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The little guy's suspicious big eyes made Ji Xiao Han feel guilty and quickly let go of his hand.

The blanket in his hands fell to the ground pitifully.

"No way!" Tang Xiao Rui said with disgust.

"The two little fellows are getting smarter and smarter. In the future, we shouldn't lie too much before them. Otherwise, if they were to see through our lies, it would be extremely embarrassing." Just like earlier, the two little fellows were obviously suspicious of something.

Tang You You said righteously, "I'm not afraid of embarrassment, they are my children."

"Are you teaching them to lie?" Ji Xiao Han had a different opinion.

"I didn't mean that!"

"But this is how you teach them. It will make them feel like this. Lying is also a way to solve their problems. It's a good habit."

"Stop finding fault with my words. I don't believe that you won't lie in this life of yours!" Tang You You felt that this man was being too honest, lying to him out of goodwill was a type of comfort.

"No, I might be able to lie more than you. Besides, I can still lie with my face red and my breath calm. I am even very confident." Ji Xiao Han's answer instantly pacified the unfairness in Tang You You's heart. Her beautiful eyes widened as she looked at the tall man under the dim light with astonishment.

"Then you said that I just taught the children to lie!" Tang You You was unconvinced. Why did this man still come to teach her a lesson?

Ji Xiao Han laughed at himself: "Sorry, I am indeed not qualified to say that you are wrong, but the children's minds are still very clean. I hope that when they can differentiate between the truth and lies, then I can properly educate them to use their own eyes and instincts to judge what is right and wrong. Now, they are not even four years old yet.

"Alright, what you said makes sense!" Tang You You felt that this man could speak at times, and no one could refute him.

Seeing that she did not go against him, Ji Xiao Han's mood inexplicably became a little better.

"It's getting late, we still need to take the children to the zoo tomorrow, let's rest early." After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he nimbly laid the blanket on the floor, and his huge body immediately fell flat on his back.

"Here's a pillow for you!" Tang You You sat on the bed and then threw a pillow at him.

Ji Xiao Han caught it and placed it under his head!

Tang You You also laid down lightly.

Just when the two of them decided to fall asleep like this, suddenly, in the silent air, they heard the sound of the door handle turning.

Both of them exclaimed in their hearts, "Not good!"

And it was also at this time that Ji Xiao Han had already flipped over and laid on the bed with his fastest speed.

Tang You You did not expect the man to move so quickly, and he calmed down a little.

"Mummy... Did you and Dad sleep together? " Tang Xiao Nai's voice came out softly.

Tang You You hurriedly reached out her hand to switch on the bedside lamp, and seeing his daughter's small head, she snickered and stuck his head in.

She frowned and immediately said to her: "Xiao Nai, why aren't you sleeping yet? If you don't go to sleep, Mummy will let you come to my bed to sleep. "

"No!" After Tang Xiao Nai finished speaking, she immediately dropped the lock on the door and ran off.

Then they heard the door next door slam.

Tang You You was speechless to the extreme.

Ji Xiao Han's soft laughter resounded: "Daughters are so cute! "Like you!"

Tang You You was already a little nervous. After hearing that he was actually praising his daughter, and not forgetting to praise her, her small face, which was like white jade, began to heat up inexplicably in the darkness.

"You're so cute when you're lying. I'm already too old to be cute. Don't open your eyes and speak nonsense." Tang You You felt that he was already a child's mother. Being called cute by Ji Xiao Han, it was very obvious that he was scolding her for being childish.

However, Ji Xiao Han said in a serious tone, "What I'm saying is the truth.

"I'm not saying anymore, I'm going to sleep. Why aren't you going down?" When Tang You You laid down, he found that Zhe Ge Nan Ren Jing Ran was still lying on the bed with a clear mind, looking completely indifferent.

"Haven't you closed the door? If the little guy runs in again, how will we explain ourselves? " Ji Xiao Han felt that he had a good reason to persuade her. Furthermore, he still felt that he was sleeping comfortably on the bed, the floor was too hard.

Tang You You quickly pulled up her blanket, walked over, and closed the door.

"Alright, this time, aren't you afraid that the two little fellows will disturb us? Go to sleep."

"I didn't expect you to be so heartless!" Ji Xiao Han felt very helpless towards her actions.

Tang You You was not angry, but instead laughed, and said coldly: "It's already very late, if the children continue messing around, I'm afraid that we won't be able to sleep tonight."

Ji Xiao Han could only unwillingly roll over from the bed. The indifferent CEO had now fallen to the floor.

However, Ji Xiao Han did not feel wronged. On the contrary, he felt that he was one step closer to his.

"What did you think of what the children just said?" However, Ji Xiao Han was unable to sleep. Furthermore, he dared to conclude that Tang You You was also unable to sleep.

"Which sentence?" Tang You You's voice sounded very clear indeed.

"The words of the stepfather."

Tang You You was slightly stunned, "Let nature take its course!"

"What do you mean by 'let nature take its course'? I can promise not to find a stepmother for the children, can you promise that? " Ji Xiao Han immediately became gloomy.

Tang You You could not help but burst out laughing. "Guaranteed what? I'm not going to be a nun! "

"I'm telling you to be serious!" Ji Xiao Han felt that this woman really deserved a spanking.


Why did this word cause Ji Xiao Han's body to feel inexplicably hot?