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Lanyanxi is stopped by a serious bodyguard. She has no choice but to turn around and walk to the stairs.

At work in the afternoon, lanyanxi was not able to gather energy. However, she went to the Department of public information to find Qiao zhuona's documents.

JOJO sat at her desk and saw her appear with a standard smile.

LAN Yanxi also smiled at him: "please!"

"No trouble!" JOJO got up, opened a cupboard, took out the papers and began to search.

LAN Yanxi put his hands in his pocket, and a pair of beautiful eyes took the opportunity to look at the office of the Department of public information, and found that the decoration of the whole office was the same, rigorous and dull, magnificent, looking at the tall, but not warm, and all people's faces were serious, without affinity.

"I found it!" Qiao Zhuo's voice, interrupted Blue Yan Xi's thought, she hurriedly looked down.

Qiao Zhuo also just looked up at her, see her eyes clear, delicate facial features, he slightly Zheng.

"Thank you!" But Lanyan took the document and left without stopping.

Qiao Zhuo's hand will forget to take back the document for a while. Until the beautiful figure disappears at the office door, a male colleague next to him reaches out and puts his hand on his shoulder: "lost your soul? Which department was the girl in just now? Look at the dough, but it's really beautiful. It makes people's eyes bright! "

Qiao Zhuosheng knows that a man is a visual animal. When he sees a beautiful woman, he doesn't want to stare at her more.

But lanyanxi is his goal. Of course, he won't let other men interfere. He just laughs and doesn't talk.

Yang He also heard the news that the leaders had a dinner together at noon, and her department was the concentration camp of the news. Therefore, Yang he knew that Wan Qianqian was also there at the dinner. The sound of her brain and the jealous look in her eyes could not be hidden.

Feeling that the sky is going to fall, the feeling of gloomy Despair makes Yang He's brain swell. She can't lean on the wall, and her heart is full of negative pessimism.

"No, I can't give up. Even if I can't compare with that wanqianqian, I have to bet once!" Yang he finally decided to take the initiative once, but she didn't know how to get close to Ling Mo Feng.

If she is allowed to express her love to Ling Mo Feng in the general office, in case Ling Mo Feng refuses her, her face will be lost. Therefore, she must find a place where others can't see her.

Yang he thought for a long time and decided to go to the vice president's office. Although he knew that he could not go in, what if he met the vice president halfway?

Everything is possible, just like she was frightened by his car when she first came here. Didn't they also talk?

After Yang He made up his mind, he was in a better mood.

After lunch, Wan Qianqian, like a lost soul, sat in a chair in the conference room, with one hand on one side of her face, staring out of the window at the sky.

Just now at the table, she was not drunk. She just pretended to be drunk. She wanted to rely on the shoulder full of security of men. As expected, after trying, she knew that his shoulder was thick. His arm bend must also be a shelter for women. She was confident that she would have a chance to lean in the future.

"Miss Wan, do you still draw in the afternoon?" The assistant asked her in a daze.

"No, I want to draw slowly. I can't draw too fast. I want to have more time to work here!" Wan Qianqian answers her like a dream.

The assistant didn't understand very well, and his face was more covered.

Ling came back to his office and had a drink at noon. Now he wants to rest for ten minutes and work again.

Adjutant Chu whispered beside him, "Sir, I heard that Miss LAN seemed to have gone to the third floor, but was stopped by the bodyguard."

The man with eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, the light at the bottom of his eyes suddenly disappeared, and his eyebrows were also slightly twisted: "how could she go there?"

"I guess Miss blue is worried about you. After all, you are going to have dinner with the president!" Chu adjutant boldly guessed.

Ling Mo Feng's sexy thin lips went up for a while: "I'll come to her later and ask about it!"

"Sir, you already know that Mr. President is investigating your relationship behind your back. If you go too often, will you be questioned?" After all, the situation is grim, and every step needs to be calculated.

"If I had known it was so hard, I shouldn't have known her." Ling Mo Feng's handsome face flashed with heartache and helplessness.

"Adversity is the truth. It's more true that Mr. and miss LAN have experienced this!" The adjutant of Chu chuckled and advised.

"If I miss her in my life, I'm afraid I won't know what kind of beauty I've missed. I don't even have any regrets!" The smile on Ling Mo Feng's face is satisfied.

"Yes, sir, since he was with Miss LAN, he has been more fond of laughing!" Adjutant Chu also feels that love is a good thing, which can make people feel happy.

"Is it?" Ling didn't find out.

"Yes, Miss LAN has done a lot of good." The adjutant of Chu said definitely.

"Since she has so much credit, I'd better see her in the evening. I can't dare her too much." Ling Mo Feng looks for an excuse on his mouth, but he has only one idea in his mind. To see her is a reflection from his heart.

"OK!" Adjutant Chu is not an unkind person. His face is full of thoughts. How can he not see it?

In the afternoon, lanyanxi received a phone call from her mother, who said she wanted to invite her to dinner. Lanyanxi didn't see her for a long time, so she agreed.

Blue mother now lives a single but not lonely life. She contacts a very excellent man, who is much older than her, but they also have company with each other. Blue mother has always wanted to introduce blue Yanxi to know, but blue Yanxi has always rejected this matter. Up to now, she has only asked her mother about the man and her mother, and blue mother also shut up.

After dinner, LAN Yanxi is about to leave. LAN mother looks at her daughter's back and shakes her head and sighs.

When LAN Yanxi came out, she found that the winter snow drifted down again, and the cold came on her face. She could not help rubbing her hands. Why is the winter so long? Besides, when can the snow stop day by day?

Driving the car, what I think is the gentle expression when my mother mentions the man. Is my mother going to marry him? She has formed a new family. What about her? Will it be the superfluous existence in her life?

Tears are rolling in her eyes. Everyone feels that she is independent and strong. She is the only one who knows. There are many things she is afraid of. She is afraid of Grandpa's old age, her mother's remarriage, death and the people she likes don't love herself.

"Ling Mo Feng!" LAN Yanxi snuffled and stepped on the accelerator.

When she came back to Ling's old house, it was more than 10 o'clock. LAN Yanxi looked at the gray house, and her expectation was lost. She was so anxious to come back, but she was still alone.

LAN Yanxi takes a deep breath and presses all the sadness back to the bottom of his heart. Grandpa said that he can decide whether to be happy or sad in a short day. He should stay away from the people who make you sad and get along with the people who make him happy. This is the behavior of smart people.

LAN Yanxi beat up her little face and decided to go to the pet store tomorrow to pick up a puppy. At least she won't be lonely. But soon, she gave up the idea again, because she can't even take care of herself now. How can she harm the little animals?

After taking a bath and wearing a warm Nightgown, LAN Yanxi wandered around the room alone, poured herself a cup of warm water, and walked upstairs while drinking. When she reached the stairway, she looked around with her beautiful eyes. Finally, she went to Ling Mo Feng's room in a dazed way.

"Tonight, I'm going to sleep here!" LAN Yanxi seems to be talking to herself. After whispering, she pushes the door in. She doesn't turn on the light. The light of the street lamp outside the window shines in. She opens the quilt and curls up in a shiver. There is a faint breath of men in the quilt. It can't say what it's like, but it can make people sleep peacefully.

At one o'clock in the morning, LAN Yanxi sleeps in a daze. She feels something touching her face. It's warm, like spring sunshine.

"Well!" The itchy feeling made her uncomfortable. She turned around, pulled up the quilt, blocked her cheek, and went to sleep.

The man who stooped to stand beside her bed looked at her childish behavior, and his thin lips deepened his smile.