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Lu Qing knocks on the door of the president's office. With permission, he goes in.

Ji Xiaohan is staring at the stock market on the big screen beside him. Seeing Lu Qing, he asks in a deep voice, "what's the matter?"

"Young master, our people found that Ji Shangqing met Tang Youkang." Lu Qing replied with a dignified face.

Season owl cold Mou bottom light a gather, voice sends heavy: "he sees Tang Youkang to do? How do they know each other? "

"According to our investigation, Ji Shangqing is recruiting talents for his branch company. Tang Youkang has managed the company before and has management experience. Ji Shangqing may also be eager to tap into capable talents before finding him."

"Is there such a coincidence?" Season owl cold a sneer.

"Young master, is there any other possibility?" Lu Qing doesn't know that Ji Shangqing looks at Tang youyou with a dark light, but Ji Xiaohan has seen him. Of course, he may be too suspicious, so that all men who look at Tang youYou are not considerate.

Ji Xiaohan's long fingers bent and tapped on his desk: "first, I'll keep an eye on their contacts and see what tricks they are playing." "OK, young master, Ji Shangqing's recent activities are very frequent. Last night, the old man took him out to meet some politicians and business tycoons. He must be paving the way for his new company. Shall we intervene?" Lu qingjue's Ji Shangqing is still very afraid of danger. He is young and skillful in his work style. It seems that there is a shadow of the young master back then. It really needs to be noticed that there is only one person in charge of the Ji family. The excellence of any younger generation of the Ji family may threaten the position of the young master. Lu Qing, as his confidant, of course

wants to clear all the things for him Roadblocks.

Ji Xiao's face was complex, and it was difficult to explore his mind for a while. Lu Qing stood still, his nerves taut.

"My grandfather paves the road for him. If I interfere, what will my grandfather think of me?" For a long time, the man's voice sounded softly.

Lu Qing was stunned and thought carefully. It really made sense.

Although the old man is not as good as before, he still holds a lot of shares in the company. At this time, he must not do anything to make the old man angry. His stock right is like a minefield and cannot be touched.

"Does the young master just let Ji Shangqing go around and make friends?" Lu qingjue still needs to find a way to cure him. He can't be too beautiful. In this way, we will know that Ji's family has a grandson.

Ji Xiaohan's brow is twisted. Of course, he wants to drive Ji Shangqing out of the country. At last, he will never go back to China again to upset him.

"Set up a dinner party tonight and help me invite all the people on this list." Ji Xiaohan takes out a list from a document and hands it to Lu Qing.

Lu Qing swept all the famous names on the list and immediately laughed: "young master, Ji Shangqing is so good. Even if there is an invitation from the old master, how can he be compared with the young master?"

"Well, go ahead and get them all together." Season owl cold look is still indifferent, but there is a flash of cold awn at the bottom of the eyes.

Since he can't step on Ji Shangqing in front of the old man, he is also polite. He can see all the people he can see.

They are the most sensitive to the situation and position. At this time, the season owls will entertain them. They are here to eat, but in the bottom of their hearts, they will make a decision immediately. They have a long history of choosing which side to support.

At 4:00 p.m., Ji Xiaohan made a phone call to Tang youyou to let her go home first. He had entertainment in the evening and needed to go back later.

Tang youyou is now a obedient little daughter-in-law. She listens to what Ji Xiaohan says carefully, which makes Ji Xiaohan's heart string tense and tender. After Tang youyou's car accident, what Ji Xiaohan cherishes most is the peaceful life now. When she comes home, she can see her body and two lovely faces. There is nothing like this, which makes him fight for and maintain this peaceful life by any means.

At 5:30, Tang youyou returns to Ji's home in the car of Ji Xiaohan's driver. As soon as he returns, he sees Ji Shangqing sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Ji Shangqing saw her coming in, and her face was one of Lin.

Today, Tang youyou is wearing a temperament beige dress inside and a long windbreaker of the same color outside, with long hair flowing down to the waist. The delicate and beautiful face turns into a light makeup, which is more vivid and moving and attractive.

Ji Shangqing's eyes fell on the position of Tang youyou's neckline. The white shirt was neatly buttoned. It was just because the buttoning was too regular that people's heart felt a desire to tear it apart.

I'm used to the way other women don't dress properly. At the moment, Tang youyou is so conservative, but Ji Shangqing's eyes brighten, and he has an indescribable feeling of liking, which fills his heart.

"Miss Tang, you are back!" Ji Shangqing didn't call her sister-in-law as Ji Yueze did. He just called her Miss Tang with a smile, which further extended the relationship, which made his heart slightly better.

"Well!" Tang youyou and Ji Shangqing had nothing to talk about. He asked, and she replied. The atmosphere was dull.

"Did you go to work today? Listen to grandma, you are a designer, you must be very talented Ji Shangqing is a man who has no words to talk with. He wants to contact Tang youyou more.

"You flatter me too much. I'm just an ordinary designer, not a talent!" Tang youyou's modest answer.

"Can you design men's wear?" Ji Shangqing asked.

"No, I'm focusing on women's wear." Tang youyou replied lightly.

Ji Shangqing is a little frustrated. He also thinks that if Tang youYou can design men's clothes, he will ask her to design some sets for him.

"I went upstairs first!" Tang youyou doesn't want to talk to him. He doesn't like his father who framed Ji Xiaohan like that.

Ji Shangqing's eyes follow her figure and disappear at the stairs. This is a light self mockery. He is always articulate. In front of Tang Youyou, he is so dumb. What's wrong with him? As if all confidence, suddenly disappeared.

Ji Shangqing sits back on the sofa depressed, this kind of feeling is very frustrated, however, it also makes him feel an inexplicable excitement. Tang Xiuyou went upstairs to change his clothes and played with the children directly in the toy room. He didn't go downstairs until dinner time.