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Department chief Zhang used the new news as an excuse to invite Gao Yue to a restaurant. Gao Yue pushed open the door of the box, and saw minister Zhang sitting in the position. As she untied her scarf, she sat opposite to him, with haunting eyes, staring at the old man in the opposite direction: "Minister Zhang, didn't you say there's any new news? Tell me quickly, is it related to Ji Xiaohan? "

Zhang Lu has a pair of fine eyes and looks at the woman in the opposite circle. Once the woman takes off the wine red scarf, she will show a white and clear skin. The low-chested gray sweater can cover her pride. When she leans over, she can hardly breathe.

"Xiaoyue, it's good to be beautiful. You can be as beautiful as an immortal when you go out in a suit." Zhang Lu's answer was not what he asked, and he praised her with a smile.

Gao Yue then found that the opposite man's eyes were unkindly looking at her chest. She immediately sat up straight, straightened her collar and said lightly: "minister Zhang, it's still important to talk about business. I got Ji Xiaohan's personal card and deliberately hung it for a few days. I thought I would call him tomorrow and formally accept his invitation. I'd better arrange to see him every day "Then everything is perfect."

Zhang Lu is not in the mood to talk about work at the moment. He will be dismissed. His purpose today is to let this woman drink with him. It's better to get her drunk. Maybe he can find a chance to touch her.

"Xiaoyue, you are so young and ambitious. You are a rare strong woman. Come on, I'll give you a toast and wish you success in your plan." Zhang Lu quickly filled the glass and handed it over.

"Then borrow minister Zhang's good words." Gao Yue is very confident in herself. After taking the wine and touching the glass, she just looks up.

When Zhang Lu saw this woman's posture of drinking, he was shocked. He was a huge amount of wine. But at present, the woman even drank up half a glass of red wine in one breath. If he wanted to take her down, he was afraid that he needed some strength.

"By the way, Minister Zhang, I heard that there have been some changes in your work recently. Don't you know if it's serious?" Gao Yue's ears and eyes are sharp. He asked him deliberately.

"Nothing. The vice president thought that I had been with him for so many years and wanted to find a chance for me to have a good rest. You see, I'm over forty and I don't even have a serious girlfriend. The old president took care of me and asked me to take advantage of this holiday to find a girlfriend to get married." Zhang said with a smile and a pair of eyes couldn't help looking at Gao Yue.

Gao Yuehe laughs twice: "minister Zhang has too high vision. In your capacity, what kind of girlfriend is not a word?"

"Maybe I'm just a person to choose. Before, some women showed their affection to me, but I didn't feel it. Xiaoyue. If I knew you a few years earlier, I might not be single until now." Zhang Lu finally didn't resist expressing his love to her. Although he was only joking, his eyes had betrayed his mind.

Gao Yue's heart was shocked. His smart eyes turned around. He put down his glass and took chopsticks to eat. "It's a pity that minister Zhang raised me so much. There are people in my eyes and heart, and there's no way to help minister Zhang solve his personal problems."

Zhang Lu's face suddenly turned ugly when he heard this: "Xiaoyue, you seduced Ji Xiaohan. It's just a task for you. Are you serious?"

"I can't help it. Ji Xiaohan just attracts me. At present, apart from him, I really can't see others." Gao Yue casually said, glancing at Zhang Lu's ugly face. She sneered in her heart. Does Zhang Lu want to help her? I don't look in the mirror. What's my face?

"Xiaoyue, you're begging for help. Even if Ji Xiaohan really likes you, you can't be long-term. He's a partner of vice president Ling Moheng. Once the old president is elected next year, the first thing to clean up is the two of them. Do you think Ji Xiaohan can still make big money safely? Besides, if he knew you were the woman sent by the boss to seduce him, he would kill you. " Zhang Lu immediately told her about the serious consequences, hoping that she would be sober and not have unrealistic dreams.

Gao Yue suddenly reached out his hand and clapped heavily on the table: "minister Zhang, you have no problem with your brain. I'm a person selected by the president himself. How can you let me back down here? Do you want me to go to the president's office to talk about this now? I think you'll have a lifetime of vacation. "

"Xiaoyue, are you kidding? What are you really doing? Shall we stop talking, have a good meal and drink? " Zhang Lu's face was still pale with fright, so he urged her smoothly.

Gao Yue just sat down again, hanging a little corner of his eyes and humming: "minister Zhang, do you like me?"

Zhang Lu's expression was startled.

"You men are ridiculous. When you see beautiful women, they are like losing their souls. However, it's important for people to have self-knowledge. I know exactly what your mind is about!" Gao Yue is not a fool. Moreover, she is smarter than other women. She directly exposes Zhang Lu's unbearable mind.

Zhang Lu's face was red with swelling.

"Gao Yue, since you know that I like you, aren't you afraid that I will ruin your affairs if you treat me like this?" Zhang Lu immediately chuckled. Since there was a risk of tearing his face, he didn't pretend to be a gentleman.

"Dare you? Isn't Ji Lin the best example? Those who offend the old president have no good fruit to eat. Minister Zhang, how many lives do you have to risk? " Gao Yue's smile deepened and his words sharpened, leaving Zhang Lu speechless.

When it comes to Ji Lin's end, Zhang Lu only feels the pain in his heart. Ji Lin committed suicide. He took a knife and made two circles in his heart. His flesh and blood were blurred. At that time, he also looked at his body, the shadow of his whole life.

Gao Yue stood up with her hands on her hands, looked at Zhang Lu coldly and proudly and said, "minister Zhang, the purpose of inviting me here today is not to tell me new news, but to get drunk and do something to me."

"Gao Yue, you must be too confident. Yes, I admit you are beautiful, but you think of me like this. I really despise me. I have never seen any beautiful women." Zhang Lu immediately retorted in anger.

"If I guessed wrong, it's best. I apologize to you. I shouldn't doubt your sincerity. So, now I have to go. Tomorrow I have to contact Ji Xiaohan. I have to go back to have a beauty sleep. Only when I have enough spirit can I meet this man well." Gao Yue chooses to leave cleverly and doesn't waste time here to accompany Zhang Lu to drink leisure wine.

Zhang Lu's face was hard to see when he heard Gao Yue's striking words before he left.

"Don't be too proud, damned woman." Zhang Lu knows that there is no chance to start with Gao Yue. The woman has a strong sense of defense, and her brain is too smart. She even counts for his purpose. Isn't the woman terrible.

However, the rose with thorns is still charming. Zhang Lu's failure now doesn't mean that he won't get them in the future. He believes that the old president will help him stand up again. At that time, he wants to see how proud Gao Yue can be.

The next day, Gao Yue really called Ji Xiaohan. With the blessing of the new year, she said the result of her consideration. It was the unexpected answer of Ji Xiaohan. She would report to his company after the new year.

Of course, Ji Xiaohan agrees with her with a smile. After getting a positive reply, Gao Yue feels speechless and triumphant. At the beginning, she took the initiative to apply for the job, but she can't be hired. Now, Ji Xiaohan personally invites her back to work. This sense of honor can't be shared by everyone.

Across the big, family reunion, the winter snow has stopped, the sky has cleared a lot, season family together, happy to welcome the new year's arrival, this year's events are too many, everyone's mood is very complex, but also very happy, life will not be smooth, with ups and downs, but can witness the precious family and love, season family two brothers In this year, we have also harvested the most beautiful love, which will be regarded as a treasure for a long life.