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After lanyanxi left the bathroom, he directly opened the man's wardrobe. The whole row of suits he had to wear for work were almost black and white, with pure texture, but almost the same style.

LAN Yanxi covers his mouth and Snickers. Ling Mo Feng is so beautiful. He doesn't love beauty at all. He wears the same clothes every day. I don't know how he can stand it?

Lanyanxi took a dark gray Nightgown from the shelf beside him, held it in her arms, and went outside the bathroom to listen to the movement inside.

"Hope!" The man's ears and eyes are sharp. She just stood for a short time and was named by him.

Blue words that is ashamed to push the door.

In the misty water, the man's lazy body is extremely slender and charming. Although the bathtub is large, it can't accommodate his tall body. So, half of his body almost appears on the water surface, leaning against the edge of the bathtub and touching the water in his muscles, which shows the man's maturity. The water is measuring his perfect muscle wall inch by inch, and lanyanxi's heart starts to move Yes.

Although she didn't know what was wrong with her body, she knew that it was this man who caused it.

"Are you going to get up?" Blue words Ximei eyes blinked two times hard, dare not look again, look again, she is sure to commit a crime.

Ling Mo Feng looked up at her. She wanted to see the look she didn't dare to see. She was coquettish and charming, just like the lotus blooming in summer, half in the water and half looking up. She was shy.

"Yan Xi, I may need you to wipe it for me." The man's mouth is lazy and his voice is low and addictive.

LAN Yanxi's chest is stuffy and his heart beats faster: "OK, you get up first!"

Of course, she would not refuse the request. On the contrary, she would rather.

It's over. Her essence can't be hidden. Will Ling Mo Feng dislike her.

The man stood up from the water. The visual impact of the picture made lanyanxi forget to breathe.

Oh, my God, she's about to lose her footing. She just wants to fall into his arms.

Ling Mo Feng didn't seem so shy. His eyes gently appreciated her lovely pretty face. It was red and white for a while, but it was also wonderful.

"What's the matter? Am I too abrupt? " Ling Mo Feng walked towards her with a light step. The tall and crazy body, with an invisible sense of oppression, made lanyanxi uncomfortable.

"Of course not!" LAN Yanxi replied with a stiff tongue. Then she turned to get the towel.

The man is very tall. Normally, lanyanxi stepped on a pair of high-heeled shoes and only passed his shoulder. Now she hasn't even worn high-heeled shoes, and the height distance appears in an instant. She even reached his shoulder position.

How sad!

Is this the essential difference between men and women?

Just now LAN Yanxi wanted to bully others badly. Now he is honest. If Ling Mo Feng's arm is not hurt now, what kind of bullying would she have to be?

The picture is too beautiful to imagine.

"This is your towel!" The man was chuckling in her stupefied ear.

Blue words and beautiful eyes suddenly shocked. Sure enough, she was holding a pink towel.

"I'll change it for you..."

"No, it's yours." The man reaches out and gently grasps her small hand, the bottom of the eyes flashes the belly black smile.

Lanyanxi found that she was full of holes and lost all her face. She could only breathe deeply, and she gently avoided his injured arm and went all the way down

"In fact, she hesitated a lot when she was in the chest with clear barriers for men. She can't get less money for nothing.

The man looked at her these hidden careful thinking, really want to laugh out loud, how God gave him such a lovely little wife, it makes him love into the bone.

LAN Yanxi's little hand suddenly stops somewhere and dare not move. His eyes are also looking aside.

"Well, I'll do it myself. Don't embarrass you." In fact, Ling Mo Feng wanted to see her lovely appearance. Seeing her motionless appearance and her small face red with embarrassment, he immediately took away the towel in her hand.

LAN Yanxi's brain is swollen, but she still can't face him so directly, because It's going to get bigger.

What a shame!

Lanyanxi turned around and ran to the next year. She didn't do the job.

Seeing her running away, the man put up with laughter for a long time and finally burst out.

"Damn it. I'm trying to be a jerk." LAN Yanxi was stuck on the wall outside the door, which was choked by his laughter.

By the time Ling Mo Feng came out, he was already wearing a nightgown, half concealing all his male charm.

LAN Yanxi went downstairs and brought him a cup of warm water. "It's late. Let's go to bed early."

Ling Mo Feng nodded, reached for the water glass, eyes gently coagulated her.

LAN Yanxi showed him shyness and turned to the other side of the bed. "Your arm is hurt. You can only sleep on your side. Do you want me to go back to my room so as not to touch your injured hand?"

"Don't go!" The man Mou color momentarily a Zheng, the domineering words, then spreads.

Blue words Xi small mouth SIP into a line, smile write in the bottom of the eyes: "I just don't want to go."

With that, she went to lie under the quilt and squinted at him.

Ling Mo Feng took a few mouthfuls of water and reached out to turn off the light. In the gray, he also lay down.

The atmosphere is enchanted with silence.

Next second, LAN Yanxi took the initiative to move over and shrink into his arms.

The man's heart is full of satisfaction. Although he can't move his hands and hold her, she still runs to warm himself, which makes him very happy.

Jijia manor villa.

These two days, Tang youYou can't stand it any longer. She holds her waist and stares at someone angrily.

"Ji Xiaohan, you can't do this to me!" She protested, because since they had a barrier free communication, men have become addicted to her, not making her a better night.

Ji Xiaohan looks at her angry face with evil spirit: "the children are anxious to hold their sister."

"Don't use children as excuses. How can you be energetic? I'm still struggling in the middle of the night." Don youYou can hardly cry or laugh. Is this man not going to take time and place?

Season owl cold handsome face a grievance innocent: "I thought you want."

"What do you think?" Tang youyou really can't help him. This man is black and invincible. Of course, his face is also thick. Tang youyou learned from him as early as he knew him.

"If you are tired, I will knead it for you? What's the pain? " Season owl cold initiative to offer love.

Tang youyou immediately pointed to his leg: "it hurts!"

Season owl cold slender finger immediately extends over: "this? Or this? "

"Where do you put your hands?" When Tang Youdun was angry and smiling, his face was coquettish.

Ji Xiaohan suddenly leans over and kisses her lips. Then, he whispers in her ear: "the children are asleep. Don't wake them up. Grandma is back. She will hear. It's not very good."

"Oh!" Tang youyou's heart quivers. Why do you think what he said is reasonable?

Can't she even speak?

Ji Xiaohan is going to spoil his little wife. He can't help it. Sometimes he can't really control himself. Who makes this woman sweet? It's so exciting?

Tang youyou hasn't found it before, but now he has found it. It seems that he has played too much.

But she wants to stop. Can she stop?


The sun is all over the ground.

LAN Yanxi kicks and pulls her little hand on the man. Suddenly, her little hand seems to stretch out to some place involuntarily.

Ling Mo Feng woke up in a flash, opened his eyes, and saw the girl's bad smile.

"Early!" Lanyanxi grabbed it hard and immediately turned around and ran away from the bed.

Ling Mo Feng had a pain and Jun's face changed. When he was going to catch the bad kitten, she hid in the bathroom.

After LAN Yanxi finished washing, he pushed the door and came out: "today's breakfast, I'll make it. You can get up slowly."

Ling Mo Feng listened, thin lips raised a smile: "good!"

Lanyanxi immediately turned and went downstairs. She opened the refrigerator. There were many things in it, but most of them couldn't be made by her. Some of them needed time. They didn't have much time for breakfast now.

LAN Yanxi sighed and had to take out the bread slices. As expected, two pieces of bread are the most authentic.

When Ling Mo Feng came downstairs, he smelled the smell of bread. He walked over and saw her with two cups of lukewarm milk and a piece of bread in her mouth. When he suddenly appeared, he was a little flustered.