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C829. Learning from him is bad

Ji Xiao's cold and tired eyes are deeply coagulated from the face of the little woman around him. After a long time, there seems to be a tacit understanding between the two people. He is very grateful for her coming to support the two little guys, because his mood today is really not good, and he is afraid that he can't give the children too much attention.

"Go upstairs and have a bath!" Tang youyou looks at him and smiles.

The sweet smile, like a spring breeze, blew into Ji Xiao's cold heart, reached out with big hands, and held her arms around her waist with restraint, then whispered, "follow me up!"

The old lady suddenly came to the restaurant and saw Ji Xiaohan. She immediately called out to him, "Xiaohan, come here, I have something to ask you."

Seeing the old lady coming out, Tang youyou made light money from his big hand.

In front of the old lady, Tang youyou didn't dare to be presumptuous, for fear of leaving a bad impression.

Ji Xiaohan turns to the old lady and asks in a low voice, "grandma, what's the matter?"

"Do you know what happened to your brother? Did he break up with Xiaoyan? " The old lady has been unable to make a phone call, and now she is still worried about it, so she can only ask her grandson.

Of course, Ji Xiaohan knows this and knows it, but he doesn't want to interfere.

"Grandma, I'm not sure about this. You'd better ask Ozawa face to face." Said the season owl in a low voice.

"I can't get through to his phone. Why doesn't he answer my phone? It's really disturbing." The old lady said angrily.

"He's OK, grandma. Don't worry." Ji Xiaohan believes that his brother must be in a bad mood at the moment. If he doesn't answer the phone, he may just want to be alone for a while.

"How can I not worry? Call him later, or ask someone to see him. Nothing will happen." The old lady still didn't mind telling him.

"OK, grandma, don't worry. I'll call him." Season owl cold nods, this just went upstairs with Tang youyou.

After entering the bedroom, Tang youyou took off his suit and coat and looked worried: "what happened to your brother and Miss Bai? You must know! "

"Well, I know!" Ji Xiaohan didn't hide anything from Tang youyou. Later, he said in a low voice, "let's not worry about this, let's let him deal with it."

"Why did you break up? Isn't there something wrong with the feelings Tang Youxiu could not help being curious.

"No, there's no problem with their feelings. There's a problem with their trust. It's hard to feel cheated. They are still the ones they love." The season owl gave a cold smile.

Tang youyou sighed and nodded: "yes, if you cheat me, I must be very sad."

Season owl cold eyes color deep several, hands on her delicate shoulders, slightly lean, thin lips with a touch of tenderness: "when did I deceive you?"

"I mean later!" Tang youyou gave a sly smile.

"Not in the future!" Ji Xiaohan said definitely.

But Tang youyou snorted, "you lied to me before, do you remember?"

"It's about your parents?" Of course, Ji Xiaohan remembered that he lied to her at that time that her parents were all dead, and he made her cry several times.

"Yeah, you're lying to me!" Tang youyou is angry with him.

"That's different. I'm a white lie." Season owl cold brazen, forced to explain.

Tang youyou sighed and leaned his face toward his arms. "Well, I don't blame you for this. You are also good for me."

"You know!" Season owl cold thin lips in her forehead gently point: "later will not."

Tang youyou closed his eyes, felt the warmth in his arms, and then jokingly asked, "if one day, I accidentally lied to you, would I break up with me?"

"It depends on the seriousness of the incident. If it's serious, I might!" Ji Xiaohan also replied in a joking tone.

"You do?" Tang Youming knows that he is joking, but when he says that he will, he feels as if he has been stabbed by something. He is very uncomfortable.

"Maybe not, I will revenge you, physically torture you, let you stay by my side, for me to ask for all my life!" Ji Xiaohan attached to her ear and said something that made her blush and heart beat.

"Not serious!" Tang youyou is going to be amused by him. How can he retaliate.

"I'm serious. Don't test me. I'll do it." The season owl cold however collected the look.

Tang youyou was stupefied for two seconds, then she nodded: "well, anyway, I will not look for any other men except you. You can do what you want. Anyway, I must be the one enjoying it."

"What a heartless woman!" Although Ji Xiaohan scolds her from the mouth, he is extremely used in his heart.

It's the most loyal oath to hear that she said he would not look for another man. He is not happy at the moment. When will he stay?

”How about you? If you torture me, do you have to find another woman to give me a double blow? " Tang youyou is entangled in this topic and asks more questions.

Season owl cold quiet eyes squint tight, firmly lock her serious small face, thin lips can't help but attached, in her pink lips after a kiss, shake his head: "no, I will put unlimited energy on you alone, other women, can not enjoy this treat favor!"

"Poop!" Tang youYou can't help it when he's not serious.

"Go to the bath, and I'll see the children!" Tang youyou decides not to talk with him, because she is afraid that she will be led by him, so she will never find her own morality.

But Ji Xiaohan didn't want to let her go. He stretched out his long arm and put her in his arms: "anyway, the children are playing. Why don't we take a bath together?"

"No, at this time, the children will come to me at any time!" Tang youyou was really shocked by his bold proposal.

"Boring!" Season owl cold handsome face written sense of loss.

Tang youyou doesn't pay any more attention to him. He turns around and opens the door.

Looking at the closed door, Ji Xiaohan chooses to call his brother and ask him about it.

This time, the phone was connected, and a very urgent voice came: "excuse me, are you the family member of this gentleman? Can you come to Shiyue bar? This gentleman is drunk and has a fight with others! "

"What?" Season owl cold eyes color for one of rigid, next second, he immediately took the coat and rushed to the door.

While wearing clothes in a hurry, he said to the old lady, "grandma, I'll go out!" When the old lady saw that he was in a hurry, she didn't know what happened. She chased him out and asked him a few questions. Ji Xiaohan didn't answer her, but she drove the sports car quickly. At the same time, she called Lu Qing, her assistant, and hurried to the place where Ji Yueze was making trouble.