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C1329. He says he doesn'st dislike it

Ling Mo Feng was amused by her words.

"You smiled. Did you agree with what I said?" LAN Yanxi tilts his head and stares at him. His clear eyes are full of intense feelings.

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "yes, I agree, but I'd better be serious!"

"Why?" What LAN Yan xijue said just now is in vain.

"Because character should complement each other, it's enough to have you on your own, isn't it?" The man looked at her with full interest, saw her pretty face turned ugly, and he smiled unkindly.

Lanyanxi didn't expect to burn the fire on her body. She quickly put the teacup aside, and two small hands held him from behind: "this is what you said, I'm not serious, I can't bear the crime for nothing!"

"Yanxi, stop!" Although the man was frightened, but the voice is full of doting.

LAN Yanxi said angrily, "I will not stop, Ling Mo Feng, do you know? I want to hold you like this at the party. I will not let go! "

Ling Mo Feng is really tempered by her pestering temperament, but he doesn't struggle. She is allowed to hold him. As he goes to stir the noodles in the pot, he whispers, "do you feel tired of eating noodles every night?"

"No, it's not ordinary noodles. I asked my aunt to make it. There are many nutritious things in it. It tastes much better than the outside ones!" Lanyanxi knows that he is sympathizing with himself, but she is enjoying the beauty of this moment happily. It is the happiest thing to have noodles to eat and him to be here.

Ling Mo Feng reached for her hand and held it on the back of her folded hand: "Yan Xi, will you feel bored with me?"

"No!" There was no hesitation in the woman's reply.

Ling Mo Feng listened, warm heart, willing to do anything for her.

LAN Yanxi stayed on his back until he put the noodles in the bowl. She released the two hands of octopus. She smiled sweetly and said, "your cooking is getting better and better. It's delicious!"

Ling Mo Feng stooped to wash his hands, took a towel and wiped it. He looked at her with a smile: "you just love to eat!"

Of course, lanyanxi loves to eat, and she won't be happy until she has eaten all.

Ling Mo Feng sat by her side and watched her give him half of the noodles. Ling Mo Feng was not polite either, because the vice president didn't eat much tonight. It was too late, and he couldn't eat too much. It was a kind of fun for two people to eat separately.

After eating, Ling Mo Feng took the initiative to clean up. LAN Yanxi wanted to do housework, but he couldn't.

When all this was done, the two of them went upstairs lazily.

Now, there is no need to ask. LAN Yanxi lies on his bed without saying anything and waits for him to take a bath and get warm together.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her languid appearance, just wanted to hurry to take a bath and hold her, enjoying the warmth of this moment.

LAN Yanxi is also very tired from her work these days. When Ling Mo Feng took a bath, she fell asleep in a daze.

Ling Mo Feng looks at her sweet and quiet sleeping face, and sighs painfully. She must be tired of work.

LAN Yanxi sleeps in a daze. She feels a warm embrace approaching her. She instinctively shrinks into his arms.

Two people sleep to dawn, suddenly, LAN Yanxi feels a little uncomfortable, she can't help but open her eyes, blink, the sky outside the window is still dark, and there is a man beside her who is sideways, holding her in her arms.

A very familiar feeling makes LAN Yanxi feel numb.

No, isn't she here?

She was awakened in a second. Then she began to count the last day she came. She pinched her fingers and counted. The good things would come in these days.

"It's over!" LAN Yanxi moved her legs for a while, but changed her posture, and she felt the general tide. Her brain suddenly exploded, and she had an impulse to dig a hole and bury herself.

"What's the matter?" Ear, the man lazy and low voice came, it seems, is to wake him up.

"No It's OK. I just want to go to the bathroom! " Lanyanxi didn't want to disturb him to rest, so she only moved her body slightly, and felt that there was a lot of leakage. She wrinkled her face painfully, and every time, the first day was always a lot.

"Uncomfortable?" The man sensed that she was not right, and the voice of asking again was clear.

LAN Yanxi was so embarrassed that he blushed and said, "Ling Mo Feng, I may have soiled your bed!"

Ling didn't reflect for a moment until he saw her pointing her finger into the quilt.

The man's whole body was tense, which seemed to know something, because he even reached out to touch it, and his brain hummed.

"Don't worry, I'll clean it and make sure it doesn't leave any trace!" LAN Yanxi is very upset. He shouldn't have come unconsciously in his sleep. I don't know if a man would mind.

Ling Mo Feng was obviously nervous. He asked her in a low voice, "how are you feeling now? What can I do for you? "

"No, I feel terrible. Would you like to change your bed and go to my room?" LAN Yanxi is afraid to move now, for fear that it will be out of control.

"Are you sure you don't need my help?" Ling Mo Feng felt that her body was stiff, as if she did not dare to move around, so he had to confirm it again.

"Please put on more clothes and go to the box in my room to help me bring my big bag of supplies!" Lanyanxi still needs his help.

"OK, I'll be right here!" Ling Mo Feng gently opened the quilt and got out of the bed. Then he went straight to her room without wearing any clothes.

Blue words and beautiful eyes open, won't they? Does this man need to be in such a hurry? The corridor outside is cold. Isn't he afraid of getting sick?

Soon, the man's tall body came in, handsome face looked at her with concern: "what else do you want?"

"No, you go to my bed and go to sleep. I want to take a bath!" LAN Yan said with his head down.

"So cold and bathed?" Ling Mo Feng frowned and worried about her.

"It's hard not to take a bath. It's OK. Go to sleep!" LAN Yanxi quickly raised his hand to him: "go!"

"I'm not sleeping. I'm here with you!" Ling Mo Feng is still sleeping. It seems that she doesn't feel well.

"Don't accompany me. You stand here. I'm sorry. Can you avoid it?" LAN Yanxi is embarrassed.

The man handsome face also swelled instantly red, nodded, turned around to go out.

LAN Yanxi looks at it gently. It's all true. It's a shame.

Lanyanxi went to the bathroom to take a bath. When she came out, she found that the sheets on the bed were new. What about the dirty bed?

Blue words and beautiful eyes open in an instant. Ling Mo Feng will not abandon them, will he lose them?

LAN Yanxi immediately put on a thick down coat to see the situation.

Hearing the sound of water coming from the public bathroom, she was stunned. She couldn't help but push the door open and take a look. She saw Ling Mo Feng washing the sheets.

In a moment, the brain exploded into a blank, and LAN Yanxi stood in the doorway, staring at a head.

It seems that the man found her outside, turned to look at her and smiled: "it's so cold, you don't stay here, go to sleep, I've cleaned it."

"Ling Mo Feng, you How can you help me with this? " LAN Yanxi was moved to step on the muddle, because she thought that all the men would dislike this, after all, it's not the blood of a normal knife wound.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her strangely: "doesn't it mean that you women come here to have a good rest? You still want to work? "

"No, I mean, don't you dislike it?" LAN Yanxi recalled seeing the red one just now. He couldn't imagine how Ling Mo Feng did it.

"I don't dislike it!" Ling Mo Feng's face is ashamed for a while. Obviously, he didn't realize what was wrong when he washed it just now. Now when she asked about it like this, he realized that a big man did it. He was really embarrassed.

"Thank you!" LAN Yanxi finished in a low voice, and turned back to the room.

When Ling Mo Feng came back from drying his quilt, just after six o'clock, LAN Yanxi did not fall asleep, but shrank in the quilt, blinked and waited for him.

Ling Mo Feng gently lay down, has been frozen like ice body, was snuggled up to the stove like body to warm.

"There's more than an hour left. Go back to sleep!" Ling Mo Feng advised her in a low voice.

"Well, together!" LAN Yanxi nodded and went to sleep in his arms.