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C1909 family happiness

Xia Xinnian followed behind Ji Mucheng and came to the garden. Her eyes were all scenery, just like a painting.

"I didn't expect your home to be so beautiful."

Xia Xinnian sighed softly.

"It will be your home here in the future."

The man stopped, and when she came to her side, his big palm gently wrapped her slender fingers.

Apparently, she felt a slight tremor, and Ji Mucheng seemed to guess what she was thinking, so she said, "Do you want to mention this again?"

When Xia Xinnian raised her eyes, she was a little surprised, how could this man always guess her mind?

"It's too late even if the door isn't right, the woman in my photo, I won't let me run away from me."

The man suddenly announced an overbearing domineering.

Xia Xinnian couldn't help laughing, "If not, then try and see if I can escape."

"Do you really want to escape?

why? "

Ji Mucheng Jun's face froze, his eyes expressing a dangerous breath: "Where am I dissatisfied you?"

Xia Xinnian just joked with him, but he didn't expect him to take it seriously.

"You are the most perfect man I have ever met, rich and beautiful, and have a good family environment. This is the ideal candidate for how many women dream of, but it is because you are so good that I feel deeply inadequate. There are also layers of thought in people, one layer after another. This sense of oppression makes people uncomfortable. "

Xia Xinnian let him clenched his hands, step by step forward, and told his inner thoughts frankly.

"Then you forget it all, just look at me."

Ji Mucheng understood what she meant. Indeed, sometimes it is not the external pressure, but that she has a sense of impossibility in her heart, which is actually more painful.

"Of course, I will be ready to leave at any time, only then can I have the courage to be with you."

Xia Xinnian lowered his head and chuckled.

"I don't mind if this gives you peace of mind, but I will never give you a reason to leave."

Ji Muchengjue's real sober woman may have something to do with her growing environment. This is not unacceptable. On the contrary, he is very distressed.

There was a happy laughter ahead, and Ji Mucheng suddenly dragged her forward.

Xia Xinnian didn't make enough preparations. He was dragged forward by him, and her long hair was flying up in the middle. She looked at Jiaoyang and saw the back of the man who was full of security. love.


The man took her and stood at a crossroads, seeing a large green grass field in front of him, Xiao Yuxi was about to be ruined by two older children.

"Auntie, I'm afraid ..." The little guy is sitting on a small off-road vehicle, Ji Siyi and Ji Xilin are playing face-to-face, the little guy is sitting on Ji Siyi's car, strapped on a seat belt, his two hands tight Grasp the handrail tightly, yelling constantly.

"Little guy, what are you afraid of, my aunt will protect you and win a prize."

Ji Siyi blinked her eyes at her nephew.

"So ... what did you lose?"

The little guy asked timidly.

"Well ... you have to sing if you lose."

Ji Siyi saw the little guy's flustered expression and laughed suddenly, it was just so fun.

"I do not know how to sing."

Little poor said wrongedly.

"Can't sing?

Doesn't your school teach? "

Ji Siyi asked him as he drove after Ji Xilin's car, intending to hit him.

Ji Xilin was an elder brother after all, and there was a little nephew sitting in that car, and he had nothing to do but run away.

"Teach me, I don't sing well."

Xiao Yuzhen is still very elf, so he doesn't want to sing.

"It doesn't matter, my aunt will teach you, I will teach you everything."

Ji Siyi is very happy. Finally, there is a small child in this family. She will not continue to be petted in the future. She can pet this little nephew.

Xia Xinnian watched his son play with them, crying and laughing.

Ji Mucheng patted her arm gently: "Relax, let them play, the son must be very happy."

Xia Xinmin nodded, his son always wanted someone to play with him, and now he finally has it.

Ji Mucheng took Xia Xinmin to continue shopping.

In the living room, Tang Youyou had taken her mobile phone downstairs, and she called the eldest daughter.

The phone was on handsfree, and Ji Hanhan was sitting next to him.


A clear female voice came over.

"Your brother is getting married. When are you coming back?"

Tang Youyou asked her with a smile.


The girl screamed, "When did he have a girlfriend?

I called him last month and he said he couldn't find it. "

Both Tang Youyou and Ji Yanhan couldn't help laughing and knew that she would be surprised. Remember that when they were both teenagers, the two had argued about who would get married first. Let me talk to my boyfriend first than my brother, and now, finally, the result.

"Dad ..." Ji Tingyan's voice suddenly felt a little more coquettish when she heard the laughter of Ji Hanhan.

Ji Yihan said with a pet: "Ting Yan, when will you return to China, tell me, I will come to pick you up in person."

"I see, but I don't want to go back now. When will the elder brother get married?

How did he find his girlfriend?

How did he get married like he was so stuffy? "

In front of her family, Ji Tingyan always tells the truth.

"Don't say that to your elder brother. Although your elder brother is dull, he is also very good."

Tang Youyou frowned and scolded her daughter lightly.

"I see, what does his girlfriend do?

How did they meet? Tell me. "

Ji Tingyan suddenly became anxious.

Ji Hanhan and his wife glanced at each other, yes, they have not asked Xia Xinnian what work.

"Why don't you speak?"

Ji Tingyan's voice was curious.

"Today is the first time Mucheng has brought her back to dinner. I have n’t had time to ask her what to do, but there is good news to tell you that Mucheng has a son with someone. We have a little grandson in Ji's family. How's it going?

Surprise? "

Tang Youyou can't wait to share the good news with her daughter.


Li Tingyan's voice was even more terrified: "Even children?

Mom, wouldn't this have been taught by Dad to chase his girlfriend like this? "

"Ah ... Tingyan, Dad didn't teach him this."

Ji Haohan coughed lightly, the two daughters were more naughty than one, and cleaned up his pain.


Ji Tingyan laughed aloud over there, apparently also felt that she had mentioned a very funny thing.

"Although this has nothing to do with your dad, the child does look like your elder brother. You can see him when you come back early, very cute little guy."

Tang Youyou gave her husband a white look and said tenderly.

"When I'm almost busy, I'll go back."

Ji Tingyan said hesitantly.