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Xia Xinnian sits in the position and carefully looks at the photos on the Internet. One of them is her face. It's her dress. It was taken when she came to pick her up for dinner in Mucheng yesterday afternoon. Xia Xinnian is angry. To be honest, she really doesn't want her love to be so publicized.

Xia Xinnian points to open one of the photos. Jimucheng's side face is very beautiful. Even though it is a little fuzzy, it still makes her heart beat. She sends a long time of narcissism to the photo she accidentally took. As soon as she thinks about it after dark, she can see him again, her heart beats faster.

This is the feeling of loving someone deeply. Xia Xinnian fell completely this time.

She put the previous anti marriage doctrine behind her, and her heart told her that if there was no jimucheng in her life, the rest of her life might be accompanied by loss.

The mobile phone on the desktop rings suddenly. Xia Xinnian just looks at it and doesn't want to answer it.

It's he Jiaxuan. Didn't he give up his last lesson?

When she didn't answer the phone, he Jiaxuan sent her another text message, sending a long range of content, which roughly means that jimucheng can't really communicate with her, let alone treat her son as if he were her own. Between words, all are reminders and concerns for her.

Xia Xinnian only feels funny. When is it her turn to be a bad guy to direct her relationship with jimucheng?

Jimucheng is her son's own father. How could he not regard it as his own?

But, these truths, she does not have to explain with some outsiders, she wants to protect the children, but also to protect the face of Ji family.

He Jiaxuan is going to drive crazy in the last few days. His love is frustrated and his career is declining. He's too anxious.

Of course, he still firmly believes that jimucheng is just playing with Xia Xinnian. Like his family trip, it is impossible to marry a woman without family background. He wants to stop Xia Xinnian in time.

Xia shuran dressed as a lady and went out with famous brand.

Today, she is going to a place.

She came to a hotel room in a lady's dress. It was Liu Mei, the designer she met last time, who opened the door for her. The clothes she wore today brightened Xia shuran's eyes.

"How is it? Beauty? Liu Mei is a little proud. She turns around. The white feather inlaid by hand makes the whole skirt full of Fairy Spirit. It's pure and soft. It's really exciting.

"It's beautiful." Xia shuran's mouth turned up, but his heart was filled with resentment. I have to admit that the clothes designed by Xia Xinnian are really unique and popular with women.

"Well, are you going to the show in this suit that day?" Liu Mei asked her curiously.

"I'll wear it for you. Aren't there any more? I want to pick it out. " Xia shuran still has some antipathy in her heart. She doesn't like the clothes that others wear.

Liu Mei touched her nose. Obviously, she felt that she had just asked me something funny. Xia shuran, why is your wife? What she wants must not be second-hand.

"There are still several sets here. Mrs. he can take them all as my present to you." Liu Mei said with a flattering smile.

"Thank you so much. You have to do well in this competition. You must let Xia Xinnian be famous for her ugliness." Xia shuran reached for a skirt and looked at it with satisfaction.

Liu Mei's expression changed, and suddenly she was a little nervous: "Mrs. he, have you seen the scandal this morning? That Xia Xinnian is in contact with jijiada now. I'm afraid... "

"What are you afraid of? Is Xia Xinnian afraid to retaliate with the influence of the Ji family? You don't have to worry at all. In fact, I let the news go. I dare not offend Ji's family, but Xia Xinnian thinks she can't marry Ji's family. " Xia shuran knows that Liu Mei will be timid, which is why she came to her specially.

"How can you be so sure, Mrs. he? Do you know anything else? " Liu Mei immediately began to gossip.

"To tell you the truth, Xia Xinnian returned home this time and brought a son back. What kind of family is Ji's? Can she accept a woman with a son to step into the door? Jimucheng is just looking at her young and feeling fresh and funny. After this competition, there will be a man to recognize Xia Xinnian's son, and then there will be a good play to watch. So, you just need to step on Xia Xinnian to death, and I believe you don't want her to lead in the industry. If she does, your company will have a lot of pressure. " Xia shuran with her mouth, Leng is to dispel Liu Mei's uneasiness.

"Where did you come from? Is it reliable? " Liu Mei can't believe it.

"She's my cousin. How can I not know about her? This woman is so promiscuous that even my husband can't let it go. With her virtue, she still wants to marry into a rich family and have her daydream. " As soon as Xia shuran said that, he looked indignant.

"Is she really so shameless? It's terrible. ' After listening to Liu Mei, I really feel that Xia Xinnian is very strong and can provoke so many men.

"Now you know why I hate her? Just help me, I will remember your human feelings. The day after tomorrow is the match date. You must help me. " Xia shuran's pleading expression made Liu Mei lose her sense.

"Don't worry, I will help you. Xia Xinnian has robbed many of my clients as soon as she returns home. Of course, I don't want her to make a difference." Liu Mei also came here with her own heart. She used to have a lot of stable tourists. But after Xia Xinnian returned home, her mentor was so famous abroad that those people turned to Xia Xinnian, which made Liu Mei lose a lot.

"Well, let's deal with her. She's dead this time." Xia shuran breathed a sigh of relief.

Xia Xinnian suddenly feels cold on her back. She unconsciously tightens her coat. It's getting cold recently. She has to wear more clothes. Don't catch a cold at this critical stage.

Summer home! It's a mess of war. Xia Fu can't support it. Today, he accepted the call from several banks. When he drove by the door of Xia Xinnian company, he suddenly wanted to find Xia Xinnian with a little expectation.

Xia Xinnian receives a call from the front desk, hesitates for a moment, and goes downstairs to see Xia Fu.

"Uncle, long time no see." Xia Xinnian is no longer the only girl who used to be here. In her confident eyes, with calmness, she opens her mouth with mockery.

Xia Fu's face is embarrassed. She doesn't know how to answer. She called him uncle. It was a close relationship, but she didn't see it for a long time, but she seemed to laugh at it.

"Xinnian, why don't you come back home and sit at home? I also heard that shuran knew you were back. " Xia Fu finally put down his proud face and talked to her with a smile.