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C1984 and dating again

Cheng Yue looks at the dazed green in front of him. His face is red, but his eyes are clean and clear. He doesn't look like a liar.

Cheng Yue chuckled. She walked over and gave Wang Cheng a hard pat on the shoulder. "You have eyes. I just don't have long hair. If I have long hair, I'm very feminine."

Wang orange gave a dry smile and said, "you look good like this."

"Wang Cheng, to be honest, how old are you younger than me? I'm twenty-seven. "

"Twenty four."

Cheng Yue immediately frowned: "I can't bear to hurt you, but I still want to say that I can't accept the love between my brother and sister. I'm going to leave with Xiao Nai soon. Wang Cheng, we'll see each other when we have a chance."

Wang Cheng is silly. He is really frustrated when Cheng Yue refuses to accept him. However, he takes out his hand behind him and hands Cheng Yue a box of chocolates. "Take it to the road, elder sister. I know it's my fantasy. We will see each other again."

Cheng Yue accepted, looked at him gratefully and smiled, "OK, goodbye."

Ji Tingyan is sent to the airport, followed by two female bodyguards. They are arranged by feting. When they arrive at the airport, they almost board the plane.

Cheng Yue looks back at the airport hall. She doesn't feel like it. She thinks Wang Cheng will see them off.

"What are you looking at?" Ji Tingyan's mind is delicate. She finds that Cheng Yue turns around step by step. She guesses it as soon as she guesses it, but she doesn't say it directly. She just asks with a smile.

"No Nothing. " Cheng Yue's face was ashamed, and she said quickly.

Ji Tingyan saw that she was not as crisp as she used to be. Instead, she stuttered. She felt that she had guessed eight or nine times.

Cheng Yue didn't come here for nothing. She found her sweetheart.

After boarding the plane, a group of four people sat in the first-class cabin. Ji Tingyan fell asleep squinting. Cheng Yue and two other bodyguards did not dare to close their eyes for fear that Li Jingwen would act.

Cheng Yue takes out the chocolate sent by Wang Cheng, which is a kind of imported food with exquisite packaging.

A few hours later, the plane stopped at the International Airport. Jijia's motorcade had long been waiting at the airport.

Ji Tingyan takes out a small gift and gives it to two female bodyguards who come back from her company. She expresses her gratitude, because they are going to take the opportunity to go back. After a few pushes, the two female bodyguards accept it and turn around to leave.

Ji Tingyan and Cheng Yue are in the car, heading for Ji's house.


It's noon at the moment. Hearing that the eldest daughter is coming back for dinner, Tang youyou is busy with a table of good dishes. Ji Xiaohan goes to the company, the little guy goes to school, and the little dragon and Phoenix goes out to play. Tang youyou is the only one in the family.

Ji Tingyan brings Cheng Yue home. Cheng Yue is amazed by Ji's villa. All the way, he looks around with his eyes open. Every place is full of scenery. He says that Ji's wealth can rival his country. Cheng Yue now believes that this is a small kingdom of money.

Cheng Yue is suddenly in a cold sweat. Fortunately, xiaonai is not hurt. Otherwise, how can she stand Mr. Ji's trust? Xiaonai must be the eldest lady in the family. The whole family loves her very much.

Ji Tingyan treats Cheng Yue as a friend completely. Her former friend was shuffled and changed by herself. At the end of the change, she found that she was really not suitable for making friends. The appearance of Cheng Yue made her have a sense of trust in her. She wanted to make this friend.

"Xiaonai, I'd better call you the eldest lady here. That's right." Cheng Yue said quietly.

Ji Tingyan shakes her head: "it doesn't matter. Xiaonai is my nickname. You are my friend. You can shout."

"But..." Cheng Yue still has no courage. She is completely shocked by Ji's lintel.

"Well, home, Cheng Yue, come in and sit down." Ji Tingyan greets her.

Tang youyou has stood at the door. Seeing her daughter coming back, she has a happy smile on her face.

"Cheng Yue, this is my mother." Ji Tingyan said directly.

Cheng Yue looks at the beautiful lady in front of her eyes in amazement. She has long black hair, a large body and fair skin. The most important thing is that she has a delicate face, which is well maintained. If Ji Tingyan doesn't introduce her, she will directly think that she is her sister. The two people are similar, but their age can't be seen.

"Tingyan, you brought your friends back." Tang youyou asked with a light smile.

"Good aunt." Cheng Yue is nervous. Her voice is shaking.

"Hello, it's rare that Tingyan will bring her friends home to play and sit in." Tang youyou looks at them tenderly.

Cheng Yue can only follow the master's wishes. He sits down on the sofa, but does not dare to move or look around.

Ji Tingyan goes upstairs and changes her clothes. Tang youyou lets them have lunch.

"I That's not very good, Nana, or I'll go first. " Cheng Yuezhen is not comfortable. She is Ji Tingyan's bodyguard. She is responsible for her safety, but not for eating and drinking in her home.

"Don't go, eat together. Don't we all eat together in this period of time?" Ji Tingyan grabs her hand and invites gently.

Cheng Yue finds that as soon as Ji Tingyan is gentle, it's hard to resist even a woman. Her eyes are too sincere. She suddenly believes that why she suddenly agrees to associate with her. Who doesn't like the kind and beautiful princess?

Sitting at the table, Cheng Yue lowers her head to eat, and then hears Tang youyou ask Ji Tingyan, "Xiaoyan, haven't you left recently?"

"No, Ma!" Ji Tingyan nods and answers.

"Well, mom will find you some dates. You remember to meet them." Tang youyou looked at his daughter and said softly.

"Cough..." Cheng Yue chokes suddenly. She covers her lips and coughs twice. Her eyes look at Ji Tingyan.

Ji Tingyan immediately chuckled and said, "Mom, I don't like dating. Don't make any more arrangements. Otherwise, don't blame me for losing your face."

"You're old. It's time to have a family. When mom was your age, your two brothers and sisters were born." Tang youyou sighs with a sigh. The eldest daughter is stubborn and doesn't know who she looks like.

"Mom, what time is it? I don't have to get married to be happy now, unless I can find a man like my father." Ji Tingyan retorts in a low voice.

Tang youyou was angry and smiled: "if you don't look for it, how can you know that your father doesn't like you?"

"Mom, I'll think about it myself. Don't worry about it. If you grow white hair, it won't be so beautiful." Ji Tingyan is a back talk expert in front of Tang Youyou, which is a skill from a small age to a large one.

Tang youYou can't talk about his daughter, so he has to give up.

After lunch, Ji Tingyan will go out to find her eldest brother in the company, and Cheng Yue will naturally follow her.

Sitting in the car, Cheng Yue asked curiously: "xiaonai, why didn't you tell your mother about Mr. tie? I think she's really in a hurry for you. "

"For the time being, I can't speak until I have a stable relationship with him." Ji Tingyan shakes her head. She doesn't want her parents to be disappointed after seeing the hope. She has to wait until the time is right.