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Calling him childish

Her daughter had always depended on her since she was young. When she slept, as long as she hugged her and leaned against her little face, she would be able to sleep peacefully.

However …

"Let me hold him for a while!" The man's gaze rose as he stared at Tang You You with his oppressive sharp eyes.

Tang You You's instinctive movements froze. This man's eyes were so scary.

But why should she be afraid of him? His daughter had originally belonged to her alone. Now that he was unwilling to let her go, how could he dare to threaten her with his eyes?

"No, I have to take them home!" Tang You You immediately took out his Qi and fought with him.

The man's voice was still low, as if he was afraid to wake the little thing in his arms. However, his voice was filled with mockery and mockery. "You want to bring my two children to meet your old lover?"

He emphasized that the child was his.

Tang You You was startled, how did this bastard know that she was going to see her lover? Had he overheard his phone call?

Or perhaps, his thoughts were just that terrifying, to be able to see through people's hearts?

"It's none of your business." Tang You You became even angrier, and the voice could not help but increase.

She wasn't afraid of waking up her daughter. Anyway, she was going to take them home.

When the man saw that she seemed to be doing it on purpose, his gaze turned cold. "I definitely won't let my child recognize another man as a father."

When Tang You You heard his ridiculous words, she was so angry that she was about to laugh. With one hand on her waist, she looked at the man with disdain, "You're not young, why are you still so childish? I brought up the child by myself. I can do whatever I want? It's none of your business! "

She was purposely trying to anger this man. Who told him to be so unreasonable as to snatch away Wuqing?

This was the first time Ji Xiao Han heard someone scolding him for being childish. This was simply the biggest humiliation to his self-esteem.

"Do you believe that I'll get someone to chase you out now?" The man warned her coldly. That pair of terrifying eyes were filled with a dangerous factor.

When Tang You You, who was acting arrogantly earlier, heard that he wanted to violently deal with her, she instantly shut her small mouth.

However, her eyes were filled with intense dissatisfaction and protest against him.

"Where is my son? I'm going to find him. " Since Tang You You was unable to snatch his daughter back, he could only look for his son.

Her son was her little man, and he must have helped her.

You go look for the Uncle Yuan, and he'll take you there! Ji Xiao Han wore a stern face, and was extremely dissatisfied with Tang You You.

Tang You You looked at her sleeping daughter in his arms with a face full of reluctance, and angrily said: "When my daughter wakes up, she will definitely come look for me, we'll see!"

Ji Xiao Han frowned, where did this woman get her confidence from?

His daughter was his, and he would certainly coax her well. He didn't need her.