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C1284. It's all about her

The car drove into the door, the hard iron door made a thick sound, Ling Mo Feng's thin lips rose, waiting for the woman to go out to meet him, that feeling must be very good.

Unfortunately, when the car bypassed the pool in front of him and stopped steadily at the gate, he didn't wait for the charming figure. He was so handsome that he couldn't sleep so early? "Here you are, sir!" Seeing that the president was stunned, deputy Chu didn't get out of the car immediately, so he had to remind him quietly.

"Come back first and pick me up tomorrow morning!" Ling Mo Feng deliberately stressed that it is tomorrow morning. The adjutant of Chu, with a smile on his face, of course, understood the meaning of his words. When he had a good answer, he drove away. Ling

Mo Fengjun's face tightened a little, pushed open the door of the hall, and saw a picture that made him startled.

He saw LAN Yanxi wearing earphones, wiping his mahogany sofa with his small hands, bending back to him, wiping carefully and carefully.

The man looked shocked for a long time. No wonder she didn't hear the sound of her car. She thought she was asleep. Unexpectedly, she was doing housework, just plugging her ears. Ling

Mo Feng was in a confused mood. He kept smiling at the corners of his mouth and walked towards her with long legs. He stood one meter away from her, with one hand in the pocket of his trousers, and looked at her affectionately. Blue

Yan Xi not only listened to the music, but also hummed. Of course, she didn't know that her humming was a bit bad, and everything was in her nature. When

she was going to dip the dishcloth into the water, she suddenly felt something was wrong.

Eye tail sweep, my God, how can there be a pair of legs here? Shun

looking up at the straight and slender thigh, LAN Yanxi uttered a voice of surprise, and the whole man fell down on the sofa in fear. He quickly pulled off the earphone, and meimou pointed to Ling Mo Feng and said: "you When did you come in? " Seeing that she was frightened by herself, Ling Mo Fengjun's face was full of guilt, and his voice said softly: "I just came in, but you didn't find it, did you Yanxi's hand was still on her chest. She was really shocked. "

of course, you are an old house. I thought you were a ghost!" LAN Yanxi blurted out and then clapped on his forehead: "bah, bah, I didn't say you're a ghost!" "

of course, I don't look good at ghosts!" Ling Mo Feng reached for her, not angry but smiling. He was still drowning.

LAN Yanxi could have stretched out her small hand and was held tightly by the man in an instant, pulling her from the sofa. "

How do you clean the tables and chairs here in the evening? Is it dirty? Didn't I ask someone to clean it regularly? They didn't come? " Ling Mo Feng misunderstood her diligence, and Jun was slightly angry.

"No, no, no, don't get me wrong. I'm doing sports and eating. I was so full just now. I have to find something to do. Otherwise, I'll clean the house." LAN Yanxi is afraid that he will provoke others, so he explains anxiously.

"I don't want you to come and babysit me, understand? Don't do this kind of thing in the future. I didn't let them do it for nothing. I will pay for it. " How can Ling Mo Feng let her do such a heavy housework? Besides, she has to work in the daytime now. "

are you hurting me?" LAN Yanxi laughed at himself. Ling

Mo Feng nodded seriously: "yes, I don't want you to be too tired. Your energy is limited. You go to work during the day and have a good rest at home at night!"

"And you? You have so many things in a day. From morning to night, you have to be calculated and persecuted by bad people. Are you tired? " LAN Yan's Ling Mo Feng only comforts others, but never thinks about how tired he is. This man is really heartbreaking. "

I'm not tired!" Ling Mo Feng said against his will.

"It's strange that you are not tired. You must be tired, but you don't say it." LAN Yan hoped to turn his mouth and expose his mind.

Ling Mo Feng's handsome face suddenly got embarrassed. He was a little red. "I'm a man. I can't say I'm tired. It's a man's bottom line!"

"Men are also human. Why can't we say that? Or are you not talking to someone? You can't tell your subordinates, your family or your friends. Then you can tell me that I will sympathize with you! " Blue Yan Xi said while laughing, beautiful eyes shining, like the stars in the summer sky, dazzling men want to kiss up.

"You can understand me, I'm already moved, but how can you sympathize with me?" Ling Mo Feng also chuckled. There are many good things in the woman's head. Every time he listens to her, he seems to be able to realize the beautiful side of human nature. He likes to chat with her and learn from the small world that he has never known. "

I I can knead it for you. I won't make a delicious treat for your stomach, so I can only use my hands to eliminate your fatigue. Sit down and I will knead it for you! " LAN Yanxi pulled his big hand, avoided his injured position and pushed him to the sofa.

Before Ling Mo Feng could resist anything, the girl's finger went to his arm, which was not hurt. As expected, Yan Xi has some abilities. His fingers can find acupoints on his arm to press hard. Ling Mo Feng once again looks at her with great admiration.

"Pressing on acupoints is better, but do you have pain? My grandfather said before that pressing his acupoints hurt a lot. " LAN Yanxi raised his eyes and asked him with a smile. "

no pain, you can press hard!" Ling Mo Feng said softly, her eyes were fixed on her face, and could not be moved.

LAN Yanxi is full of food and has no place to use his strength. At this moment, he presses it up. He really uses his strength and Ling Mo Feng feels the relaxation of his body. "

next leg change!" Blue Yan Xi suddenly said, finish saying, small hand immediately to his thigh

"Not here!" The man is momentarily shy, the leg originally is a person on the body sensitive place, he certainly did not dare by this woman to mess about.

"Don't be shy, it's OK. I can find several acupoints..."

"Yan Xi, I really don't need it! I'll take a bath later! " Ling Mo Feng is afraid that he will lose face. After all, he also wants to keep a little serious image in front of this woman.

"OK, but your hand is hurt. How can you take a bath? I need my help Oh, let me help you with the water. Take a bath! " LAN Yanxi has just said half of what he said, and he is expected to be a woman, so he stops talking. She is not Ling Mo Feng's wife yet. She still dare not come to take a bath. A man chuckles. This woman should not have been in his wife's role. I want to take a bath. Blue

Yan Xi's face flushed with shame. She immediately turned and ran upstairs for a step. Suddenly, she thought that there was another important thing she didn't ask. She turned and ran back to him. She gasped and asked him, "Ling Mo Feng, do you know that I changed my job?"

"Yes, I'll have someone help you!" Ling Mo Feng answers with a leisurely smile.

"It's really you. Why did you suddenly transfer me to the archives?" Blue Yan Xi blinks beautiful big eyes to ask a way. "

because I hope to have a chance to see you more!" Ling Mo Feng's answer is, of course, full of love. Blue

Yan Xi's happiness was written directly on his face, eyes and mouth: "really? Do you often come to the archives to get things? " "

No, the archive is connected to the library. I spend an hour reading in it every noon. When I pass by, I can have a look at you!" Ling Mo Feng laughs more happily. "

ah..." LAN Yanxi's surprised expression: "then why don't you transfer me directly to the library? In this way, I can accompany you to read for an hour? "

"No, it's too blatant. As I said, now the situation is in crisis, I can't be too close to you. The archives is idle and less interpersonal troubles. It's more suitable for you." Ling murfeng sighed and said his own personal feelings. He just wanted to give her a free job and let her not be too tired.

"Well, I understand. Thank you for thinking about me!" LAN Yanxi finished, with his hands on his back, but attached himself to the body. The pink lips gently printed a kiss on the man's cheek. Then, like a butterfly that had stolen something, he quickly turned around and ran upstairs.