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She's peeking at him

"My Phone... And cash... and one of my bracelets. " After Mu Lin checked them, she found out that they were all valuable items, and the documents regarding her work and the USB were all still there.

"Miss, I'm sorry, I couldn't do anything about it. They've already disappeared. Do you want to report this?" The big brother security guard asked helplessly.

Mu Lin believed that the people that his grandmother had chosen for her were definitely not weak men.

Ji Family!

During dinner, Ji Xiao Han personally went upstairs to knock on Mu Shi Ye's door.

The first time he knocked, Mu Shi Ye jumped up from the bed and ran over to open the door softly. "What's up?"

"It's time for dinner. Your daughter is still awake?" Ji Xiao Han looked at his good friend who had turned completely into his father's daughter from head to toe. He couldn't help but want to take a look at her and feel sympathy for her.

Mu Shi Ye turned his head to take a look, and saw that the little fellow was still sleeping soundly a moment ago, and had actually crawled up and sat down at this moment.

Ye Zichen continuously rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand, while looking drowsy due to waking up.

"He's awake now!" Mu Shi Ye opened the door and saw Ji Xiao Han. Xiao Cheng Cheng was so shocked that his small mouth instantly flattened and he began to cry.

Mu Shi Ye immediately turned around and hugged his daughter, then said to Ji Xiao Han: "You scared my daughter, so you should go down first.

This was the first time Ji Xiao Han heard someone saying that he too looked terrifying, and his handsome face immediately sank.

This Mu Shi Ye, didn't he see whose territory he was in and actually dared to look down on him?

Ji Xiao Han really couldn't do anything to this good friend of his. Without saying a word, he carried his daughter, and carried the bottle of powdered milk with urine.

However, both of them could understand each other's difficulties.

Tang You You had already washed up the two little fellows' hands, and led them to arrange themselves in rows on the dining hall's chairs.

When Ji Xiao Han went downstairs, he couldn't help but look at Yun Che's face.

When she saw the man's usual expression, she sighed inwardly.

Ji Xiao Han felt that Tang You You seemed to especially like to peek at him tonight. This kind of feeling made him inexplicably happy.

Hmm, could it be that her own hooliganism had already attracted her attention?

They say that men are not bad and women do not love them, but they never thought that Tang You You would peek at them the moment he became bad.

Mu Shi Ye brought Xiao Cheng Cheng downstairs to eat dinner.

As usual, the Uncle Yuan treated the little guy with extremely nutritious porridge.

Tang You You carried Xiao Cheng Cheng in his arms and personally fed her porridge. Mu Shi Ye was incomparably grateful.

In fact, he would really go crazy if a man like him had to attend such meticulous work.

After dinner, everyone's work was properly arranged. Tang You You gave his daughter and Xiao Cheng Cheng each a bath, then brought his daughter to bed.

Tang Xiao Nai's habit of sleeping was becoming more and more regular. Previously, due to the unfamiliar environment, she would often wake up in the middle of the night to cause trouble, and there would even be situations where she peed her bed.

Now, she was getting more and more familiar with her new home. Holding Mummy's arm, she could quickly fall asleep.

Seeing that his daughter was already sleeping soundly, Tang You You gently took away her small hands that were hugging his arms. Then, he tucked her in and got off the bed.

It was already past nine o'clock, and she had been feeling sleepy before.

But why was she not sleepy at all?

In addition, there was a rhythm that made him more awake the more he slept.

Tang You You was speechless at this abnormality of his. In fact, the reason why he thought about it carefully was precisely because of what Ji Xiao Han had said.

Talk later!

It should be very late by now.

Did he still want to talk about it? If she didn't want to talk about it, she would really fall asleep.

It was only because Tang You You was forced to be helpless that she spent so much energy on this matter.

When she went to work tomorrow morning, she would have to answer her godmother. If nothing came of it, she really wouldn't be able to sleep.

At this moment, next door!

Ji Xiao Han had already showered with his son, the two of them lying on the bed.

"Son, why aren't you sleeping?" Ji Xiao Han turned his head, and looked at his son's red and swollen eyes, and found it funny, and felt that his son was pitiful, being smashed like this, how could a father not feel pain?

"I can't sleep! Once I closed my eyes, I thought about falling off the chair. Daddy, tonight, I might not be able to sleep, what should I do? "Go find some medicine for me to take. I heard that there's a type of sleeping pill called a sleeping pill. If you take it, you'll be able to fall asleep very quickly." Tang Xiao Rui turned his head towards Ji Xiao Han and said with a serious face.

Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but rub his little head, "Sleeping pills aren't something that can be consumed casually. Since it's a little kid like you, and you can't even touch it, you should close your eyes for now. Maybe you'll be able to fall asleep soon."

Tang Xiao Rui sighed: "My eyes hurt, even if I closed them it would hurt!"

Ji Xiao Han could only reach out and pull her son's small body into his embrace. "Daddy will hug you to sleep!"

"Then give it a try. Maybe, if you carry me, I'll fall asleep." Tang Xiao Rui had never been carried by his father to sleep before.

In the past, when he was young, he liked Mummy sleeping with him in his arms. Unfortunately, his good fortune was quickly taken away by his little sister.

Afterwards, Mummy could only hug her sister and sleep. He could only sleep on Mummy's back.

At that time, he would have felt sorry for himself, but now, he no longer felt anything.

Perhaps, along the way, he had learnt from him that he had to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the Mummy and taking care of his sister.

At this moment, he suddenly had a father. The responsibility to protect the Mummy no longer belonged to him alone.

However, the responsibility of taking care of the idiot Xiao Nai was something he would probably have to shoulder for her entire life.

Ji Xiao Han lightly patted his son's back, his heart filled with fatherly love.

Tang Xiao Rui could barely hold on at first, but then, unknowingly, he fell asleep in his father's arms.