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Yang ChuChu and Tang youyou left in Jijia's car. They didn't find it. At the door of the hall, they came out with a beautiful figure. Through the glass window, they stared at the missing car like a viper.

"Enron, take the first step!"

A female star came forward to say hello. Lin Enron turned around, changed her face, smiled friendly, and nodded to each other: "I'll be in a hurry soon, so I have to go. See you at the company!"

Lin Enron's character is well-known in the company, because she seems to care nothing. There are many people who fight for resources and tear their skin. Some people even don't want to communicate with each other for this reason. But Lin Enron has been waiting for the company's role since she jumped to the company. Now, she is in an urban situation Sense of the play played a small role of five or six lines, Lin Enron is not angry, but seriously.

Therefore, people's hearts are full of flesh. People who are so aloof from the rest of the world can naturally be liked.

The image of Lin Enron in the company at the moment is a person who is easy to get along with.

Lin Enron and her assistant got on the bus and walked towards the show. Today, she publicized a domestic brand platform that she was endorsing. Only in a square, a little popular female star would be very sensitive. If she didn't take this kind of work, Lin Enron didn't mean anything and went to the show seriously.

After she got in the car, she took out her mobile phone and quickly pressed her finger to send a message to a person.

Lin Enron appeared in Tianyu group, not by chance, but by necessity. She accepted a person's benefits and wanted to work for the other party. The purpose was to get close to Yang chulin, find a suitable time, get her drunk, and then throw her into the pile of men. No matter her life or death, let a group of men fight against her, let the man who loved her to see, and die of heartache.

Lin Enron's acceptance of such a transaction is naturally beneficial. Therefore, she doesn't care what role she plays. She can build her own image right now. Once it breaks out, she won't be envied. She can stand firmly in this industry.

The news of Lin Enron reached Liu Lan's mobile phone. Liu Lan's face flashed a vicious smile. Yang ChuChu went shopping, and she went out with Ji's little grandmother. She knew that Ji Xiaohan was also the old president's hate. She was a thorn in the eye. If she sold it to Mei Jie with such a good interest, wouldn't it be a credit?

Liu Lanxin thought, and immediately called Mei Jie.

"Just received a message, Yang ChuChu and Ji Xiaohan's wife went shopping together, would you like to arrange a good show for them?" Liu Lan and Mei Jie are more and more close and friendly, so they talk more freely.

"If the women of Luo Jin Yu and Ji Xiaohan attack us, they will directly kill us. Mr. President is facing the general election, and we are on thin ice. We can't be careless at all. Although these two women are really important hostages, they are dead or injured. It's not good for me. What we have to do now is not to let go!" Mei said in a cold voice.

"It's a pity that we don't take such a good chance." Liu Lan would love to let Mei find someone to tear Yang ChuChu to pieces now, so that she could get sick. But that young grandmother of Ji's family could only count as her misfortune, and inadvertently spilled this muddy water.

"What we want is for them to make mistakes, not for us. Don't you understand what I mean?" Mei Jie's tone suddenly became fierce and impatient, because she was also under the pressure of the just president, which made her mood collapse recently.

Liu Lan was yelled by her. The whole person was shocked. According to her temper, who would dare to speak to her so impatiently? She had already turned back. But Mei Jie was the bridge between her and the president. She could not offend her, but could only smile and nod: "yes, you are right, we can't act impulsively."

"Is the actress you're looking for reliable? She can't afford to waste our time! " Sister Mei is now fighting against the clock to get things done. If anyone fails again and wastes her hard work, she really wants to kill people.

"Don't worry. This one I'm looking for is absolutely reliable. She's a real actress. I've only found her out of a thousand choices. If she can't do it well, I won't let her go first." Liu Lan also bited his teeth fiercely, with a fierce face.

"Well, we are on board now. We are mutually beneficial and win-win. Therefore, we must succeed and not fail." Sister Mei is very satisfied with her being so attentive and deliberately tightened the relationship.

"Yes, I still have to rely on you to gain the trust of the old president, and Yang ChuChu's mother and daughter. I'm grateful that you can teach her a lesson for me." Liu Lan said with a smile.

"Well, don't move about today. Let's see how it changes." Mei said calmly and hung up.

Just after she hung up, she saw someone knock on her door. She looked at a bodyguard standing behind her vigilantly.

In order to facilitate her work, Mei Jie did not set her office at home, but rented a very hidden building and made it a temporary office location. The equipment in this room is also up-to-date. She monitored all the people on her list in the whole process. Mei Jie ate and lived here every day and kept up with the latest news at any time.

There is a bodyguard to open the door, Mei Jie presses a key, and the screen shows a blue slender figure.

Mei immediately called back her bodyguard and told them, "first, you can mute the equipment here. No one is allowed to come out without my permission."

Sister Mei walked out of the room quickly. It was just a common three bedroom room. Sister Mei opened the door and saw that blue fiber was wearing a famous brand. She raised her hand impatiently and wanted to knock on the door again.

"Miss blue!" Mei disclosed her address to her by herself, because, in order to gain the trust of bluefiber, she still showed some sincerity.

Blue microfiber patted his handbag: "I've got the evidence you want!"

"It's so fast. Miss LAN is very reliable. She looks like a trustworthy person. Come in and talk!" Sister Mei put on a high hat for her, and then invited her in.

Blue fiber used to live in the magnificent mansion. When he came in, he was surprised: "sister Mei, do you live here? It's so partial here. The community is old. Why don't you move? "

Mei turned to get her drink and asked, "I'm used to living here. I'm too lazy to move. Would you like tea or coffee? I have coffee in the making! "

"Oh, a cup of coffee." Blue fibril is still stretching her neck to look at her residence here. After reading the living room, she can't help laughing and asking: "sister Mei, where are your husband and children? You don't live here alone, do you? "

Blue fibril is lonely and seldom heard. Because she just joined the general office and her colleagues didn't dare to talk about Mei's gossip, so up to now, blue fibril doesn't know Mei's family situation. When she asked, she directly asked Mei's most painful place. Mei's coffee hand suddenly froze and her face turned ugly.

Is it necessary to have a husband and children at her age? If not, will be regarded as monsters, aliens, or psychosis?

Instead of looking at Mei's murderous expression, LAN Xianxian sat down on the sofa and said with a smile, "your husband has gone out to work, and your child should also go to middle school..."

Sister Mei was so angry that she didn't want to answer her words. She wanted to drop two drops of poison into the coffee in her hand.

"Miss LAN seems to care about my life, but I'm not married, and I have no children!" It took Mei a lot of effort to put down her anger and pull out a fake smile.

"Ah?" Blue fiber immediately put out his hand to cover his mouth, and then began to ask curiously, "why don't you get married? Isn't it that you have too high vision, and you are so dazzling? "

"Not everyone can be as charming as Miss blue!" Sister Mei sneered and showed her displeasure on her face.

Blue fibril felt cold all over, so I shut up.