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When Mu Weicheng returned to the ward, the old president stared at him in the face, and it can be seen that the little nephew was very embarrassed.

"You doubt me, too?" The old president laughed at himself.

Mu Weicheng put his cell phone on the cabinet next to him and kept silent.

"I admit I had a heart to kill him before, but this time, it's not me." The old manager sneered.

Mu looked at him slowly, and then he said without expression, "this is the war between you and him. I don't want to hear it."

"Wei Cheng, are you afraid of him? Ling Mo Feng used to be at the same starting point with you, but he has surpassed you too much. His excellence has made you lose color and your fighting spirit. " The old manager always said something to excite him.

"I'm not afraid of others, I'm afraid of myself." Mu Weicheng immediately stood up and walked towards the general manager step by step: "there is a devil in everyone's heart, and greed will lead them out of the abyss. I'm afraid that if I become greedy one day and don't know how to satisfy myself, I will let that devil out."

The old president has never been taught a lesson by anyone. Unexpectedly, at this moment, lying in the hospital bed, his most valued little nephew looked down at him and said such a wake-up call to him.

"What are you telling me about this? I don't want to hear it. " The old president is a little angry. Don't look away.

Looking at his rogue appearance, Mu Weicheng sneered helplessly: "has no one ever told you this? Or do you know that power is the devil who lives in your heart. He is not satisfied and lets him out to hurt people one time. But in the end, you can't control him. Uncle, how do you feel when you lie here? "

"Mu Weicheng, you can't teach me. I'm your elder." The old president was even more annoyed.

"Yes, the elder is an example for respect and learning, but I have not learned anything from you. Instead, you are lying here, making me feel more like a family member. You are old and sick, and I take care of you around you. I have an opportunity to be filial to you, uncle. Don't you think that when you get to a certain age, you will retire from a high position and cultivate yourself Do you have a leisure life of your own? "Mu's eyes became more gentle, and there was no more aggressive.

The old president's eyes are a little dull. It seems that he lost his memory and looked at the world again.

"There's something I know, but I can't do it." At last, he closed his eyes as if he had been trained.

Looking at his hateful and pitiful appearance, Mu Weicheng couldn't tell what it was like. He immediately turned around and said, "I'll go downstairs and buy something."

When he left, the old president opened his eyes again, but his eyes were blank.

Mu Weicheng confessed to the guard nearby, and went downstairs full of boredom.

This is the military hospital. It's heavily defended. It only accepts special patients. When Mu Weicheng went downstairs, he bought a pack of cigarettes and a lighter directly from a nearby shop. He turned around and walked to the side for a while. There was a small pavilion in the middle of the lake. He folded the cigarette box in a hurry. He took the cigarette at will and put it on the thin lip. He was about to bend down to light it.

Suddenly, he heard a pure female voice like a silver bell.

"Mu Weicheng, are you really here?"

Hearing this sound, Mu Weicheng's action to light the fire suddenly froze, and his back became stiff. However, it was only two seconds later. He lit the cigarette as usual and took a deep breath. Then he turned around, spitting out the blue smoke and looking at the girl who stood with her hands on her back in the sun.

"Lingnuan, what are you doing here?" Men's voice line is indifferent, but their eyes turn to the other side, as if they dare not look at the girl opposite, or they are afraid that they will not want to look away.

Ling wennuan is wearing a lovely school uniform. At first glance, she escaped from the school. She has a colorless plaid shirt, a lovely crimson bow, a small suit that fits her body. Her lower body is a knee high black and white fold skirt, and a pair of black and white knee protection stockings. They spread her whole young girl's breath. A thin and soft hair over her shoulder and a broken sea of bangs make the whole person seem to have escaped Beautiful girl comics come across the amazing world.

"I heard you're back. I want to see you." Ling warm hands, around the next few trees, toward the small pavilion.

Mu Wei Cheng's breathing was a little disordered. When he saw her coming, his body was obviously shaking.

Ling wennuan came running, breathing and panting. A little sweat on her forehead made her face more pink, tender and tender, just like the blooming flower bud, which made people look forward to her blooming.

"Mu Weicheng, what's the matter with you? I really want to break up with you." Without waiting for the man to say anything, Ling wennuan shouted angrily: "I admit that I used to do something that made you unhappy, but I was a child at that time. It was natural to play, not intentional. "

Mu Weicheng's face is still indifferent, no longer like the previous youth's frivolity. He has changed and become mature and steady.

"You're here. Does your brother know?" Mu Weicheng doesn't talk about the past with her, because the past things are all installed in his heart. He doesn't need to talk about anything deeply.

"Of course he doesn't know. I've been skipping classes. I'm so tired." Ling wennuan ran around the hospital, and finally found him here. Her face was covered with sweat. She sat down on the chair beside her and stretched out her little hand to fan the wind on her face.

"I'm thirsty. Buy me a bottle of water." She asked immediately.

"The shop is right there. Go yourself." Mu Weicheng can't listen well.

"I'm breaking my legs. I can't walk." Ling warm immediately toot up a small mouth, a pair of eyes looking at him.

The man frowned, pressed the cigarette in his hand, threw it into the garbage can beside him, then turned around, went to the store, bought a bottle of water and came back.

"Here you are!" He didn't go to see Ling Nuan, just handed her water.

Ling wennuan wants to drink the water, but The cover can't be unscrewed.

"I I can't screw it off! " Ling wennuan didn't mean it. She couldn't turn it off.

The man picked it up again, unscrewed it and handed it to her again.

Ling warms up and drinks half a bottle. She's in a hurry. The water overflows her mouth. She directly wipes it with the back of her hand, which seems to get back her speaking strength: "I heard that you're here, looking for several circles."

"What do you want me to do?" Mu Weicheng's face returned to coldness.

"We haven't seen each other for so long. I want to see you. Have you become handsome?" Ling warm immediately mischievous smile, spit out small tongue.

Mu Weicheng's tense face was almost not amused by her words. However, he pretended to be deep and said lightly, "what does it have to do with you?"

"Yes, it doesn't matter. You are handsome. I can introduce you to my friend." Ling said with a joking expression.

Mu Weicheng's heart fell back to the ground directly from the sky, and he looked at her with an angry and ashamed look: "Ling Nuan, go back to school, don't run around outside, you are so dangerous."

"I won't go back. I want you to treat me to lunch. I'm hungry." Ling wennuan is a pure rogue. "Why should I invite you to dinner?" Mu Weicheng feels that she is more headstrong.

"If you don't want to invite me, I'll invite you, or you like AA system. Anyway, I want to have a meal with you. I have a lot to talk with you." Ling wennuan immediately stood up, with his hands on his back, and leaned over slowly like a penguin step by step: "Mu Weicheng, you have changed."

Mo's heart was already pounding. When he saw her approaching suddenly, his face suddenly froze and turned back to her: "I have nothing to talk with you. You'd better go back."

"Is it because of my brother and your uncle? Are we going to be enemies? " Lingnuan didn't expect to beg him to eat together. He didn't appreciate it. She suddenly felt sad. Tears came out of her beautiful eyes: "but I still want to be your friend."

When Mu Weicheng heard her mention, he quickly turned around and saw her head bowed, her hands wringing uneasily in front of her chest, and her face was sad.

"You know the relationship between our two families. Since it's already like this, we can't change it. Ling Nuan, you'd better go back." Mu Weicheng is ruthless and drives her away coldly.

Lingnuan's heart broke in an instant, and she couldn't believe blinking her eyes: "so, is it true?"

"What really?" Mu Weicheng frowns.

"You have someone you like." Ling warm beautiful Mou a lift, that Mou bottom tears rolled down.