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C610 I like you

Hearing Ji Yueze's words, Bai Yiyan is slightly shocked.

Then, in the bottom of my heart, I laugh at myself. Yes, in Ji Yueze's eyes, she is a gold loser. Giving her money can solve everything.

"Yes, you give me money. I like money!" Bai Yiyan's mouth turned up and she smiled brilliantly.

"So snobbish, be careful that no man will marry you in the future!" Ji Yueze didn't expect her to admit her defeat so generously and give her a disgusting look.

Bai Yiyan looks indifferent: "no one wants to marry me, and I'm not afraid. I'm rich. Money can make ghosts grind. I don't worry about the pension problem. It's a big deal. Later, I'll find a handsome man with good genes to have a baby to solve the pension problem."

Ji Yueze is the first time to hear that women are so bold that they dare to plant and have children.

It's just treacherous and vulgar.

Bai Yiyan also felt that her words and deeds were too bold, which might frighten him. She laughed at her immediately: "I'm joking. I'm not such a casual woman. I mean, in case no man wants to marry me, this is the last way."

"If I leave before you, I will leave half of my property to you, and you will not steal others' seeds and have children. If you leave before me, I will send you to the end, and you will not worry that no one will deal with the aftermath." Ji Yueze also jokingly said.

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes widened in surprise and looked at him incredulously and asked, "why do you treat me so well? Do you like me?" "I don't like it, but I don't know what it's like to be good to a person. My acting roles are moving. But in reality, I haven't experienced the feeling of being good to a person. Bai Yiyan is good for your life. I don't hate you, and I have some sympathy for you. So,

I'll treat you better." Ji Yueze brings a glass of red wine, shakes it twice, drinks it up in one breath, looks at Bai Yiyan slightly drunk and says it's not like joking.

Bai Yiyan's heart was shocked again. She also picked up the wine and drank it at a draught. The tears rolled in her eyes. She tried to make herself not cry and laughed: "Ji Yueze, I used to be your iron powder, you know?"

Ji Yueze narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at her: "is that right? When? " "When I was a girl, when I was 15 or 16 years old, I was still a piece of white paper. You came into my world like the brightest superstar in the sky. I like the look of you wearing a white shirt most. It's clean and simple, which makes the whole years beautiful. You are the kind of youth that I like when I dream." Bai Yiyan doesn't know if she is drunk or if she really wants to tell her inner words to him, even if he doesn't have any response, but the truth can't be hidden.

Ji Yueze suddenly reached over and flicked her face twice: "Hey, Bai Yiyan, are you drunk?"

"I didn't!" Bai Yiyan dodges the fingers he flicks again: "I feel I may like you, Ji Yueze. What should I do? Are you afraid I like you? "

Ji Yueze frowned, a tangled expression: "I always thought you hated me." Bai Yiyan suddenly fell on the table, and her voice began to sound dull: "I hate you, because when I met you at the beginning, you were domineering and unreasonable, cold and callous, which I didn't like very much, but I don't know when it started. It seems that I have recovered the feeling that I liked you when I was young."

Ji Yueze said lightly: "you like me, and it's nothing new. Don't all the women who know me like me? Besides Tang Youyou, she is a special existence. Who let her meet my brother first? All along, I feel that my brother is more charming than me, and I am willing to admit defeat. "

"Your brothers have their own charms." Bai Yiyan raised her head and said with a light smile.

Ji Yueze laughed at himself and continued to drink.

Bai Yiyan doesn't dare to talk nonsense anymore. She feels that she has said something she shouldn't have said.

"What I said just now doesn't bother you. If you don't want to hear it, just think I didn't say it." Bai Yiyan doesn't want Ji Yueze to have a psychological burden, and is afraid that he will change their trading relationship because he likes him.

"You can like me, but you don't want to eat Tang youyou's Vinegar just because you like me. If you let me know what you are dissatisfied with her, we will terminate the partnership." Ji Yueze said lightly that he didn't care about the whole money.

Bai Yiyan was shocked. Then she laughed at herself: "I know I'm not qualified to be jealous." The atmosphere between the two was a little dull.

In Luo Jinyu's private apartment, he was in a good mood recently, because his feelings finally saw the sunshine.

He didn't expect that Cheng Ying would agree with him and Yang ChuChu, which made him both happy and surprised.

The doorbell rang suddenly. He turned around and walked quickly to the door. In the video, he saw Yang ChuChu's charming figure.

Opening the door quickly, Yang Chu stood outside with a hook like gesture, and said in a delicate voice, her slender fingers still reaching out to her sexy chin: "Sir, is she alone tonight?"

Luo Jinyu knows that Yang ChuChu is an ancient spirit and a strange elf. He loves to play, but he didn't expect that she could play so crazy.

"Yes!" The man's thin lips are full of smile, a low and magnetic answer.

"Do you need me to accompany you?" Yang ChuChu's clear big eyes blinked twice and could not help laughing.

"Very much!" Luo Jinyu suddenly reached over and hugged her tiny body into her arms. Her thin lips had quickly sealed her mouth.

Yang ChuChu's brain is empty. He wants to say something more, but he has been kissed by a man so forcefully that he forgot everything.

Luo Jinyu hugged her and turned her around. Then he turned her into the door and closed it.

Yang ChuChu giggled in his arms, laughing and reaching out to block his thin lip attack.

"Yes, I'm almost out of breath."

"Didn't you say you wanted to accompany me? Yes? Do you want to break your promise? " Since she loves to play, the mature and calm Luo Jinyu also gave up her noble identity and played with her.

Yang ChuChu only feels that his ears are going to be pregnant. This man's voice is really beautiful and charming.

"You can't afford the game I want to play." Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes brightened slightly, and immediately reached for his neck without fear of death.

Luo Jin Yu's lips are thin and slightly hooked. He is not willing to show weakness and asks, "what game can I play?" "The game of giving birth!" Yang ChuChu smiled like a little wild cat, dragging his big hand, and walked quickly to the bedroom.