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C1118 the iron tree is blooming

Mao Rongrong sat on Lu xuanchen's sports car and shocked the female staff at the door. You know, Mao Rongrong has a high IQ and low EQ in this building plus the name of iron lady. All the male staff dare not tease her. It is definitely the purest iron tree among the hundreds of women upstairs and downstairs.

I didn't expect that the iron tree would bloom. Rong Rong sat in his position, uncomfortable and nervous. She peeked at Lu xuanchen, who was holding the steering wheel calmly, frowned and asked, "where are you going to take me? I have to work this afternoon. "

"I know. It's here. I've booked a box. Let's have lunch!" When Lu xuanchen spoke, he turned the steering wheel into an underground parking lot.

Find a place to park the car, two people walk toward the elevator, Lu xuanchen because of his public identity, habitually wearing a mask. There are a lot of people standing at the elevator entrance. Because it's the peak time of eating, there are still a lot of people coming here for consumption.

When the elevator door opened, a group of people crowded in. Mao Rongrong was absent-minded and was pushed forward by the people behind her. Her whole person froze for a while. Then, she felt that one hand of her was tightly held by a warm big palm, and her heart was shaking. When

got into the elevator, it was still crowded by people. Mao Rongrong was squeezed in a corner position. When she looked up, she found that Lu xuanchen was facing the elevator door with her back and her hands on her side, protecting her.

This wave of operation makes Mao Rongrong blush instantly. Suddenly, I don't know who is squeezing behind. Lu xuanchen's originally reserved space is squeezed out instantly. His tall body is directly pasted on Mao Rongrong's body. It fits perfectly.

Mao Rongrong shuddered all over, trying to open a little distance as far as possible, but the man's squeeze, but she did not even have the courage to look up. Her

head, knock in his arms, the light lemon fragrance on the man, make her a little dizzy, the whole person is dead.

Lu xuanchen didn't realize that his posture was not right at all. He just looked down at the beautiful big eyes that flickered randomly under the glasses that the woman in his arms was wearing, as well as the red halo that flowed inch by inch on her jade white skin. Is she shy? Lu < br >

xuanchen's thin lips have no reason. It's clear that he is not an old hand in love. Why does Mao Rongrong feel that he has taken the initiative in front of him? His random teasing can make Mao Rongrong panic, blush and heartbeat.

Sure enough, choosing an opponent is the most important link. He thinks his EQ is very low, but when he meets a woman with EQ, his sense of superiority suddenly appears.

Each floor of the elevator, there are people in and out, the elevator, still obviously crowded. "

you Can you step back! " Mao Rongrong finds that there is still a large area of space left behind Lu xuanchen, but he still keeps this action close to her, and she is instantly embarrassed. Is this man intentional? "

here we are!" Lu xuanchen stepped back two steps, his voice was low.

Mao Rongrong's heart at the moment, which is in a mess of war, has long forgotten his steady temper. She is like a little girl who is just in love. Her face is hot and her brain is buzzing. She looks like she has been stuffed with a few mosquitoes. She is depressed and flustered.

"This way!" When Mao Rongrong wanted to follow the army, the man suddenly put his hand around her shoulder and took her to another corridor. "

don't do this!" Mao Rongrong was stiff all over. He had to push away his unruly big hand. Lu

xuanchen said with a funny smile: "Why are you blushing? It won't be in the office stealing a drink from the bar. " In front of Lu xuanchen, Rong Rong's sharp teeth and sharp mouth have become stupid. He can't even speak of him, and only remains to be mocked by him.

"Lu xuanchen, what are you doing?" Mao Rongrong asked, staring at him shamefully.

"Don't you see that? We're on a date! " Lu xuanchen triumphantly led her into a restaurant, and the waiter warmly introduced them into a delicate box. Rong Rong Rong's mind seems to be filled with two words of dating, which are stamped with a seal. In her life, she felt that she had no relationship with these two words.

But now, she is actually dated by a man. Besides, this man is not a normal person. He is Lu xuanchen, a famous fried chicken star.

The story of dog blood doesn't seem to happen. Lu

xuanchen takes off his mask and begins to pour tea and water. Seeing Mao Rongrong staring at himself from time to time, he makes a loud finger in front of her: "wake up, come out to dinner with me, so boring?"

"Lu xuanchen, as I said before, I am not a casual woman. Don't disturb me later." Mao Rongrong still can't believe that Lu xuanchen, an idol male star in the entertainment circle, will like her boring and ordinary woman. She is afraid that this is just a play. Lu

xuanchen takes the hand of the teacup and looks at her in the side eyes, the light in her eyes becomes deep. "

just because I know you are not a casual woman, I like you, understand?"

Mao Rongrong continued to make excuses: "I'm not beautiful and my family background is very common. How can you like me? I still don't believe it. "

"Who says you're not beautiful?" Lu xuanchen suddenly reached out and took down her black glasses. Mao Rongrong's beautiful face became more beautiful. Lu xuanchen stared at her face and said with a smile, "you look beautiful, really!"

Without his glasses, Mao Rongrong felt as if he had lost his umbrella. He quickly reached out to grab them back: "Lu xuanchen, what are you doing? Give them back to me." "

let me have a look!" In fact, Lu xuanchen deliberately made a mischief. He really likes to see that when she has no eyes, those eyes are like a blue clear pool. "

I can't see anything. Give it back to me!" There is no sense of security. Mao Rongrong is angry.

"Can you see me then?" Lu xuanchen suddenly leans in front of her, the face of Zhang Junya is magnified instantly.

Mao Rongrong is shocked to breathe by the handsome face that he suddenly leans over. In a second, before she could see his features clearly, the man leaned over, provoked her jade like chin, and kissed her with thin lips. "

PA!" Mao Rongrong, who was suddenly offended, slapped him instinctively.

Jun's face was smoked. Lu xuanchen let go of her and handed back his glasses: "it's so hot that people can't bear it."