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C1740. This is the fairest result

Chu lie is very patient with LAN Bai. LAN Bai looks haggard, his eyes are deep and dark. He can't hold on any longer. He thinks that if he doesn't talk, he can't help himself. Without evidence, he can let his lawyer bail him. But now, he thinks too much.

"In your silent days, we have spent a lot of manpower to find those people who were sold by you. These are their confessions. You are old, and maybe some things are really forgetful. If you look at them, you can recall some details."

Chu said, opening a folder with copies of the confessions of those people and their signatures.

Lambert's corner of the eye drew twice. It seems that he is really at the end of his tether. Maybe, he doesn't need to speak, and his accusation is not true.

"Let's talk about it. How did you design and frame your eldest brother? I believe your eldest brother didn't take care of you when he was a child. How could you kill him with all your heart?"

Chu lie changed a sitting posture, pen on hand gently tapping desktop, to Blue Cypress near collapse mentality, and increased some interference.

"Give me a cigarette."

Lambert raised his head, his eyes were stiff, and he held out his hand trembling.

The jury nearby was very impatient. When he heard that Lan Bai dared to ask for cigarettes, he immediately wanted to have a fit. But Chu lie stopped him with his eyes and said lightly, "give him a cigarette."

Immediately someone smoked a cigarette. Chu Li took a lighter and lit it for him.

Lanbai took a deep breath, as if he was going to inhale the smoke into his viscera, but because he was smoking too fast, he had a heavy cough. His pale face finally had a little blood red, but he didn't know whether it was choking or ashamed.

"My eldest brother is a very nosy person. He has always been in charge of our two younger brothers since childhood. Sometimes he has to teach us how to be a eldest brother. Oh, he is his most fatal weakness. If at that time, he can open one eye and close one eye, he still has a life to live until now, and I won't kill him, but he is holding on to my wrong account. I'm really upset It's annoying him. "

Lambert finally began to talk about the contradiction between him and his eldest brother. Looking at his face, he seemed to be in pain. He was forced to commit such a crime, not intentionally.

Chu lie listened quietly. There were some people making notes and some recording.

Lambert shook his hands again and took a smoke. This time, his expression seemed to be released. He laughed and cried, like a madman. He covered his eyes with his hands, and his voice was angry: "one day, he suddenly found me, and he wanted to send me to the police station, saying that I broke the law, saying that I had embezzled public funds, asking me to turn myself in. He also said that there was evidence to prove it I can't deny it. That's what my elder brother told me. I made a mistake and he didn't forgive me. I knelt down in front of him and begged him to let me go, but he just refused. He was too stubborn and didn't know how to turn around. He thought that the world was black or white. However, there were many gray areas. I didn't know if he didn't understand or pretended not to understand. I had to put me here A brother is on his way. "

"You are wrong. Your eldest brother taught you that you still think he is the wrong party. He also said that he would not forgive you. What's your misdemeanor?"

Chu lie some can not hear past, cold voice ridicule him.

LAN Bai shakes the smoke in his hand, and the ashes fall down. LAN Bai is crying and laughing again, as if he is in pain. He hangs down the table with hatred and an unbearable expression: "he is my eldest brother. We are not outsiders. Can't he let me go?

I just want to misappropriate some money for investment. Who doesn't want to make money?

But he just doesn't give me a chance. I know he's afraid that I'll make a fortune and rob me of the limelight, so he won't give me such a chance. "

"Just because you have a small mind doesn't mean that other people are as bad as you."

Chu lie's three outlooks are refreshed and continue to be ridiculed.

"You don't understand. In the eyes of businessmen, there are business opportunities. My eldest brother is not the management material at all. If he wasn't the boss, the company won him in any round, but he dominated the position and didn't let us develop. He is a man like him, blocking the way of others' making money, but he has a just face. I'm really tired of him. Finally, I found someone to drive his car After doing some work, he drank more wine that day, and then things happened naturally. In fact, I didn't want to kill him. I just wanted him to get hurt, lie in bed for a few months, or break his leg, stay at home and leave the company to me. I really didn't want to kill him, and I didn't want him to die. "

Lambert said here, tears have fallen down, as if a long backlog of emotions, all of a sudden collapsed, I believe that the human heart is good, but in the end was forced to become a devil by reality.

LAN Bai lies on the table, crying and losing his voice. At this moment, he doesn't need face any more. His heart is actually very bitter. On the one hand, he wants to suppress this matter, and on the other hand, he is ashamed and regretful in his heart. He lives tired and annoyed.

"So you really murdered your eldest brother."

Chulie asked him definitely.

"Yes, I killed it. Are you satisfied with the result?

Come on, catch me. Heaven is so reincarnated. I thought I could escape. But who knows, he has a good daughter. He found a good son-in-law and got justice for him at all costs. He must be very proud to know under the spring. He must be able to close his eyes. "

Lambert said, eyes emotional complex, at last, he laughed.

"Welcome the disaster of your prison. I believe that you will want to straighten out your three outlooks if you stay in prison."

Chu lie stood up, threw down these words, and turned away.

In the afternoon, Ling Mo Feng squeezed out two hours to come to the hospital to see lanyanxi. He knew that lanyanxi always remembered the trial of lanbai. If he didn't give her a little right to know, he was afraid that she would be confused again.

Seeing Ling Mo Feng push the door in, LAN Yanxi's eyes are glued to him, looking forward to his good news.

"Did he speak?"

LAN Yan asked immediately when she saw Ling Mo Feng hiding her eyes.

Ling put down the fruit in his hand, went to the bedside, sat down, shook her hand and said, "yes, he opened his mouth and admitted that he designed to kill your father."

LAN Yanxi's heart ached. In fact, she would rather LAN Bai didn't admit it and let her father's death become an accident. At least in this way, she would feel better. But now she hears this result, she is more sad and her hands and feet are broken. It's just a tragedy in the world and it's chilling.

"Yan Xi, don't be sad. Now that things have come to an end, you should rest assured that sinners are going to be tried. There may be loopholes in the law, but some people are still working hard to improve it and make it more defenceless."

Ling didn't know how to comfort her. He could only reach out and hold her in his arms. He patted her gently on the back, as if he were trying to coax her. His voice told her firmly.

LAN Yanxi closed her eyes tightly, her eyelashes were quivering, and tears still flowed from the corner of her eyes.

Forced to accept all this, she nodded: "I know that I always believe that there is retribution in the world. My second uncle is not worthy of sympathy. He should bear the crime he committed."

"Would you like to ask him face to face?"

Ling Mo Feng asked in a low voice.

"No, I don't want to see him. I don't want to see him again in my life."

LAN Yanxi shook his head and said obstinately.

"Well, don't see that it's the best. You need to rest now, and don't be stimulated any more."

Ling Mo Feng also felt that she would not meet again. Now she is in such a fragile mood.

"The doctor said I had a stable baby. I want to go home."

Blue Yan Xi from his arms out of the head, a pair of eyes full of expectation looking at him asked.

"Don't want to stay here?"

Ling Mo Feng asked.

"No, it's strange here. I can't sleep at night. Shall we go home?"

Blue and Greek with entreaties.

"Well, I'll ask the doctor. If I can, I'll arrange a car to pick you up."

Ling Mo Feng looked at her pitiful appearance, of course, he didn't want to increase her psychological burden, so he would try his best to help her with what she wanted to do.