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C1551 past friendship

Ling Mofeng's words were like a bomb that was thrown into a dream dream of the old president. He was suddenly barren and chaotic, and the six gods were out of control. His face was dark and ugly, and he felt only the position of the heart. Going to find medicine to eat, but his hand was shaking so badly that he didn't even have the strength to twist the bottle cap. The only thing left was to press a button next to it, and someone rushed in immediately outside the door.

"Mr. President." It was his bodyguard and his confidant who came by. When he saw the old president dropped his chair and curled up and struggled on the ground, he quickly found medicine, took a glass of water, and raised the old president to feed him. He drank.

"I may not be able to attend the meeting in the afternoon and let Ling Mofeng go." The old president gasped, but his face remained pale and pale.

"Mr. President, this meeting is very important. Are you sure you are not going to attend?" The minister next to him asked with a look of surprise, even a little worried.

The old president's eyes widened, and he lost focus for a moment. Suddenly, he took his mobile phone: "I'm going to lose my old bones. I really don't have the energy to cope with this meeting. You go out first, I'll make a call . "

A group of people looked at the strange face of the old president with different expressions, wondering whether they were worried or afraid. The old president took the mobile phone and flipped out of the address book. At the bottom of the vertical number, he saw Mu Weiyi's name.

"Hey, uncle." The phone answered, and a low male voice came lightly.

"I have a heart problem. The doctor urged me to have an operation. Can you come back and see me?" The old President's voice showed sadness and loneliness.

"Serious?" The man's voice added anxiously.

"If the operation is unsuccessful, I may die directly on the operating table, and we will never have a chance to meet again in my life. Anyway, if I can't see you before I die, I will be very shocked." The voice of the old president With self-deprecating and sighing.

"Then I'll take a vacation and go back right away." After the man was silent for two seconds, he promised to return.

"Okay, come back." The old president's pale face finally had a smile.

Hanging up the phone, the old president leaned on a chair with his eyes closed. He always liked this little nephew. When he was young, he was very close. When he grew up, he became more and more like a stranger. Unless the public must come back, he is always out. Running around, like a wandering person, wherever there is a military need, he goes, how many injuries he has suffered, and how many achievements he has made. The old president knows that if his brother is still alive, He will be proud of his son who worked so hard for his blog.

Ling Mofeng was sitting in the office, his heart was upset, and the general election was imminent. He did not expect that the old president wanted to abstain from taking the initiative. He also told him a condition. In fact, although there are no candidates for the vice president, there are many talents and fair competition The talent chapter showed respect for this position.

Just like he was in this position in the crowd vote at the beginning.

"Mu Weiyi." Ling Mofeng whispered the name, Mei Yu twisted it lightly, and the door of memory seemed to be opened by a beam of light. On the ski slopes, they fought because of their anger and they were only ten at that time. At the age of four or five, he was young and vigorous and refused to accept the defeat. He no longer remembers what happened because of a certain event, but in the end, neither of them won, one arm was broken and the other was swollen.

There was another time when he remembered deeply, also at that age. On the blue court, he took his sister to play warmly. Mu Weiyi sat with his broken arm and watched. Without a chance to play, Ling Mofeng took the only six or seven years old. My sister entrusted him to take care of her. Xiao Nuan Nu was carrying a small school bag. She had many small toys in it. Among them was a small rubber band used by the little girl to tie her hair. She told stories and played with her, but Mu Weiyi wanted to see her friend's blue ball bisser, and didn't want to bother her as a little girl, so she promised to let him warm his hair.

After Lan Qiuhan was over, Mu Weiyi's handsome hairstyle had been tied out by Ling Nuannuan for more than ten years, which became the funniest thing that day.

Later, every time he came out, his sister was noisy and wanted to follow, and also said that she would continue to pierce Mu Weiyi's hair, and Mu Weiyi was scared to hide from her for a long time. Already.

Thinking of these old things, Ling Mofeng couldn't help but smile with lips. The beautiful memories in these memories are hard to find after Mu Weiyi's father passed away. He seems to be a person and no longer playing. , Studying with one heart, as if growing up overnight.

The angle of the man's raised mouth was stiff, Ling Mofeng sighed lightly. After so many years, they met again, as if they could not find the unrestrained feeling of that year. They seemed to have an invisible wall between them, blocking their friendship and letting They are polite and strange.

Ling Mofeng shook his head, no longer going into this matter. The conditions of the old president, he would never agree, this is unfair and illegal.

As night came, Hua Xinyi was on board, Wang Xinyi drove his car and came to the place where Uncle Yu said. It turned out to be an old street, and it was difficult to find a parking space next to it.

Wang Xinyi managed to find a place, but was squeezed in by another car.

When Wang Xinyi saw this, she suddenly got angry. She was clearly reversing and entering the warehouse. Why can anyone come here to politely and grab the position?

So she immediately pushed the door and got out of the car to find the theory of the other party.

There were two men and two women walking down the car, both of whom were very young. Wang Xinyi suddenly asked angrily: "I saw this parking space first. You can't be so unreasonable."

"Auntie, what's the point, you see right, but let's stop first, who made you so bad." A girl next to her raised her chin very arrogantly, mockingly.

Wang Xinyi was blocked for a moment and had nothing to say. Indeed, her car skills were not good enough to fall in time, but this was not the reason for them to grab the position.

"Auntie, let's see if you're getting old, let us go? Let's be in a hurry." A young boy was smoking a cigarette, spitting out a cigarette to smoke Wang Xinyi, and said a dragging expression. "Sorry, it's not my fault that your family did not educate you well. This position is mine. You should look elsewhere." Wang Xinyi was not an unreasonable person at first. Don't want to give them away.

"So what do you want? If there is something, hit our car and knock our car away, then we have nothing to say." The young man shrugged his shoulders, a look that you can't treat me.

Wang Xinyi suddenly exploded. These little bastards were too much. Are you trying to woo her?

When a girl next to her angrily wanted to reach out and push Wang Xinyi, she was severely grasped by a big hand and flung away. She was stunned and almost fell.

"What are you doing?" The young men immediately dangled their necks and looked at the nosy middle-aged man with his eyes crossed: "Do you want to fight? We are not afraid."

Wang Xinyi was also annoyed and somewhat helpless. She didn't expect someone to help her. She wanted to say thank you, and saw that Uncle Yu appeared in time. Her grievances were comforted instantly.

"What's the matter?" Uncle Yu also just arrived. I don't know the situation. Seeing that Wang Xinyi was arguing with a few young people, and his face was red and red, he frowned.

Wang Xinyi immediately told what happened.

"Old woman, we just grabbed your parking space. What's wrong? You two are old enough to be our parents, so let's what about us?" The girl next to Uncle Yu shouted angrily. .

"Remove your car and give her the parking space." Uncle Yu did not expect that she would encounter this kind of trouble. He originally wanted Wang Xinyi to park in the parking lot next to her. Uncle Yu's face changed suddenly, and a somber voice told them.

"I will not move, what do you do to me?" The two young men immediately stood up, staring up at Uncle Yu, stepping forward, and looked like they wanted to accompany them.

Wang Xinyi originally wanted to fight with them, and suddenly saw Uncle Yu being pulled in, she immediately reached out and dragged his sleeves, and whispered, "Forget it, I'll find another parking space and let them. "

"No." Uncle Yu didn't budge, staring coldly at the two people. Suddenly, he held one of them up, like a little chicken. It was effortless, and it was possible to hold the other side. Throw a few meters away.

"Ah, you let me down. You want to kill someone, let me go." The man's face was blue and scared, struggling and yelling.

"Can't move the car." Uncle Yu asked him calmly.

"Move, move a car." The man's incoherent words almost pissed.

As soon as Uncle Yu's momentum changes, it gives people a bad feeling. These little young people can only stubbornly stubbornly, horizontally, but when really confronted, they are afraid to be scared than anyone Tremble.

The others saw that Uncle Yu's face was gloomy and scared. The group hurriedly got into the car and the car fled quickly.

"Stop it, let me watch it for you." Uncle Yu said calmly to Wang Xinyi.

Wang Xinyi couldn't believe that this matter was so easily resolved.

She used to believe that she could travel all over the world with reason, but now she also believes that fists can solve everything.

Wang Xinyi parked the car. When she came out, she couldn't help but want to laugh, but peeking at the appearance of Uncle Yu's face changing, she couldn't laugh out loud, after all, he was arguing for himself.

Uncle Yu was actually a little embarrassed. After walking a few steps in silence, he coughed slightly, as if explaining something: "I'm actually ... not so violent."

Wang Xinyi froze, and couldn't help smiling any more, and nodded while laughing: "I know, they don't make sense."

Uncle Yu thought she was scared, and when she heard her laugh, he embarrassedly touched the back of his head and laughed again and again.

"Thank you for helping me. Without you, I'm afraid to swallow it." Although Wang Xinyi was an executive in the office, she would not abuse her power. If that matter is not handled, she will Can take a step back.

"A trifle." Uncle Yu didn't dare to invite credit.