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C751 mutual decisions

Once this bold idea is formed, Yang ChuChu's tight little hand suddenly loosens, and her beautiful big eyes look at the man around her.

Men face invincible, clear and handsome lines, deep eyebrows and eyes, light lips, connected with the sexy chin, people are not moved.

Yang ChuChu sighed in the bottom of his heart. I wish that he would not hate and blame himself when he finished his bold work.

It seems that she felt the gaze of the girls around her. Luo Jinyu's eyebrows slightly twisted, and her deep eyes also looked at her.

In the cold air, four eyes are opposite, Yang ChuChu immediately raises his mouth and smiles: "you worry about my appearance, it's really good-looking!"

Luo Jinyu: "..."

Why is this little thing still in the mood to laugh? Does she really care less about her reputation being destroyed?

Seeing that his words made him speechless, Yang ChuChu continued to say cheekily, "no, no matter when you look good." "Don't make a fuss!" Luo Jin Yujue's idea is that Yang ChuChu is a child. He likes a person. It's really a terrible thing if he goes out of his way to love just because he looks good. It seems that he needs to teach her how to distinguish good from bad, rather than just indulge in a person's appearance. It's easy to get hurt and cheated.

"I didn't make any noise. I'm telling the truth!" Yang ChuChu immediately tooted a small mouth and said solemnly.

Luo Jinyu really has no way to take her, no matter reasonable or unreasonable, in short, she is reasonable.

Entering the living room, crystal lights are shining, it's almost dusk time, and the lights around are slowly lit, making this quiet room more peaceful.

"I'm hungry. Let's order something to eat!" Said Yang ChuChu suddenly.

"Let's go to the restaurant. It's not far away anyway!" Luo Jinyu wants to take her out to eat. In the restaurant, the atmosphere is stronger, and her appetite will increase greatly. Considering that she has not been eating actively these days, Luo Jinyu is very worried about her, so he thinks of various ways to make her eat more.

"No, I don't want to go to a crowded place, so I'll order something to eat here!" Yang ChuChu leans on the sofa like a lazy kitten and stops moving. Luo Jinyu thinks that she doesn't want to go out to contact with the crowd, which may also be affected by the Internet. Thinking of this, Luo Jinyu can't help worrying about it. In case that this event will cause her mind to change greatly and become more reluctant to go out to contact the crowd, his guilt will be greater


"OK, I'll call someone to deliver it!" Even today, Luo Jinyu doesn't want to see anyone. He knows that tonight, it may be the last night they get along with each other. He also wants to cherish it.

Hearing that he finally promised himself, Yang ChuChu's beautiful lips went up for a while.

In fact, Yang ChuChu didn't want to go out to eat, not because she was afraid of the crowd, but because she didn't have a chance to lay down materials.

Yes, Yang ChuChu prepared something special for himself before going abroad with Luo Jinyu.

Although it's like being scalded by a soldering iron, she hasn't thrown it away. On the contrary, she is going to take it out and use it tonight.

This is the last night. If she doesn't seize this opportunity again, she is afraid that after returning home, Luo Jinyu and her mother will ask her to be a good child.

She doesn't want to be a obedient child. She just wants to be a free person. She has a headache when she thinks about it.

In a moment, someone will surely bring wine and drinks. When Yang ChuChu thought of it, Mei Mou could not help looking at the man again.

Luo Jinyu is standing outside the living room with his mobile phone, calling for a meal.

Yang ChuChu thought that his things were still upstairs, so when Luo Jinyu hung up the phone and came back, she immediately said, "I'll go upstairs and take a bath first."

"Well, pay attention. Don't slip!" Luo Jinyu only cares about her habitually.

"Well!" Yang ChuChu immediately ran upstairs, looking guilty.

Fortunately, Luo Jinyu did not find her careful thinking. When she went upstairs, Luo Jinyu sat on the sofa, his handsome face was deep and unpredictable, which made him unable to see through his mind at the moment.

The mobile phone in his big hand was flipped by his fingers. When Yang ChuChu made a major decision, Luo Jinyu seemed to make a decision. If this event really has a great impact on Yang ChuChu, then he decided to separate from her first. No matter what, she is young, while her feelings are not deep, while she still has the courage to push her away. Luo Jin Yu felt that he should let go first, and when she is mature in two years, he will be able to make more calm thinking and choices when he grows up Will pursue her again, until then, even if she wants to escape, Luo Jinyu will not give her another chance to escape, no one will love her more than him, no one else!

The first thing Yang ChuChu did when he ran into the bedroom was to lock the door.

After making sure the door was locked, she knelt on the ground and opened her pink suitcase.

He reached out and took out a large piece of clothes. Then he found a small bag with a little powder in it.

"It's OK, it's still there!" Yang ChuChu looks at this little powder, and her pretty face is blushing.

She grasps the powder in her hand, but her beautiful face suffers. But is it really good for her to do so?

No matter, now she can't control anything. She just wants to use the last way to improve each other's feelings.

"Well, let's talk about it!" Yang ChuChu finally decided on his own idea. She went into the bathroom to take a bath, washed conscientiously, and washed cleanly and fragrant. Then she changed into a better looking Pajama, and covered with a white eye gown. Her long hair was scattered on her chest. She looked in the mirror again. She felt that her face was not very good-looking, and it was too white, so she took out her own cosmetics and drew a little light makeup for herself.

The whole person looked bright at last. After a satisfied look, she went downstairs.

She stepped on the stairs very lightly and saw Luo Jinyu sitting on the sofa. Her mobile phone was turning gently at his long fingertips. I don't know if she was too light, or if he was too absorbed in things, he didn't even find her standing at the stairs and looking at him.

This has never happened before. Yang ChuChu was shocked.

What is Luo Jinyu thinking? Why didn't he even notice that she went downstairs?

Sure enough, does he still care about the gossip messages on the Internet? Heart, a slight stagnation.