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C840 he wants her to be upset

Ji Xiaohan and Ji Lin are standing face to face. They look like smiling faces, but their eyes are cold. They are Ji Xiaohan. After all, they are young. Unlike Ji Lin, who has experienced ups and downs, they can practice to bury their happiness and anger in the bottom of their hearts. So when Ji Xiaohan heard that he said to come back to see you, he felt as if he had been stabbed by a cold arrow. He knew what Ji Lin said You, not including grandparents, but his women and his children.

"Xiao Han, have a good talk and don't quarrel. I'll go downstairs to see how the dinner is going." The old lady was afraid that they would quarrel because of their old grudges, so she gave a voice to persuade them.

However, Ji Lin showed a look of guilt and self reproach: "Xiao Han, in those days, my uncle would like to say sorry to you here. It was my uncle who did too much. I hope you won't hate me again in your heart."

Season owl cold light voice way: "Uncle sincerity admit a mistake, I certainly can't have resentment to you again, besides, you also have been locked up five years, believe that these five years certainly have not been satisfactory, past affair, don't mention again."

When Ji Lin saw that Ji Xiaohan didn't want to talk about it again, he was slightly shocked. He thought that Ji Xiaohan would have to talk about the old things again and convict him.

The old man praised Ji Xiaohan with a happy face: "Xiaohan has a good heart and a good bearing, so you should not talk about what happened in those days. You are uncles and nephews. You should help each other and not have resentment again."

Season owl cold considers grandpa's mood, nodded: "Grandpa said right, we are family members, should not be like the hatred of the enemy."

Ji Lin's heart was not very happy. He found that he was more and more like an outsider at Ji's house. His grandparents' love and value for Ji Xiaohan had already surpassed his son.

I believe it's not just him, I'm afraid that even his son, Shangqing, will feel that he has lost his position in the eyes of his grandparents. "Uncle, you and grandpa haven't seen each other for so many years. There must be a lot to say. I won't disturb you! Ji Xiaohan really doesn't want to stay in the same room with Ji Lin. at the thought that he ordered Bai Zhenzhen to drink the drink for his father, his anger and hatred surged up in his heart. Although

he always reminded his younger brother not to be impulsive and disorderly, but at this point, he may not be able to resist the impulse to crush each other.

”Well, you go down with the children! " Mr. Ji saw the strangeness between Ji Xiaohan and Ji Lin, and didn't force him to stay. He raised his hand and let him go downstairs.

As soon as Ji Xiaohan walked out of the door, he heard Ji Lin's voice come out: "these two children of Xiao Han are really adorable, because they are xiaonai. It seems that our Ji family has only had sons, few daughters, and they are really a lovely little princess."

As soon as Ji Xiaohan stepped out of the door, he stopped for a moment. His eyes narrowed and he stared at the door.

Then he heard the old man's joyful voice saying, "yes, it is because he has never had a daughter, so the arrival of Xiao Nai brings us too much joy and laughter."

Season owl cold eyebrow heart a twist, he also can see, Grandpa and grandma are actually very like small Nai, because small Nai's naive lovely, is anything can't change.

Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to listen any more. He is afraid that he will let his bodyguard throw Ji Lin into the Pacific Ocean. If anyone dares to do anything harmful to his daughter, he will kill him.

Season owl cold walked heavily downstairs, he did not want to go to the toy room, but to the bedroom.

Lying on the sofa, my brain is buzzing, and I can't calm down, just like a string, it will break at any time.

Tang youyou just pushes the door in and plans to take a small coat for Xiaorui. It's a little cold.

I didn't expect to see Ji Xiaohan sitting on the sofa, his fingers twisting his eyebrows, as if he was very tired.

Hearing the sound of pushing the door, Ji Xiaohan put down his hand, opened his eyes, and looked at Tang youyou with concern. "What's the matter with you? Are you tired? " Tang youyou comes to him and squats beside his sofa. His thin fingers touch the full and white forehead of a man tenderly. Although it's only a very subtle action, it's full of affection when Tang youyou makes it.

when her hand is about to shrink back, the man suddenly holds her small hand and directly reaches his thin lip.

Tang youyou only feels that the palm of a man's hand is extremely warm. The heat flows into her skin and reaches to her heart, which makes her heart beat faster.

The temperature of his thin lips on the back of his hand is even more confusing.

"The children must be very noisy. It's hard for you!" While kissing the back of her hand, Ji Xiaohan asked her in a low voice.

Tang youyou shook his head and said softly, "I'm not hard, but you. I always feel that your workload is getting heavier and heavier recently. You must pay attention to your health and don't get sick."

The man lost his voice and chuckled: "it's good to be ill. If you are ill, I know you are hurting me!"

Tang youyou speechless white his one eye: "even if you are not sick, I also love you."

The man thin lip a hook: "is it? Long, with your concern, I'm not afraid of being tired any more! "

Tang youyou knows that Ji Xiaohan likes to swallow all the hardships and tiredness by himself, and will not share them with her and the children, because he has always regarded himself as a man of the highest standing. He wants to support this family and her children's day.

Such a man, how can she not love? She's going to be in love.

Tang youyou attached to the body, for the first time, so active to kiss his face.

"No matter what, you should take good care of yourself. I will take care of the children at home. Don't worry about the things at home." After Tang youyou kissed him, he got up and went to the cloakroom. He took two little guys' thick coats and came out. That's what he wanted to ask.

"Your uncle's hair is so white that it gives you the feeling of an old fox!" Said Tang youyou in a low voice.

"He thought too much, so he thought too much!" The season owl sneered.

"Will he stay here?" Tang youyou really doesn't like to meet Ji Lin.

Ji Xiaohan shook his head: "I don't know. Look at himself. If he wants to live, I can't help him!"

Tang youyou nodded: "OK!"

"Recently, you don't want to go out to play any more. Just play at home. Don't go anywhere!" Ji Xiaohan suddenly sat up straight and told her in a low voice. "Well, not anywhere!" Don youyou knows what he is worried about, and she is worried too.