji Yueze glanced at the past unreasonably: "without my permission, you can't go out without permission, let alone be photographed, you know?"

"Are you going to forbid my freedom? That's not good. I don't like it. " Bai Yiyan thinks about it carefully. Does she really want to be imprisoned here? Think about it and be afraid. Oppose it. Ji Yueze didn't expect a hungry man to have so many demands. He snorted coldly: "I didn't limit your freedom, but please go out later and look in the mirror. If you think it's giving me a long face, you can go out and let people take pictures in a big way. Don't be shy and panic. You think your relationship with me is all secretly Touch, not bright enough. "

Bai Yiyan knows that Ji Yueze is still annoyed at her being photographed. She has to lower her head and stop refuting, but sighs inside. The life of a star is not acceptable to ordinary people.

It turns out that behind the splendor, there is a price to pay.

At last, she can understand why the female stars care so much about the dress of travel.

If you dress well, you will immediately attract a large number of fans to follow the trend. If you dress badly, you will immediately be severely criticized, and even your character will be doubted.

My heart is tired!

Bai Yiyan suddenly looks up and sees the man standing by the wine cabinet pouring wine. She believes that Ji Yueze will not have these troubles. He has such excellent conditions. He is tall and slender. He has no sense in his facial features. He has no dead angle at 360 degrees. How to shoot him is on camera.

It turns out that some people are born with star aura, unlike her, they need to cultivate a lot of things.

Ji Yueze holds a glass of wine and leans against the wine cabinet. He drinks it absently. His eyes are dyed with cold. He stares at the woman sitting on the sofa.

Bai Yiyan is looking at him. Suddenly, she stares back at him. She looks down and pretends to study her fingers.

Ji Yueze frowned, still unable to understand why he wanted to bring this woman back.

Mingming, he can take advantage of this opportunity to directly announce the matter of breaking up with her.

Have you really become kind? Want to do charity?

Can't see her being bullied, just want to bring her back for protection?

Ji Yueze couldn't understand his mind more and more. He felt that he had changed completely.

No longer that lazy and casual self, before meeting Bai Yiyan, he felt his temper and cultivation were very good, but after meeting her, his bad temper was all reflected.

This woman is really capable of turning him into another person completely.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes flickered and she secretly looked up. Why is this man still staring at himself?

Do you think she's doing research as an alien?

"Well, can I have a glass of wine? I want to make it up!" In a really bad mood, Bai Yiyan feels that the wine can relieve her worries, so she wants to have a try.

Ji Yueze pursed his thin lips and said nothing, but took a cup and poured it for her.

Bai Yiyan thanked, walked quickly, picked up the cup and drank it in one breath.

"Cough..." Unfortunately, she was choked. She covered her hot neck and coughed violently. She coughed and said, "you are a terrible wine!"

Ji Yueze looks at her and coughs up tears. The tearful eyes still don't forget to scold him for his hard drink.

"Who says wine is good?" This woman is really ridiculous. She doesn't know how to taste and even talks nonsense.

"Do you have a good drink? Don't be so strong!" Bai Yiyan coughs better, but she still doesn't give up. She wants to drink more sweet wine.

"Would you like to drink more?" Ji Yueze didn't expect this woman to be more frustrated and brave. She coughed and cried. She even wanted to drink.

"Yes, I want to get drunk today and say goodbye to my bad life." Bai Yiyan said ruthlessly.

"Your future life is not going to be as good as you wish!" Ji Yueze's mouth hurt her, but he opened a bottle of red wine that he had kept for many years.

When the bottle is opened, the fragrance is mellow and overflowing. Even Bai Yiyan, who does not know how to taste the wine, can smell the fragrance.

"This bottle must be good to drink!" Bai Yiyan asked him with a smile.

Ji Yueze said lightly: "before you drink, first think about it, and make sure to drink yourself in front of an adult man?"

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes were stunned and opened to look at him.

What does he mean? Is it dangerous that she is drunk? "Don't be afraid. If I want to do something wrong with your intentions, you will shut me up in the room, regardless of my life and death!" Bai Yiyan misunderstood what he said.