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Women have a light fragrance, not strong and boring, not like perfume.

Jimucheng is not aware of the antipathy, but some indulge in the light fragrance.

The dance music is close to the end, and Xia Xinnian's tense heart is released.

At the end of the dance, she quickly stepped away from the man's arms and turned to her son.

When the little guy saw her coming, he immediately rushed to her and held her arm. He said happily, "Mommy, uncle is gentle to you!"

Xia Xinnian's ashamed ears are hot. He bends down and whispers a warning in his son's ear: "next time, I will dare to make trouble again and see if I don't spank you to blossom!"

Hearing that small leather stocks are going to be beaten, Xia Yuchen hurriedly reaches out to protect them, which is both lovely and laughable.

"This child looks like master Ji. Is it his son?"

"It's impossible. Young master Ji is not married. He doesn't even have a girlfriend. Where's his son?"

"Would it be illegitimate? Didn't he ask her mother to dance just now?"

When Xia Yuchen's mother and son passed through the crowd, they heard a lot of people whispering about her.

When Xia Yuchen heard that they were talking about master Ji, he immediately blinked his big eyes and asked Xia Xinnian, "Mommy, do you know the name of that uncle?"

"It seems to be called jimucheng!"

Xia Xinnian also came here to hear the name from others.

Xia Yuchen's black eyes flashed a flash of light. It turned out that this uncle was called jimucheng.

Aunt Susi always held his little face and said that he might be the son of Jimu City, because they were so similar.

Xia Yuchen's small heart suddenly flashed a bold idea.

Anyway, mummy said that he didn't know who his own father was. Would he go to ask Uncle sushi if he might be his own father?

Xia Yuchen is still a little bit. He doesn't have such a complicated brain circuit. What he thinks is possible seems to be true.

So, he wanted to find out about that uncle when Mommy didn't pay attention.

Anyway, that uncle looks like he can speak very well.

He asked him to dance with Mommy, and he agreed.

"Xinnian, you really have the ability. I look down on you too much!"

Suddenly, Liu Chengtian, who didn't know where to get out of the hole, blushed with excitement and was impressed by Xia Xinnian.

Xia Xinnian didn't know what he meant. He smiled with an embarrassed expression: "President Liu, I'm sorry to make you laugh."

"No, no, no, it's an honor that other women can't ask for. You even danced with master Ji. Tut Tut, my face is covered with light. Do you know Master Ji long ago?"

Liu Chengtian asked her curiously while boasting.

Xia xinnianleng for a moment, then shook his head: "I didn't know him before, and I don't know how he suddenly asked me to dance!"

Xia Xinnian can't betray her son. If it is known that her son is secretly looking for him, we must say that she is too scheming to use her son as an article.

Liu Chengtian opened his eyes more pleasantly: "really?

It must be that your dress is so beautiful today. Look, it's just gorgeous. No wonder it will attract the attention of young master Ji. It's a big publicity. I'll write it out later. Let the famous ladies have a look. The dress you designed has attracted the attention of young master Ji. "

"Ah, Mr. Liu, please don't write like this. It's embarrassing!"

Xia Xinnian said that he was helpless to the boss.

"What can't be written? Be sure to write. This is a good example of promotion!"

Liu Chengtian said with great firmness.

Xia Xinnian can't help but smile more embarrassed.

While mummy and her boss are talking, Xia Yuchen begins to do his big things.

He took a good look at the direction of Timothy, opened his legs and legs, and moved quickly.

Xia Xinnian is surrounded by all kinds of praises by Liu Zong. As soon as she turns around, she finds that her son is gone again, and her face is in a hurry.

"Where has Yu Chen gone again?"

Xia Xinnian's face is full of tension.

Liu Chengtian pointed out a direction: "little guy ran there, you go and have a look!"

As soon as Xia Xinnian saw that direction, his mind exploded again. Did he go to Jimu city again?

God, can't this little one stop for a while?

Always running to jimucheng, does he think it's her mother's trick to borrow her son to attract his attention?

With this possibility in mind, Xia Xinnian is not worried about it for a moment, and walks quickly to the other side.

However, as soon as she took two steps, Xia shuran stood in front of her, with her hands around her chest and her face full of contemptible ridicule and shamelessness: "Xia Xinnian, it's good to have a son, and you can use him to get close to Jimu City, which is really eye opening."

Xia shuran saw Xia Xinnian's son running to jimucheng just now. She paid special attention to it and found that jimucheng didn't hate that kid at all. Instead, she was chatting with him.

Therefore, Xia shuran concluded that it was a shameless means for Xia to climb up Jimu city by his son's hand.

Xia Xinnian doesn't want to talk too much with this woman. She is anxious to find her son back.

"Xia Xinnian, do you think jimucheng will really like your promiscuous woman?

He just wants to play with you. If you have a little dignity, you should know to avoid suspicion! "

Xia shuran gets in the way and wants to let Xia Xinnian back.

If Xia Xinnian is really allowed to climb to Jimu City, it will be very difficult for her to show her the color in the future.

Xia Xinnian frowned and sneered: "are you jealous of me?

If so, it's too shocking. You're a married woman. Jimucheng may look at me, but it will never look at you more. "

Xia shuran's face was as if he had been slapped in the face, blue and red, and even more resentful.

On the other side, jimucheng even stood up, led xiayuchen's small hand, and walked to the next room.

It's too noisy here, and the little guy says there's an important thing to talk to him, so he takes him to the next lounge to talk.

As soon as he entered the room, the little guy couldn't wait to say, "uncle, do we look alike?"

Jimucheng's handsome face flashed a little surprise, but I didn't expect that the little guy would ask.

In fact, when the little guy came to him just now, there were many people nearby who said that they looked like father and son. Jimucheng's affection for the little guy also came from his childhood shadow.

Seeing that Ji Mucheng doesn't speak, Xia Yuchen's face is worried. Then, he said pitifully, "uncle, I'm looking for my daddy. Will you be my daddy?"

Jimucheng is shocked by what little guy said. How could he be his father?

But he didn't even have a woman