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Using this beautiful atmosphere, Luo He Ning finally mustered the courage to propose to Mu Lin.

Mu Lin was obviously stunned. They had only known each other for a short while, yet Luo He Ning had already brought up the matter of marriage.

"It's too sudden, I'm not mentally prepared. Can we talk about this later?" Although Mu Lin was very capable and imposing in her career, but when it came to marriage, she was still like a young girl who had just bloomed, blushing red to the ears and at a loss of what to do.

Luo He Ning did not expect her to refuse, and his tall body trembled for a moment. After that, he also laughed: "Indeed, I made this request too quickly, don't mind it, I only felt it …"

Mu Lin's face was also filled with embarrassment as she walked over quickly and picked Xiao Cheng Cheng up.

The atmosphere suddenly turned awkward. Being friends was one thing, but getting married required a more careful choice and consideration.

Indeed, it was not something that one had the courage to mention.

Luo He Ning secretly regretted it, what was he in such a hurry for? He had scared the hell out of his.

Mu Lin put all her thoughts into playing with Xiao Cheng Cheng, and intentionally put some distance between him and Luo He Ning. (TL: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)))

Actually, Mu Lin had no confidence in marriage. When her parents had separated when she was young, she had felt that marriage was too fragile.

She would rather just fall in love like this, like to be together, don't like to separate, also won't have too much to worry about, at least do not have to suffer the pressure of marriage.

Luo He Ning had heard about the marriage of his elders in Mu Family before, but he never thought that his own goddess would be treated as a nightmare and wanted to avoid marriage.

This was the first time Luo He Ning had come into contact with Mu Lin's taboo, and the atmosphere between the two of them underwent a subtle change.

Mu Lin didn't seem to be as enthusiastic as before.

In a coffee shop not too far away.

Mu Shi Ye and Pei An Xin sat at a seat close to the window. Pei An Xin was looking at a corner of the park, while Mu Shi Ye was looking at her.

"I heard you resigned. Why?" Mu Shi Ye stirred the coffee in the cup and asked her softly.

"No reason, I just feel tired and want to rest." Pei An Xin replied indifferently.

"Is it because of me? My mom broke our relationship and made it impossible for you to stay in the company. " Mu Shi Ye's tone was filled with guilt and self-blame. Even if Pei An Xin didn't say anything and didn't blame him, he still knew that this was the reason behind her resignation.

Pei An Xin remained silent...

The humiliating words of his colleagues rang in his ears.

"So she wants to marry into the Wealthy Class. This ambition is really huge."

That's right, I really can't tell, but she really was secretly dating Mubai, and hid it really well. If it wasn't for Mubai's mother coming to the company to cause trouble, I'm afraid we wouldn't even know about it.

"I heard that her family background is not too good either. How could she be worthy of a noble family in Mubai?

"I heard she was beaten!"

"Serves him right. Someone who doesn't know his own importance should be awakened by someone."

Mu Shi Ye Tu Ran reached out his hands and held onto the two small hands that she had placed on the table. She trembled with fear and quickly broke free.

"My mom agrees. An Xin, can we start over?" Seeing her reject his grip, Mu Shi Ye felt uneasy and immediately explained his purpose for coming to find her.

Pei An Xin lowered his eyes and spoke with a cold voice: "Mu Shi Ye, the reason why I agreed to come over to see you is because I also have something I want to clarify with you. Let's break up and separate completely.

An Xin, I'm sorry, I know that you're still angry at my mother, I know that my mother has made you suffer a lot of grievances, but from today onwards, I will take good care of you and Cheng Cheng. When Mu Shi Ye heard her mention breaking up again, his heart was filled with pain. He didn't know what he could say to make her change her mind, so he could only persevere on with his love.

Pei An Xin cried like the rain and used the back of his hand to press it to his lips, trying his best to not let himself cry out: "I already don't have the courage to start with you, Mu Shi Ye, we are from two different worlds, you live your life, I will also live my own life, I will not stand in your way of meeting Cheng Cheng. If you want to see her, you can come and find her, but between us, it's really over."

"An Xin, what do you mean forget about it?" I don't want this kind of result, I want to bring you and Cheng Cheng back home to live. " When Mu Shi Ye heard her say forget it, his heart went cold. He felt that Pei An Xin's confidence in this relationship was decreasing bit by bit.

Mu Shi Ye, sometimes I feel that I just happen to fancy your identity as the young master of Mu Family, or maybe it's because of your money. Now, I have my own ability to earn money, so I feel that I don't have that much of a reliance on you. "Su Yun said. Pei An Xin used a tissue to wipe the tears at the corner of his eyes, deliberately acting very cold as he ridiculed.

Mu Shi Ye's handsome face froze.

"An Xin, have you been looking for another man?" Mu Shi Ye's heart received a huge blow. This time, it would be apocalyptic.

Pei An Xin nodded his head: "Actually, there is something I have been hiding from you. When I was living abroad, I had a good friend who coincidentally wanted to return home to develop. He has hinted at me several times already."

Mu Shi Ye was really petrified this time.

Pei An Xin took his phone and took it out.

It was for Mu Lin.

"Sister Mu Lin, can I trouble you to bring Cheng Cheng back? I have something to do later!" After Pei An Xin finished speaking, he hung up.

The air around the two of them seemed to have frozen, Mu Shi Ye just stared at Pei An Xin, but Pei An Xin just sat there with his gaze on the table.

10 minutes later, Mu Lin and Luo He Ning carried Cheng Cheng and walked over. When they saw the depressing atmosphere between the two, they exchanged glances.

"Cheng Cheng, come over here, I want to hug you!" When Pei An Xin saw his daughter, his expression had finally returned to normal, and his tone was gentle.

Xiao Cheng Cheng looked at Mu Shi Ye and immediately reached out with her chubby little hands, "Daddy … "It's Father's …"

Pei An Xin immediately ignored his daughter's cries and said to Mu Lin: "I'll be leaving first!"

"Daddy …" "I want Father's …" Xiao Cheng Cheng's childish voice reverberated in the corridor outside the coffee shop, breaking one's heart.

Mu Lin looked at her little brother's speechless face and knew that the negotiation this time had been a failure.

Luo He Ning also walked over and patted her shoulder, "Calm down, I'll go send An Xin home!"

After Luo He Ning finished speaking, he shook Mu Lin's hand, turned around, and quickly followed him out.