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How much do you like my Mummy?

Tang Xiao Rui turned around, looked at his father, then looked at Mummy, he could not help but let out a sigh: "Ai, looks like someone's heart is about to be stabbed. Who told you not to make a move earlier."

Ji Xiao Han was indeed not in a good mood, but hearing his son's ridicule, he became even more depressed.

Ji Xiao Han watched as she walked straight towards the living room, his words having nothing to do with him, causing him to become even more angry from embarrassment.

However, since the two children were playing in the living room, he had no choice but to hide his displeasure. Actually, he didn't ask her and knew who that person was, but that sweet voice of hers from Hengcheng-ge made him feel really bad.

Tang You You took her bag and walked up the stairs. The light in her eyes lightly swept behind him and she saw Ji Xiao Han standing at the door with a dark and calm expression.

She had a kind of indescribable feeling in her heart. To be honest, she had purposely picked up Lu Xuan Chen's call in front of him earlier, but she didn't know which part of the events had gone wrong, why did she do this. Now that she saw Ji Xiao Han's reaction, she felt that she had gone a little too far.

He clearly didn't want to get entangled with this man, but why did he want to see his reaction? Seeing that he was really jealous, listening to his questioning, her mood... He was actually not that angry anymore.

Sigh, Tang You You, seems like the person who is quite ill is you.

Returning back to his room and looking at the phone in his hand, Tang You You couldn't help but open it.

As expected, the news of him signing with a media company immediately spread through every major website.

Tang You You looked at a few of his photos and sure enough, he had the potential to be an idol star. No matter if it was the mature style or the fresh style of a boy next door, when Lu Xuan Chen drove them, he felt no pressure and remained calm and at ease.

Tang You You was truly happy for him from the bottom of his heart. After sighing for a while, Tang You You decided to take some clothes to take a bath first.

When she opened the bathroom door and entered, the bedroom door was pushed open and a tall figure entered with light footsteps.

He stared at the cell phone screen on his bed, which was still lit up. A photo of the boy next door, which looked like sunlight, instantly stung his eyes.

The Lu Xuan Chen in the photo was holding onto a cute big dog in his hand as he lazily sat on a chair at the entrance of a coffee shop. The sunlight was shining down on him and his smile was even brighter than sunlight, as if his eyes were shining.

Damn handsome young man!

In the past, when Ji Xiao Han saw this kind of idol, Little Fresh Meat, he was completely disdainful towards it. Because, he felt that even if they were considered handsome, his little brother was still the most handsome of them all.

But strangely, at this moment, he actually felt that this man called Lu Xuan Chen had a potential that was even more handsome than his younger brother.

Ji Xiao Han clenched his big hands into fists, inexplicably feeling like he wanted to beat someone up.

Tang You You took a shower and didn't find anything wrong, of course, Ji Xiao Han only needed to look at her phone screen before his face turned black from anger and he directly went out.

Tang You You wiped her long hair and decided to go downstairs to eat dinner.

At the dinner table, someone's face looked even gloomier, and Tang You You didn't want to bother with him.

"Daddy, what's the matter with you? Are you unhappy? You just tell Xiao Nai and Xiao Nai will help you teach her a lesson. " Her daughter was indeed the most caring little lover. At such a young age, she could already see the emotions of others. At this moment, when she saw that her father's expression wasn't good, she immediately sent him a warm care.

Facing his daughter's clear and bright eyes, no matter how uncomfortable Ji Xiao Han felt, he finally revealed a smile and said softly, "Daddy is fine!"

"Is that so? But you didn't say a word, you must have been bullied. " Tang Xiao Nai felt that her dad was really unhappy.

When Tang You You heard his daughter's words, he realized that Ji Xiao Han had not said a single word throughout the entire process.

This man was truly strange. All she did was answer a phone call from a friend in the evening, and he acted as if someone owed him money.

"Mummy, you better not answer the calls from other uncles in front of Daddy in the future. Look at you, you've made Daddy unhappy." Tang Xiao Rui already knew the reason behind his father's anger, so he directly told him.

Tang You You was embarrassed for a moment, and immediately patted his son's head: "Don't speak nonsense, hurry go eat your food."

Ji Xiao Han then raised his head and looked at Tang You You, does this woman really not care about his feelings?

After dinner, the two of them respectively bathed the two little fellows and prepared to sleep.

Both father and son were laying on the bed with a troubled look on their faces.

"Daddy, are you jealous?" Tang Xiao Rui suddenly crawled up, his large eyes staring at his father as he asked.

"En!" The man didn't say much and only nodded, admitting it so straightforwardly.

"Daddy, have you fallen for my Mummy?" Tang Xiao Rui suddenly became interested, as if he had discovered a heavenly secret.

"En!" In front of his son, Ji Xiao Han no longer wished to hide the good impression he had of that woman.

"How much do you like it?" Just a single word from Tang Xiao Rui was unable to solve the doubts in his heart, so he crawled forward and directly leaned onto his father's body and asked: "Quickly tell me, tell me, how much do you like my Mummy? That's why you would feel jealous upon hearing her answering someone's phone call."

"Very much!" The man replied in a low voice, while a hint of unease flashed across his eyes.