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C1730. What I'sm not telling him

Men attached to the ear of the words, let Yang ChuChu slightly stiff, immediately raised his eyes and looked at him: "separate bed sleep is just separate sleep, so the sleep quality will be better, can there be any other meaning?"

Yang ChuChu is too young. For many things, she is just thinking. Her so-called sleeping in separate beds is just sleeping separately, without any hint.

Luo Jinyu pinches her lovely face, and her thin lips rise, which means: "no, I can't sleep in separate beds in my life."

Yang ChuChu didn't expect that he would be so domineering to refuse his proposal. She spits out her little tongue: "if the baby is born, we must sleep in separate beds. It's said that the baby will be suckling at night, you will work in the daytime, and you need to keep a good sleep quality."

"When the baby is born, we will move to the villa and ask my sister-in-law for two months to look after it. My brother's baby is a little older, and my mother will definitely come to help. We still can't sleep in separate beds."

Luo Jinyu is inexplicably persistent in this matter.

Yang ChuChu tooted his mouth, some of which could not be understood.

Luo Jinyu doesn't expect her to understand his mind, but he knows that he is much older than her. If there are external factors to interfere with their emotional life, in case there are any cracks No, he would never let it happen.

"Well, OK. I'll be able to relax with more help then."

After Yang ChuChu finished, he sat down on the sofa. Suddenly, there was a bag with a checklist nearby. Yang ChuChu quickly hid the bag behind him.

Luo Jinyu came over with a cup of warm water. Seeing her little action, he immediately asked her, "what's behind you?"

"No Nothing. "

Yang ChuChu is a little annoyed. She should put the list up. Unfortunately, she is too lazy recently. When she gets home, she just throws it on the sofa and doesn't care about it.

"By the way, you went shopping after lunch with your mother?"

Luo Jinyu thought that Yang ChuChu said that she would have lunch with her mother in the morning, so she came to the company in the afternoon.

"Well I bought something for children. "

Yang ChuChu immediately reached for the bags beside him.

Luojin Yujun's face crossed with a smirk, then walked over, opened the bag, and saw a cute little plane fall out. He took it up and looked at it. There was a switch, and he could sing nursery rhymes, which was quite lovely.

"My mother bought all these things. I can't stop her."

Yang ChuChu immediately moved to sit beside him.

"Why are all the clothes of little boys?"

Luo Jinyu turned it over and over, and immediately distinguished that it was the little boy's clothes. He looked a little surprised.

Yang ChuChu's pretty face flashed a sense of emptiness of heart, and his little hands were wringing the corners of his clothes, saying in a low voice, "I I don't know. My mother has to buy all these. "

Luo Jinyu's eyes were so sharp that he didn't realize what was wrong until he saw her two little hands pinching the corners of her clothes. This action was familiar to him.

It seems that every time she lies, she will subconsciously do this action. Luo Jinyu has seen through her for a long time.

So she's hiding something from him?



Yang ChuChu instinctively looks up at his eyes.

"Tell me, is there anything I don't want to know?"

Since last time she took him on her back to shoot advertisements, Luo Jinyu felt that this little woman was not very honest.

Yang ChuChu's face suffered for a while. At last, she had to whisper, "today, I went to the hospital with my mother to have a gender test. The doctor said that she was a son. When my mother was happy, she bought so many things."

"More and more daring, eh?"

Luo Jinyu suddenly approached her, and Yang chuchuchu leaned back in fright. The man turned over his body, knelt on the sofa with one knee, his hands trapped her in his arms, and his eyes were burning.

Yang chuchuchu's face turned white with fright, and hurriedly explained: "the doctor is my mother's friend. He said he could help. I didn't want to go at first, but my mother had to force me to go. She said she wanted to send gifts to the children, but she didn't know whether it was a boy or a girl."

"Is that a reason?

Why didn't you talk to me? "

The man narrowed his eyes, still unhappy.

Yang ChuChu almost didn't cry because of his expression. She knew that she was wrong. However, his expression was too severe, as if she had made an unforgivable mistake.

"I'm afraid you won't agree. You said before, don't do this test. You like it both men and women, but I'm not as open as you think. I didn't get your mother's favor. I thought Oh! "

Yang Chu's words are not finished, the man suddenly attached to her, her chattering mouth to block.

This kiss, with a man's discomfort, kiss some ruthless.

Yang ChuChu's breathing was disordered, and her eyes were glistening with tears. She felt that the man was angry with him. She looked at him wrongly and asked carefully, "are you really angry?"

Luo Jin is willing to be angry with her. He just loves her.

"Next time I have something to discuss, you know?"

This page is equivalent to turning over.

Hearing this, Yang ChuChu was immediately delighted and nodded: "well, don't worry. Next time there is anything, I'll discuss it with you at the first time."

"Is it?"

Luo Jinyu doesn't believe her.

"Of course!"

Yang ChuChu promised.

Luo Jinyu felt a sense of loss. Looking at the blue clothes, he sighed: "actually, I want a daughter."


Yang ChuChu was a little incredulous, and immediately reached out to touch his belly. He wondered if this little guy could understand people's words now. If he heard his father's words, he would die of grief.

"My son is good, isn't he?

When he grows up, he is tall and handsome like you. I don't know how many other people's daughters he will be fascinated with. "

Yang ChuChu's children are the same. Maybe she is a woman. She hopes her children will not experience the girl's things like herself. After all, it's really annoying to come here once a month.

Luo Jinyu is speechless, but he should be calm, as long as he is born.

"If you really like your daughter so much, we can have another baby."

Yang ChuChu said in a very good way.

"This matter, let's talk about it later. It's not as simple as eating and drinking water to have a baby. You have to bear the pain of so long pregnancy and childbirth. I don't want you to suffer from this again."

Luo Jinyu says something inside.

"I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid to die."

Yang ChuChu seems to be delicate, but her heart has long been strong. It may have something to do with her growth. She can bear the pain on her body.

"Don't say that."

Luo Jin Yu was frightened and quickly hugged her. "I won't say anything more in the future."

Yang ChuChu nodded, "well, I won't say that."

Vice president's office! It's early morning. Today's weather is very good. It's sunny and the birds are singing.

Lanyanxi has slowly adapted to the various discomfort during pregnancy and began to enjoy the kind of blood relationship associated with small life.

The mobile phone on the dining table rang. LAN Yanxi took a look at it while drinking porridge. It was Uncle LAN Chen who called her.

Lanyanxi is really impatient with these two uncles. After her grandfather passed away, she saw through the real faces of these people, one by one distorted.

LAN Yanxi pressed the handsfree, and LAN Chen's voice came: "Yan Xi, grandpa has some relics here, do you want to come and take them away?"

"What remains?"

LAN Yanxi didn't want to listen to him at first, but when she heard about Grandpa, she became more interested.

"It's some old diaries and photo albums. I think there are several of them that you and grandpa have, so I want to ask you if you want to take them away. If not, I'll take them to the yard and burn them."

LAN Chen's tone was also lukewarm, showing a sense of indifference.

"Don't burn, don't burn."

LAN Yanxi's eyes were in a hurry as soon as he heard this. Although there are many photos taken by her and her grandfather, there are still some photos taken when they were young. If they can be found, they are very precious.

"Then are you coming to take it?"

LAN Chen asked her indifferently.

"Yes, I'll take it. I'll send someone over. You pack it for me."

Of course, lanyanxi will take it back. It belongs to her and grandpa's memory.

"You don't come by yourself?"

LAN Chen's expression was very unpleasant.