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I can't let her go any longer

Yang Chu Chu quickly extended her hand to check her lips. Fortunately, he did not bite herself.

"How can you prove it like this? Bullying me is the source of your courage?" Yang Chu Chu felt extremely wronged and resentful. Would this man not care for the fairer sex?

Luo Jin Yu's thin lips rose evilly: "In the past, I felt that bullying women was a bastard's act, but now I realize, I seem to want to become more and more of a bastard!"

Hearing his words, Yang Chu Chu was so frightened that she immediately stood up and wanted to escape. Unfortunately, in the next second, an iron arm stretched out and wrapped around her petite body, hugging her tightly and then pressing her lips against her ear: "Where are you running to? Didn't you say that you want to see the scenery here? "

Yang Chu Chu actually still really liked the feeling of being hugged by him, but when she thought about what he meant just now, she inexplicably became angry.

Did he have to take all his happiness from bullying her in the future?

She didn't want to be that poor bastard.

"I don't want to watch it anymore, I'm cold!" Yang Chu Chu could only lie with his eyes wide open.

"I just gave you my coat, didn't you throw it away? That means you're not cold! " Luo Jin Yu sarcastically said.

Yang Chu Chu suddenly extended her hand out, and took the initiative to wrap around his well-built body, pressing her face into his chest: "Luo Jin Yu, hug tighter, your embrace is so warm!"

Luo Jin Yu was startled when he heard the girl's sudden change in tone.

Had he been deceived?

"Hold on tighter!" Seeing that not only was he not hugging her anymore, but she also wanted to let go of her arms. Her two small hands immediately grabbed onto his arms that were about to loosen up.

Luo Jin Yu retracted his arm a little forcefully, and looked at the little face in front of him that was as beautiful as spring, a pair of large cunning eyes flashed with a smiley face.

"You used your acting skills on me?" How smart was Luo Jin Yu, he saw through Yang Chu Chu's little trick with a glance, and his handsome face carried a tinge of annoyance.

"What acting?" Yang Chu Chu immediately shrugged her shoulders, indicating that she didn't understand what he was saying at all.

"You're provoking me!" Luo Jin Yu never thought that he would actually fall into a trap, he had always been the one playing tricks on others, when did he ever get played by a little girl to the point of losing all reason?

Yang Chu Chu was a little flustered. Actually, what she had said just now was indeed to enrage him, and then cause him to become rebellious. She did not expect that she had actually succeeded.

"I didn't!" Yang Chu Chu instantly wanted to pretend to be stupid.

"Yang Chu Chu, I never thought that at your age, you would have such foresight!" Luo Jin Yu was really angry now, he turned around and bent down to pick up his jacket, planning to walk towards the car.

"Hey, Luo Jin Yu, are you going to leave me behind?" Yang Chu Chu immediately chased after him.

However, the man's footsteps were huge. When she chased after him, he stepped on the accelerator and the huge SUV instantly sped away to a distance of 100 meters.

The wind was blowing wildly.

"Luo Jin Yu, you've really left me behind!" Yang Chu Chu didn't dare believe it. Since she was young, she had never been rejected in such a way before. She had been beautiful since a young age, and the men who paid attention to her had never been lacking.

Therefore, Yang Chu Chu had never felt this kind of feeling of being abandoned.

At this moment, she felt as if she had been abandoned by the entire world. Her surroundings were so quiet that it caused her to collapse.

Step by step, she walked to the edge of the road and shouted at the SUV that was taking a detour: "Luo Jin Yu, you are a bastard!"

"Do you believe that I'll jump down from here right now …"

"I will make you remember me for the rest of my life …"

"I was born to be your man. Even if I die, I want to be your ghost. I've come to find you every night …"

"You're going too far!"

Yang Chu Chu suddenly burst into tears, and muttered: "So what if I'm lying to you? If I didn't lie to you, would you hug me? "

"Yang Chu Chu, you are just a fool, a brainless fool. It's not good to fall in love with anyone, why did you fall in love with him?"

At this moment, the SUV that was rolling down the mountain abruptly stopped.

Luo Jin Yu naturally heard Yang Chu Chu's angry shout.

"Damn it!" He cursed under his breath. He hadn't thought that this woman, despite being young, would have such an unyielding personality. She actually wanted to die just because of him? He even said that a ghost came to find him?

Luo Jin Yu had never been so shamelessly threatened by a woman before, but this time, he was panicking.

He quickly turned the car around and rushed as fast as he could to the parking lot halfway up the mountain.

They saw Yang Chu Chu standing against the wind, with her arms spread wide, looking like she was about to escape along with the wind.

Luo Jin Yu slammed the carriage door and bellowed: "Yang Chu Chu, what are you doing?"

Yang Chu Chu had actually long seen him turn the car around and drive up. At that moment, her mouth was raised in a smile, but when she heard him yell, she immediately felt sad again.

"Didn't you want to leave me behind?" Yang Chu Chu turned around, faced him, and allowed her long hair to cover her face. She reached out her hands to straighten it out, but it was still not right.

"Are you threatening me with your death?" Luo Jin Yu simply wanted to have a whole new level of respect for her.

Seeing his angry look, Yang Chu Chu immediately felt that she had done something wrong and infuriated him.

"I... What I just said were all words of anger. I am in my prime, how could I possibly seek death? " Yang Chu Chu immediately forced himself to explain.

"How do I know if you're angry or not?" Luo Jin Yu was really enraged by this mischievous little girl.

Yang Chu Chu immediately walked in front of him in small steps, raised her small face, and said with an apologetic attitude: "Alright, please don't be angry at me, okay? Can't I call you Little Uncle? "

Luo Jin Yu's gloomy face became even darker.

"Uncle, it's all my fault, I'm too scheming, I shouldn't have angered you. Send me back to the company now, I still have work to do!" Yang Chu Chu did not dare to play with this man anymore.

"Let's go!" Yang Chu Chu reached out to touch his arm, but the man did not shake her off: "If this goes on, I will really get sick. I can't get sick, I still have to work tomorrow!"

Seeing her pitiful appearance, Luo Jin Yu actually wasn't angry at her anymore. However, when he heard her calling him Little Uncle, why did he faintly feel that he was about to erupt with anger?

"Little Uncle, I really won't make you angry anymore. I'll be good next time and won't disturb your work anymore!" Yang Chu Chu felt that no matter how much she did, Luo Jin Yu would not like him.