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C1406 was helping her

Tang youyou finally agreed to let Ji Xiaohan meet Gao Yue. She has been with this man for so long. What kind of person he is, she has roughly seen that Ji Xiaohan is definitely not a man who can be confused by beauty. No matter what Gao Yue's purpose, she is absolutely at ease.

LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng's engagement was confirmed by some media. They also said that the Ling family had been to the LAN family to propose marriage, and they shared dinner and discussed the details of the engagement banquet. The engagement banquet was arranged by the Ling family. The dates were all set, and it was only a few days later.

This matter became more and more mysterious, but the two parties were as good as nothing. Obviously, they were in the same general office, but no one saw that two people would meet and communicate in private. They were all doing their own things, like strangers, and no one met.

Lanyanxi is not a person who needs to be envied. On the contrary, she feels more comfortable with those who sneer at her.

Those people are looking at her jokes, talking about her behind her back, belittling her, destroying her, saying that she is the prey of the initiative to send to the door, but she is still despised by all kinds of people, and she doesn't pay attention to it.

As long as it doesn't affect her normal work, she doesn't make enemies with anyone. After all, a happy life is not for outsiders, but for herself. It's better than anything.

Wang Xinyi looks at her new assistant. When she went to the bathroom just now, she heard a lot of people saying bad things about her behind her back, which is a little hard to hear.

Wang Xinyi has been hurt by feelings. She's already dead in love. Maybe women always like to share the same feelings. So the more she looks at LAN Yanxi, the more she feels sorry for her.

So she wanted to help her once.

Wang Xinyi is a senior politician, so she can take part in many occasions, and she also takes part in many occasions when she meets with Vice President Ling Mo Feng.

According to the legend, Ling Mo Feng turns a blind eye to lanyanxi and sees her as nothing. What about lanyanxi?

What's inside her mind? Would she want to see Ling Mo Feng and talk with him about her ideas, but Ling Mo Feng didn't give her a chance?

Wang Xinyi suddenly wanted to give them a chance encounter.

"Lan Yanxi, I have a meeting in a moment. Please follow me and make notes!" Wang Xinyi has found a good opportunity. Ling Mo Feng will also attend the meeting and let LAN Yanxi pass. The two have a chance to meet, somehow.

"Yes, sister Xinyi!" LAN Yanxi stood up like a standing guard who was on call at any time and promised with a smile.

Wang Xinyi looks at the heartless smile on her face and shakes her head in her heart. Like a fool, no wonder she doesn't like the vice president.

LAN Yanxi, who knows where he is in front of his boss, has become a synonym for pathetic.

Take the elevator to the fifth floor, through the spacious corridor, the end, a large conference room, serious atmosphere, people can not breathe.

LAN Yanxi has been in the general office for such a long time. It's the first time that she has been so strict that she dare not breathe. She immediately sits in a proper position with beautiful eyes and dare not look around.

Wang Xinyi looked at her sideways and saw her expression was stiff, so she kindly reminded her, "do you know who will come later?"

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi didn't expect that the serious boss would suddenly whisper to himself, her face covered in circles.

"Mr. vice president will come!" Blue letter instrument low voice says.

"Ah?" LAN Yanxi's voice was louder and attracted some people nearby to look at her. Then she seemed to understand something: "Oh!"

Seeing her clumsy appearance, Wang Xinyi immediately understood and said, "what? I'll find a chance to talk with others later!"

"What are you talking about?" LAN Yanxi can't laugh or cry, doesn't he say that Wang Xinyi hates men? Why do you want to be a matchmaker for her now? As expected, the rumors are untrustworthy.

"He's Mr. vice president. I I'd better not! " LAN Yanxi understood that Wang Xinyi was going to help her, and she was very moved. However, in the general office, she was going to play a stranger with Ling Mo Feng.

"Isn't he your fiance? Talk to him. What's wrong? Does he never give you a chance to talk? " Wang Xinyi is sorry for her.

"It's not. I've said it. It's just I can't talk to him together! " LAN Yanxi smiled with embarrassment and politeness.

"And what if you get married in the future? He thinks you're the air. Are you willing to be invisible? " Wang Xinyi can't help complaining for her.

"When I get married, he thinks I am the air, and I can also think of him as the air." Blue Yan hopes not to be outdone.

"Do you know what marriage is?" Wang Xinyi is going to die because of her entanglement.

"Marriage is to live with a partner." LAN Yanxi laughs twice.

"The reason why Mr. vice president doesn't like you, I finally found out!" Wang Xinyi hates iron but not steel.

LAN Yanxi is not only smiling, but also smiling. She's not stupid. I'm sorry that she can't tell the truth to the boss who cares about her. She will appreciate her and apologize to her if she has a chance in the future.

When more people came into the conference room, Wang Xinyi couldn't say anything more.

LAN Yanxi suddenly became absent-minded, and her heart leaped when she thought of seeing Ling Mo Feng coming.

It's strange that they are so close to him. Why is the air thinned like a first love girl seeing her sweetheart?

Did she already love this man?

That's terrible.

Just thinking about it, a tall and straight figure came in. He didn't have any noble posture, but when he came in, the whole scene was dead silent, and everyone even breathed slowly.

Ling Mo Feng sat down in his position. The conference room was semi-circular. LAN Yanxi was sitting in a corner with bright lights. Ling Mo Feng was still looking around when he found her. He was a little stunned.

LAN Yanxi naturally looks at him, no way, he is the focus, not to see him.

She found that the man's face was a little stiff, and she couldn't help but smile. It seems that he didn't expect that he would have a chance to come here.

However, Wang Xinyi regards Ling Mo Feng's stiff expression as a color of disgust for LAN Yanxi. She is even more dissatisfied with the stupid girl around her.

The meeting was not interrupted by anyone. Someone presided over it. Everything was as usual.

Only LAN Yanxi's heart is dancing. Occasionally, he will be distracted and dazed. The pen in his hand seems to be out of control. The words are all crooked and out of control.

Ling Mo Feng sat seemingly expressionless, saying what he should have said, and the person who should have been told, but his eyes would always look at the quiet figure in the corner if there was something like nothing. He didn't see each other for two days, but he didn't expect to meet again here to solve his thirst for love.

However, if he did not see it with his own eyes, he did not know that she was sitting in the crowd, and there was a quiet, beautiful and elegant family.

It has to be said that Ling Mo Feng's mood is still very happy. Even his voice has changed a lot.

The meeting was over an hour and a half later. LAN Yanxi followed the crowd out slowly. Wang Xinyi looked back at her and pushed her: "go, don't be surprised!"

"Sister Xinyi, I I won't go! " LAN Yanxi can't cry or laugh.

"What are you afraid of?" Wang Xinyi is worried for her with her eyes.

"I'm not afraid!" LAN Yanxi laughed twice immediately.

"I'm not afraid. Why don't you go? You have no family status in the future, do you understand? " Wang Xinyi is talking to her at the moment, as if he is scolding her for doing something wrong.

LAN Yanxi lowered his head and looked embarrassed.

At this time, Ling Mo Feng, who had just left Mingming, suddenly came to them.

"Here he is!" Wang Xinyi saw it first, and then reminded LAN Yanxi.

As soon as LAN Yanxi froze, he looked back slowly and saw Ling Mo Feng's face coming towards him.

"What's the matter? You've been scolded? " Ling Mo Feng came here because of this. Of course, he thought that Lan Yanxi had made a mistake and was scolded by Wang Xinyi. That's why he wanted to come here to relieve her.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes are wide, and she looks at him in surprise: "why didn't you leave?"

Wang Xinyi immediately said to her, "Lan Yanxi, have a good talk with the vice president, and come back to report to me later."

LAN Yanxi's face was wrinkled when he heard it.