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Men's breath is warm, and Ji Tingyan is intoxicated. Unconsciously, men's fingers have begun to do business.

Ji Tingyan's whole body quivered, and the whole person stretched into a line. She dared not move. Her beautiful eyes were stained with mist. Looking at the man, she quickly took back her hands and kissed her nose with sweat. She lost her voice: "the water is cold, hurry up, be careful of the cold."

Ji Tingyan was just stunned instinctively, but there was no element of resistance. The man stopped. Ji Tingyan took a breath and nodded in a trance: "OK."

Tie Ting brought her a change of clothes directly. Jun's face was red. The current situation is not right. If he was in his company or his home at the moment, he might not restrain himself.

Ji Tingyan sees the man's back to her. She chuckles a few times. She doesn't want to play a trick on him anymore. She quickly puts on her clothes and says in a low voice: "go to bed and lie down. I'll take a bath."

Ji Tingyan obediently lies in the quilt. It's cool. She shrinks into a ball. When she hears that the man has a quick bath, she comes to warm the quilt for her.

Cheng Yue still decides to sleep with Wang Cheng, who is red faced and happy for a long time.

Cheng Yue lies on the bed, turns over, and sees Wang Cheng's eyes are clear in the dark, still looking at her stupidly.

"I'm thinking, I've been lying with you twice. Should I be responsible for you?" Cheng Yue reaches for his hand and pinches it on the man's face. This pinching almost doesn't hook out Wang Cheng's soul. He is stunned.

"Sister, I don't need you to be responsible. You didn't do anything to me." Wang Cheng replied with a serious face.

Hearing his silly answer, Cheng Yue couldn't help laughing: "you're a one track boy. It's easy for you to be cheated by a Cinderella."

"My sister is not a Cinderella. She is as warm as Taiming." Wang Cheng continues to seriously correct her.

Cheng Yue is stunned. In Wang Cheng's mind, is he really so good?

"Go to bed. Don't think about it. I don't know what will happen tomorrow." The mood of Mo Ming flashed in Cheng Yue's heart. She didn't believe in love. It seemed that she had hope for love again. However, Wang Cheng was only a younger brother in her eyes, and she couldn't face his passion.

"Elder sister, if we can't leave alive, I won't be shocked. Don't worry, I won't be afraid anymore, I will protect you." Wang Cheng seems to be sighing and muttering.

"Don't talk nonsense. Believe your boss, he won't let xiaonai go wrong. Besides, if xiaonai's family knows that she is in danger, they will come to save her. Anyway, we have to think about the good things." Cheng Yue is stiff and grabs the man's arm to shake him out of the shadow.

Wang orange nodded, "well, we'll all be fine."

Cheng Yue sighs, if a person loses hope, that is the most terrible, if has the living faith, certainly will be invincible.

Tang Weixin lives in the same room with his younger martial brother Jack. Both of them are injured. Tang Weixin has a fever in the middle of the night. The fever is hazy. Jack's arm is injured and hung on his chest. He can't take care of his elder martial sister. He runs to get help from him. He is angry. He doesn't want to take care of Tang Weixin, but he is afraid that she will be really a fool. He brings the doctor here. There is no antipyretic medicine, only Xiaoxun The medicine of inflammation, the doctor suggests physical cooling.

"She's your senior sister. Come on," he said

Jack 's face was pale with fright. He shook his hands and looked frightened: "no, no, no, if my elder martial sister knows, she will dig my eyes first, and then chop my hands. I dare not. Mr. tie, please help her. You can hold her down, please."

With that, Jack ran out like a fugitive, leaving a stunned face.

Is this woman so horrible? If you dig your eyes and chop your hands, you'll have to die first.

Tie Xun can only pull up his sleeve and come by himself. He poured a plate of warm water, took a towel, and put his hand on Tang Weixin's forehead. She was as hot as charcoal. Tie Xun had to start to untie her button. Suddenly, the woman's hand, desperately clasped his wrist. Tang Weixin just instinctively gave out her vigilance. When she opened her tired eyes and saw tie Xun, she was in a hurry I gasped a few times.

"Let go." Tie Xun's eyes are heavy, and he orders strongly.

Tang Wei's heart relaxed a little bit, closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Tie Xun could not allow her to play the majesty of the queen at this time. He moved quickly to remove the clothes, let her turn over, and wiped back and forth on her back, chest and arms with wet towel.

It took more than half an hour. Tang's red face gradually returned to normal, and her heat also went down a lot.

He saw that the woman finally fell asleep. In fact, he was very pitiful. After all, she was not an iron body. No matter how strong her willpower was, she could not stand the tiredness of her body. She slept very hard.

He looked at her thoughtfully for a long time, and the corner of his mouth raised a smile. Now he not only won the loss, but also took advantage of it.

Tie Xun sat on the chair beside him and fell asleep when he leaned against it. When he slept until midnight, he suddenly felt a sound and opened his eyes. Then he saw Tang Weixin, who didn't know when to wake up, sitting beside the bed, with sharp eyes, staring at him.

Tie Xun's back was cold. He woke up quickly and said, "what are you looking at me for?"

Tang Weixin suddenly said with shame: "no man has ever dared to look at me like this."

"I didn't mean to see it. I'm helping you cool down. If you burn it down again, your brain will break," he said

"So, I was thinking, do you want to be responsible for me?" Tang Weixin is not joking, but seriously thinking about it.

"What?" With his eyes wide open, he jumped up from his chair and said, "I'm responsible for you? Tang Weixin, do you want to repay your kindness with vengeance? I'm not responsible. "

"If you are not responsible, I will kill you." Tang Weixin suddenly stood up from the bedside. He grabbed a knife from somewhere and put it on his neck.

"I'm not responsible for it." Tie Xun has a lot of backbone.

Tang Weixin, of course, just scares him. She immediately throws the knife to the side, and it goes into the wooden bed post half way. Tie Xun's body is cold with fright. This woman has a good skill.

"You have some bloodiness, unlike my group of people, who run away when they see me. Like you, I seem to appreciate you a little." Tang Weixin sits back to the bedside slowly, a pair of eyes dye smile.

When he heard her say this, he snorted coldly, "take care of your heart and don't fall in love with me. We are not the same people. I have to kill Stevens."

"I'm a man who listens to my boyfriend. I will never contradict what he asked me to do." Tang Weixin gently straightens his hair on the side of his ear, tilts his head, and says to him with a smile.

Tie Xun was stunned and doubted. The woman didn't look like a obedient Lord.