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C898 never tire of seeing

The old lady said that Ji Lin's father and son would come to dinner in the evening, and the atmosphere changed in a flash. Recently, Ji Lin's father and son didn't wander in front of Ji Xiaohan, and he could hold back their hatred for a while. However, once they appeared, the anger would subside again. There was always an impulse to throw the evidence on their faces and ask them to admit their crimes.

The old man's condition is getting worse, and Ji Xiaohan dare not choose to kill them at this time, so he has to continue to endure.

At six o'clock, the father and son arrived at Jijia hall in the same car. As soon as they entered, they felt the atmosphere was very stiff. Jixiao's cold face was not welcome in capitals. Ji

Lin's father and son are cheeky. Even if Ji Xiaohan doesn't like them, they don't care. Anyway, they are trying all kinds of ways to make him feel bad. Naturally, they don't want to.

Ji Shangqing enters the living room, the first time is to search for the figure of Tang youyou.

Unfortunately, he is still disappointed. Tang youyou is not in the living room at all. At this time, she must be hiding upstairs with her children. Although the old lady knew that their relationship was very good, she didn't know what kind of hatred they had. She tried her best to deal with it in the middle, hoping to resolve the deadlock between them. Ji and his son went upstairs to say hello to the old man. See

father's eyes are deep, and he is very ill. Ji Lin's mood can't tell what it's like.

Once upon a time, his father was also a very tall image in his mind, but because of his eccentricity, he buried a bit of resentment against him from the bottom of his heart. For example,

now, as we grow older, that anger does not subside, but grows more and more.

It's a pity that Ji's future inheritance right will be inherited from generation to generation, but it can never belong to their father and son, let alone their grandchildren. Therefore, Ji Lin's heart is still very manic and gloomy.

At dinner time, Ji Shangqing saw Tang youyou leading two children downstairs, and his eyes stuck to the past directly.

Tang youyou looks at him, but for a moment, he turns away.

Ji Shangqing's heart is full of loss. He knows that Tang youyou doesn't like her, but now she has become disgusted with her. Season

Shangqing's heart is like a stab in it. Every time I think of it, it hurts more than once.

Dinner was going on in the silent atmosphere. Ji Lin glanced at Ji Xiaorui's face when he didn't take the initiative to speak. It seemed that the little guy had grown up after missing for a few days. His facial features and eyes were already sharp, just like Ji Xiao's uneasy feeling when he was a child.

Ji Lin doesn't know why he is afraid of a child, but it's a bad feeling. He doesn't like it very much. It seems that as long as Ji Xiaorui grows up and Ji's family is in power, he has nothing to do with him. Ji

Lin bites his teeth secretly. If you let this little thing disappear, you can not only crack down on Ji Xiaohan, but also make Ji's family lose their future heirs. It's really delightful to think about it.

With this kind of bad attention, Ji Lin's face is gentle.

After eating, the father and son didn't linger much either. They went upstairs to say hello to the old man and left.

When Ji Xiaohan returned to his bedroom, his handsome face was full of gloom. Tang youyou sat next to him and reached out his hand to soothe him gently: "they are gone. Don't be angry. It's not worth holding your breath for that kind of person!"

"I know, but I just can't help it. It's painful." Season owl cold reaches out to reach in eyebrow, rubbed hard. Don

gently lean on his shoulder: "then don't think about it. Your grandfather's condition is not optimistic, or take good care of him!" "

well, I'll try my best to bear it. After this period of time, I must double my revenge on him!" The season owl is biting his teeth hatefully, thinking of his uncle's Secret favor in his eyes, he wants to kill people. Don't love him, but he can't help him, which is the most powerless thing.

Late at night!

Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze are driving home. They have just had dinner outside. They are both tired.

When she arrived at the gate of the community where Ji Yueze lived, Bai Yiyan glanced out carelessly. Suddenly, she was shocked. She seemed to see her aunt just now.

Bai Yiyan immediately sat up straight and looked out the window. Sure enough, she saw a figure leaving in a car in a panic. Bai

Yiyan blinked her eyes hard. It was not an illusion just now. It was really Auntie!

"What's the matter?" When Ji Yueze saw her suddenly sitting straight and looking out of the window, he frowned slightly and asked with concern. Bai

where dare Yi Yan tell the truth, she had to say vaguely: "nothing!"

Ji Yueze didn't ask any more questions. He put his hand in her arms.

Bai Yiyan is close to his chest, but her face is shocked. She is sure that she has no eyesight, and that person is really like an aunt.

Just, why is she here? Is it for her?

Bai Yiyan thinks more and more uneasy, and her heart beats faster. Back at home, Bai Yiyan suddenly wants to ask Ji Yueze to take back her two mobile phones. She is worried about her aunt's texting. But Bai Yiyan summoned a lot of courage, but she still didn't dare to ask.

So, she decided to take advantage of Ji Yueze's bath time, in his room to find a good time.

Ji Yueze stretched out his hand lazily to untie his buttons. The action was elegant and charming. A pair of deep eyes stared at Bai Yiyan standing beside her. Seeing that her eyes were staring at the floor instead of him, the man was a little unhappy. "

does the floor look better than me?" Ji Yueze doesn't like the feeling of being ignored by her, even for a moment.

Bai Yiyan was shocked, and quickly raised her eyes to express her displeasure to him.

"Not as good as you, of course!" Bai Yiyan smiles. She doesn't want to see it, but she doesn't dare to look into his eyes. She's afraid that he will see through those careful thoughts in her mind.

Ji Yueze's fingers have unbuttoned the white shirt, and the body of a mature man exposed to the air is full of charm even if he only looks at it.

Bai Yiyan's heart rate suddenly quickened. Seeing the man approaching him, the cool fragrance of his body suddenly filled her nose. Her pretty face was slightly red.

"Have you been tired of me for a long time?" Ji Yueze slightly bent, thin lips against her ears, nonsense.

The burning breath made Bai Yiyan tense. She was in a hurry for a moment and didn't know how to answer him.

"Of course No, why am I tired of you? Never tire of seeing! " Like a fool, she replied straightforwardly, which made the man laugh in a low voice. White

Yi Yan's face is hot. She feels like she has been trapped by him. She immediately stares at her stupid words.