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Tang You You also took out a piece of bread to eat. With her beautiful eyes, she secretly glanced at the graceful man drinking the coffee.

It seemed like he hadn't said anything to his son that he shouldn't have.

"Mummy, will I have a little brother soon? "I'm so happy." Tang Xiao Rui could not conceal the smile on her face, and spoke out with satisfaction.

"Mummy, I want to …" When Tang Xiao Nai saw that her brother had caught the Mummy's bread, she felt that it was really fun and immediately started a ruckus as well.

Tang You You facepalmed, these two little fellows were so angry that they almost hurt her head.

"Daddy, quickly throw the bread in your plate to me …" Seeing that Mummy was ignoring her, Tang Xiao Nai immediately looked towards Ji Xiao Han in excitement.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his own cute and adorable self, his big eyes filled with anticipation. He could only gently pick up a piece of bread and toss it towards her.

"I didn't receive it …" The little guy waved his little hand and brushed past the bread. His little face was suddenly filled with sadness.

"Another one!" He really couldn't stand seeing his daughter's pitiful and wronged little expression. Ji Xiao Han's playfulness increased, and he decided to let his daughter have a good time.

Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian was happy again, she rubbed her fists together, eager to give it a try, her gaze focused solely on the bread in her father's hand.

Ji Xiao Han had already used a very light power this time, but the little guy's two hands were waving around randomly. It didn't get anything, and the bread dropped to the ground.

"555, am I stupid?" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian started crying as if he was pitiful.

Tang You You picked up the bread on the ground and frowned slightly. She said in a serious tone, "Xiao Nai, stop playing.

"Un, wasting food is shameful." Tang Xiao Rui immediately added.

Tang Xiao Nai's mouth fell open, and she instantly cried even harder.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his daughter's habit of saying wind and rain, and couldn't help but to laugh. His tall body stood up, and he walked straight to his daughter's side, bringing her into his embrace, and holding a cup of warm milk to her small mouth: "Alright, stop crying, Daddy will throw you a ball next time okay?"

With his father's consoling, Tang Xiao Nai immediately became happy.

Tang You You looked at Ji Xiao Han, and felt that he had spoilt his daughter too much, the little guy already had the potential to become a princess.

He frowned. Next time, he had to talk about this man.

However, what she did not know was that in Ji Xiao Han's eyes, her daughter was the little princess in his heart.

The two little fellows finished their breakfast and went to school. However, Tang You You sat in the living room and didn't move for a long time.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze swept across her face, and said with a low voice. "Why aren't you leaving?"

"I'm on leave at noon today. I have other things to do." After Tang You You finished speaking, she carried her bag and stood up.

"What is it?" Ji Xiao Han had already thought about the time when he eavesdropped on her phone call. Today was his mother's day of sacrifice, she seemed to have arranged for Lu Xuan Chen to go to his grave.

"A small matter!" Tang You You replied as she quickly walked towards her own car.

Ji Xiao Han followed you with big steps. "I'll go with you!"

Tang You You's heart trembled, she immediately rejected: "No need, I made an appointment with a friend!"

With that, she got into the car, closed the door, and drove away from Ji Xiao Han's line of sight.

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face was instantly covered in a layer of frost. This woman was really going to worship Lu Xuan Chen to her mother and father.

What did she mean?

Was he going to admit that Lu Xuan Chen was her real boyfriend in front of her mother's grave?

Ji Xiao Han's emotions were inexplicably vexed. That was an emotion of jealousy, and he had already experienced it more and more.

"Young Master, it's getting late!" The driver reminded him in a low voice.

Ji Xiao Han had no choice but to open the car door and sit inside.

Tang You You parked his car at an intersection and made a call.

On the other end of the phone, Lu Xuan Chen's exhausted voice could be heard: "Sou Sou, are you going over now?"

"Hengcheng-ge, if it's inconvenient for you to go, I'll go by myself first." After Tang You You found out about the feelings Lu Xuan Chen had for his, she felt that he should not let him go with his to the grave today.

However, she had made an appointment earlier. If she didn't make a phone call to him, it would seem like she had broken her promise. This wasn't the principle of a human being.

"I'm fine. Where are you? I'll be right over." Lu Xuan Chen had rushed through the night's announcement, and at the moment, he was indeed very tired.

However, when he thought that today was a very important day, no matter how tired he was, he could still muster up his spirit.

Tang You You told them his location, and half an hour later, Lu Xuan Chen rushed over. He was driving an off-road car.

The two of them faced each other before each of them took their respective cars and drove in the direction of the cemetery.

When they reached their destination, the two of them got out of the car.

At this moment, the already gray sky started to drizzle.

Tang You You's already heavy heart, upon encountering this kind of dark weather, felt an unspeakable sorrow.

Lu Xuan Chen held an umbrella as he stood by her side. He raised his head to look at the mountains full of tombstones, and his mood was also very sorrowful.

"Wandering, during the five years you've been overseas, I've come to visit you every year." Lu Xuan Chen said with a light smile.

Tang You You trembled slightly as she raised her head to look at the handsome man beside her. She was extremely grateful, "Thank you, Hengcheng-ge.

Lu Xuan Chen laughed self-deprecatingly: "Are you planning to label me as a good person?"

"I didn't mean it that way, but you're really nice to me." Tang You You laughed bitterly, he lowered his head and walked up the stairs.

Seeing her walk straight up in the rain, Lu Xuan Chen's heart froze. He hurriedly followed her with an umbrella.