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C1208 wish time and quiet

Tang youyou is circling the stairs with white jade as the fence and thick and delicate carpets on the steps. It can be seen that Ji Yueze has spent some time on this family. Tang youyou is relaxed. She has no other expectations now. She only hopes that Ji's family will be happy and harmonious. When Tang

youyou came to the second floor, he saw Bai Yiyan standing in the corridor, saw her coming, and raised a smile on her pale and thin face, and said softly, "you are here, sister youyou!"

Tang youyou looked at her, a long beige dress, a long hair loose tied at the back of her head, no makeup on her face, very pure. What do you call clear water lotus, natural to carve, that is to say, she is a woman born beautiful. "

you call me my sister? Does it have to be changed? " Tang youyou smiled and said jokingly.

Bai Yiyan's face was a little red like jade. She lowered her head and said to herself, "how can I have such a good fortune? I can't even think about it now!"

"Is the child OK? I heard that you were hurt. Are you better now?" Tang youyou finds that Bai Yiyan is not as confident as before. Maybe anyone who has experienced her life will change her temperament. It's pitiful that she has to go through such a miserable life when she is young. She is forced to grow up and accept the dark side of the world. Tang youyou suddenly thinks of himself. Compared with Bai Yiyan, he is really lucky. "

I'm ok, my child is OK, please sit and talk in it!" Bai Yiyan replied immediately. Two

individuals walk into the bedroom, next to which there is a small exquisite balcony with tables and chairs. You can see the scenery of lakes and mountains in the back, which is really a good place for leisure.

Liu Xiaoxing has come upstairs with fruit and tea. Tang youyou looks at her and asks curiously, "Xiaoyan, is this your friend?"

"Yes, her name is Liu Xiaoxing. She is my new friend." Bai Yiyan said quickly. Liu

but Xiaoxing said smilingly, "I'm young master Ji. Please come here to take care of Xiaoyan. Grandma, if you have anything, please let me know!"

Tang youyou smiled and said, "I just came to see Xiaoyan!"

"Xiaoyan, don't disturb me Liu Xiaoxing left wisely.

While drinking tea, the two chatted. Bai Yiyan gave a general account of what happened recently. Tang youyou was even more frightened and worried about her. "

you and Ji Yueze are finally going to bloom and bear fruit. On Grandma's side, I asked his eldest brother to advise you to relax and raise your child. Don't think about anything else!" Don youyou comforts her.

"I don't want anything now. I'm satisfied as long as I can be with him. Sister Youyou, in fact, I'm still very guilty sometimes. It's like deliberately threatening Ji's elder. But I really don't know that this time will come." Bai Yiyan said this with a look of self reproach.

"When the child comes, it's fate. Don't think so much about it. You and Ji Yueze have such a deep fate that they can't be separated. You can get together well and live a good life every day. That's happiness!" Tang youyou also has deep feelings now. He thought that love should be vigorous and vigorous. He must be passionate and burn himself like two flames. That's meaningful love. But now, she found that the real test of love is to get along with each other in a long flow. At the end of the twigs of life, she experienced warmth and dependence. When she was sick, she felt pain and tired, she was hugged by others It's the truest and safest love to cry, to be comforted, to be wronged and to be relied on.

"Well, sister Youyou, I think you have a lot of places worthy of my study. If I become a family later, I must learn from you well, try my best to be calm and happy!" Bai Yiyan admires Tang youyou while appreciating her attitude towards life and feelings. A wise woman can be complacent for a while, but a woman with great wisdom can better grasp the life she wants. Don

youyou blushed and laughed at himself: "don't learn from me, I don't have any advantages!"

"If there is no merit, how can big brother love you so much?" Bai Yiyan smiles. "

to be honest, I don't know why he is so kind to me. Maybe, his eyes are not good, or, because I raised two children for him, he is grateful to me?" Tang youyou said jokingly. Bai

Yiyan is really amused by her. With a smile, that beautiful face will be more beautiful.

"You should smile more. You look good when you smile." Tang youyou saw her frowning just now. Now her eyes were all smiling. The whole person was young.

"I will. I used to be a smiling person. I didn't take things in the world seriously. I hope I can get back to that state as soon as possible. But if there is no result in my mother's affairs, I can't rest assured." Mentioning her mother, Bai Yiyan looks sad again. Don

youyou sighed: "Xiaoyan, I asked you something. If your mother really participated in the murder of my father-in-law, what would you do?" Bai

Yi Yan looks stunned. After two seconds, she sneers: "of course, I will not plead for her. If this happens to me, I will plead guilty!" "

good, you can be so reasonable, good!" Tang youjue's Bai Yiyan's mind is still clear. Only in this way, when many things are involved, Ji Yueze doesn't need to accompany her to make a firm choice. Moreover, this is the most fair to their feelings. "

sister Youyou, don't worry about me, I'm not partial!" Bai Yiyan thought it over, and she knew that her mother wanted to atone for her sins.

"Well, I don't mean anything else. I hope you'll have a good rest. I'll go first and bring the children to see you next time!" Tang youyou stands up and plans to leave. "

sister Youyou, be careful on the way!" Bai Yiyan also saw her adventure abroad, so she told her.

"Yes, let's go!" Tang youyou turns around and leaves.

By the time, Ji Yueze came back with a bag of things. Liu Xiaoxing was ready for dinner. Yang Siyu recently ran abroad to take refuge because he didn't need to accompany Ji Yueze to act. He was afraid that her family would catch her and scold her again.

After Ji Yueze put down his things, he ran upstairs at the first time. In the middle of the run, Liu Xiaoxing shouted behind him, "Xiaoyan is walking in the back garden. What are you doing upstairs?"

Ji Yueze had to turn around and run back to the garden. When he ran out of the side door, he saw Bai Yiyan sitting on a swing alone. Her wide skirt fluttered up with her gently. "

Xiaoyan, how dare you swing here?" As soon as Ji Yueze saw it, he ran to worry about her.

Bai Yiyan looked up at him and smiled, "I'm all right now. I want to come down and breathe!" Ji

Yueze comes to her, squats down, holds her small hand gently with his big hand: "what are you thinking about?" "

sister youyou has been here today. We talked a lot. Sister youyou is very nice!" Bai Yiyan exclaimed. "

of course, my eldest brother has a shrewd eye. The woman he chooses is naturally good!" Ji Yueze joked.

"That Before you asked me to act, now I think it's funny! " Bai Yiyan doesn't open or mention any pot.

Ji Yueze's handsome face turned red with embarrassment, and his thin lips slightly bit: "are you blaming me?"

"No wonder, I was voluntary at that time, and I took a lot of money from you!" Bai Yiyan saw that his face was red, and her mood was even better.

"That's right. You have to remember that you do things with money. You can't mention it any more. I've lost my face!" Ji Yueze now thought of his youth and frivolity, and regretted that he wanted to smash himself twice with bricks. He didn't know how great he was, but he thought about his sister-in-law.

Bai Yiyan reached out and gently stroked his handsome face with her fingers: "Ji Yueze, you are you. No matter what happened, I love you!" "

really? Don't lie to me! " Ji Yueze grabs her hand and kisses it on the back of her hand.