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Ling of course knows LAN Yanxi's suggestion. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to take advantage of others' danger. Now that she is drunk, she will definitely have more needs in physiology than in normal times because of alcohol. But does this woman understand the things between men and women? "

Yan Xi, in fact, I promised your grandfather that I would never touch you before I got married!" Ling did not know how to refuse her enthusiasm and initiative. He was afraid that his continued restraint would hurt her heart. But if he wanted to sink with her, he would have a promise to the blue man. "

what?" LAN Yanxi's small head came out of his arms at once, peering at the handsome outline of the man with a faint light out of the window. He was stunned: "you When did you promise my grandfather? How can I not know? "

"I promised you when you escaped to a foreign country!" Ling Mo Feng answered in a low voice and a light smile.

LAN yanxili then chucked two fists on his chest and said angrily, "sure enough, good-looking men know how to protect themselves!" "

What are you talking about?" Ling Mo Feng reached out and pinched her little face with a funny smile. Yan Xi gave him a look, reached out his hand and pinched his palm and said, "don't think it's reasonable for you to look good." "

don't I look good?" Men chuckle.

"Who is rare!" Blue words Xi wine battle counsels people's courage, murmured a word.

The man is not a word to listen to the ear, immediately grasp his small hand, do not let her make trouble again, close to her earlobe and say: "I'm afraid that by then, you will be rare tight!" "

you I won't tell you. I'm going to sleep! " LAN Yanxi blushed and hurriedly turned his back, but the man still held her tightly and said, "OK, sleep!"

LAN Yanxi didn't expect this man to make a promise in front of his grandfather that he would not touch her if he didn't get married, so Grandpa was so relieved to let her move here to live with him, right? Alas,

, it's clearly her feelings. Why does he want to discuss such matters with Grandpa? It's depressing. Season

home! The bright lights make the night look more beautiful. Ji Xiaohan came back very early today. He went to the gym to do exercises before having supper. In his spare time when he was busy working recently, he still paid great attention to his health. Because he had such a beautiful wife, he always cared about his health and didn't want to lose half the anger of the little woman in bed Potential.

Thinking of Tang youyou's beautiful little face, he didn't admit defeat at all. Ji Xiaohan's movements of lifting iron accelerated a lot. When Ji Xiaohan was holding the iron hard, he suddenly heard the door of the gym open. His face changed a little. He thought it was Tang youyou. He put down the equipment, took the towel, wiped his sweat and walked towards the door. Suddenly, I saw a strange woman wearing a swimsuit and a white bath towel.

"Why are you here?" Ji Xiaohan recognized each other at a glance. It was Wang Hanxue, Xiao Nai's piano teacher. "

ah I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Mr. Ji. I didn't know you were here. I'm really sorry to disturb you! " Wang Hanxue seems to have just found out his existence. She retreated a few steps in a hurry. The bath towel draped on her shoulder also fell down in panic, revealing the one-piece swimsuit she was wearing, showing her young and delicate body. It was the two groups of meat that could not be held fast in the upper body, and it was shaking with her back. Season

the owl's eyes were cold and he asked calmly, "how can you come in here?" Wang

Han Xue immediately looked as if she was frightened. She lowered her head and dared not look into the eyes of the host. Her voice slightly trembled and said, "I can only get in and out of here with Mrs. Ji's permission. I used to like swimming. The pool outside is cold water. Only the indoor one is constant temperature, so I went to Mrs. Ji specifically to mention this. Mrs. Ji asked me..."

"I see. Play!" After hearing the reason, Ji Xiaohan turned around and went to the dressing room.

"Season manager!" Wang Hanxue suddenly yelled at him. This time, she summoned up her courage to look up at the man. Her delicate eyes blinked and asked, "if this is the personal territory of Ji Zong, I dare not come back later. I'm really sorry today. I don't know that Ji Zong is also practicing here, so I'm bold!"

"It's OK. Since youyou have given you the privilege of entering and leaving, I have no problem!" Ji Xiaohan originally left the house to Tang youyou. The little woman is kind-hearted and soft-hearted. Wang Hanxue has a hobby of swimming now. She would agree to mention it to her. "

thank you, Mr. Ji Can I go swimming then? " Wang Hanxue deliberately stooped to pick up the towel and asked softly.

"Well, go!" Season owl cold didn't turn around to see her, just stride to the dressing room. Wang

Han Xue looks at the naked back of the man, only to feel that her breathing is going to stop. Just now when the man is facing her, she secretly looks at the figure that she often exercises. She looks thin in clothes and has meat in clothes. This man's figure is even better than she thinks. Waist is waist, legs are legs, shoulders are shoulders, and everything is perfect.

Wang Hanxue's brain was almost starved of oxygen. She stood there for a long time before she turned around and walked towards the swimming pool.

At the thought of such a perfect male body, I sleep with Tang youyou every day. Just thinking about it, I am inexplicably jealous. I used to only envy, but now I am really jealous.

After taking a bath in the dressing room, Ji Xiaohan changed his clothes and came out. When he was exposed to the swimming pool, his eyebrows were slightly tightened. The gym had always been his private domain. Except for his family, only uncle yuan and his cleaning aunt came in and out. Now he suddenly broke into an outsider, which made him uncomfortable. So he would go downstairs to have a good talk with you later. She How can you rest assured that a young woman will step into her husband's gym? What does she think? How wide is the heart?

Or, this woman just Not jealous?

Ji Xiaohan thinks of it here, but feels his heart is blocked. No way. He has to go downstairs and ask the woman what she thinks. Tang

youyou is struggling with his own design draft. Recently, Weiyi design company is seriously short of new ideas. Aunt Liu Xi asked her for help, so she must find a way to make some new ideas.

Tang youyou is at home, racking his brain to exert his imagination and looking at various materials for inspiration.

Unfortunately, her inspiration seems to have gone with her. She has been in the room for half a year. There are only a few unsatisfied manuscripts at hand. Her long hair is a bit disordered. I wish I could put some inspiration into my mind to run.

"Long time!" The season owl cold pushes the door to come in, sees the woman long hair all disorderly, the expression some dull looks at him to come in.

"Are you struggling with your design again?" When Ji Xiaohan saw the pen and paper she was holding, he couldn't help chuckling. "

season owl cold, stand still!" Tang youyou looks at the man wearing a V-Neck Sweater. The sweater is a mix of colors. Tang youyou sees the color interlace, and suddenly an inspiration flashes in his mind. By the way, spring is a good time for all flowers to bloom. Her theme can be used in the fierce color conflict. Xiao Han heard that she used such a serious tone to keep him still. He really stood still and did not move. He looked at the girl's dull expression slowly dyed with excitement. Next second, even her eyes were shining.

Just now, I suspected that he didn't care enough about himself. Now I see him come in and his eyes are bright like this. It must be true love for him. "

come on!" Tang youyou reaches out his finger and hooks it at him.

Ji Xiaohan felt flirted by a woman for the first time. Besides, this woman is still his little wife, which is very fresh and interesting. He walked towards her lazily with his long and strong legs, step by step, as elegant as a leopard. His deep eyes, like the sea, were stained with a trace of evil spirit and were staring at the woman, trying to show his man Sexual attraction. Don

leisurely stands up from the sofa and rushes towards him. Ji Xiaohan immediately stretches out his arms to meet her, only to find that as soon as the woman comes over, she Yanks at his sweater and regards his enthusiasm as the air.