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C944 wants to pamper her

Feeling the tension of the woman's body suddenly in her arms, the color of the cold eyes of the season owl changed. She lowered her head and asked gently, "what's the matter? Is there anything uncomfortable? "

Tang youyou quickly relaxed his tense body, reached out and touched the position of the old wound: "nothing, maybe he accidentally touched the wound just now, it hurt a little!"

Ji Xiaohan immediately helped her to sit up straight and her voice was full of concern: "where is the pain? Let me have a look! " Don

chuckle: "don't look, I've recovered from the injury on my head. It's OK!" "

don't take it lightly. The doctor said that if you have any problems with this wound, you must check it in time!" Ji Xiaohan is worried about her injured position all the time.

"It's really all right!" Tang youyou patted him on the back of the hand: "I can't stand the pain. I've been to the hospital for examination for a long time!"

The man looked at her and was in a mood to joke, maybe it was really OK, but he couldn't help but bear this heart for her. It's so important to see her. She can't be hurt or wronged. Ji Xiaohan holds her hand nervously and presses down the uneasiness in her heart. Back to Ji's house, Tang youyou dare not think about anything about Lu xuanchen any more. She didn't think about it originally, but today's conversation between the two women stimulated her, and made her always separate her mind to worry about Lu xuanchen's current living conditions. Yi Yan is sitting under the sun umbrella. She has a sneaker advertisement to shoot today.

Although it is not an internationally famous brand, Bai Yiyan is also very happy.

According to Ji Yueze's words, it is to let her go steadily step by step for the time being, otherwise, it is easy to attract hatred. It is necessary to know that a female star becomes famous too fast, and there is no work without popularity as the basis. Just because of some reasons, the fame suddenly becomes popular. This kind of fame is false, and it is easy to collapse one day. At that time, many people will step on her in turn.

Bai Yiyan feels that Ji Yueze is right, so she decides to work silently first. "

Yi Yan, come here, have a drink of water. Why is the weather suddenly hot? It's just entering spring. The sun is so big. You have to run outdoors and in the studio. You must be thirsty!" When Linsi catches the chance, she will come to take care of her. It's so warm that people can't refuse.

Bai Yiyan took the warm water cup she handed over and smiled: "as long as I can make creative advertisements, I am not aware of my fatigue, but your staff are more tired than me." "

you can't compare with us. Our skin is rough and the flesh is rough. It's ok if we tan. You're different. Look at your skin. Is it born with white light and tender water? Or the effect of the day after tomorrow's maintenance? " Lins laughed and praised her.

Bai Yiyan was a little embarrassed, and immediately laughed: "the day after birth, we still need long-term maintenance!" "

that's right. You're all using big brands. It's strange that you don't have good skin." Linsi said, and took the fruit to wash, wash, and then brought it to her in front of her to eat.

"Sister Lin Si, you are so nice, just like a big sister who knows her heart well!" Bai Yiyan has a good impression on Lin Si. She sees her sister's shadow from her body. Although she doesn't have a sister, oh, no, she has a stepsister, but that person bullies her since she was a child, which makes her have no good impression. Lin

thought of a thief flash in the background of her eyes. She had a big sister's manner: "I don't know my big sister, I will work, you pay me, I take care of you, that's right."

"Some people will not do more things even if they pay their salaries. You are different. You are the most enthusiastic person I have ever met. You are eager to help Bai Yiyan said with a smile.

Lin Si was stunned, and then she said with a dry smile, "I think people who live and do more things are good for themselves." Bai

Yiyan is going to take the advertisement again. Lin Si stands behind her and stares at her closely. When Bai Yiyan just talked to her, she felt that the warm-hearted image she disguised these days had not been wasted. As long as Bai Yiyan's affection and trust were gained, it would be easier to complete the task assigned by her boss.

Thinking of getting the money right away, Lins was still a little excited. Bai

Yiyan really has all the advantages. She has a good face and a slim figure. Her boyfriend is Ji Yueze. Her future is enviable.

Lin Si is not young, but she is not much older than Bai Yiyan. She is three years older, but her life is no match for Bai Yiyan. Women's jealousy is sometimes terrible. Maybe you didn't do anything to offend her, but she just didn't like you. She felt that you were better than her everywhere, and she was unhappy and resentful.

Lin Si is also in this attitude towards Bai Yiyan now. At first, she was close to her goal. Now, when she saw that Bai Yiyan's life was just like opening and hanging up, everything was beautiful, she was indignant.

When the boss takes her away, I'm afraid her life will end. Bai

Yi Yan is still shooting. Her running legs are sore and her face is stiff with a smile. However, the feeling of work is very substantial.

When it was dark, Bai Yiyan finally finished work. Bai Yiyan sat in the car and hung her aching leg with her hand. Lin

thought that when she saw it, she immediately squatted down and wanted to knead it for her.

Bai Yiyan doesn't bother her, so she quickly laughs and refuses her kindness.

Back to the company! Welcome to Bai Yiyan is a delicate and delicious cake, on which is a very delicate and beautiful rose. "

What are you doing?" Bai Yiyan saw the man holding the small cake coming. She immediately asked him shyly. "

want to reward you!" Ji Yueze said with a smile.

"But didn't you ask me to stop eating this dessert last time? I'm afraid I'll get fat? " Bai Yiyan takes the cake carefully, takes a spoon to eat immediately, the entrance is melt, very delicious.

"Since it's something you like to eat, I won't forbid you to eat it if you want." Ji Yueze dotes on his face and says that at the moment, he is simply the spokesman of a good man.

Bai Yiyan chuckled: "it's so nice to me all of a sudden. It makes me uneasy. You shouldn't ask for any conditions next."

"No, you can eat it!" Ji Yueze is afraid of her psychological pressure and shakes her head lightly. "

would you like to take a bite?" Bai Yiyan has eaten several mouthfuls. She finds that she can't share some of them.

"I don't eat sweets!" Ji Yueze is very strict with his diet, which may be the reason to maintain his good figure.

"Just one bite, it's delicious!" Bai Yiyan has put the spoon in front of him.

The man just attached his head and took a bite. It was sweet, just like the smile on her face at the moment.