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C2018 is coming in a long time, not in a hurry

Tong xiaohuijue's Ji Tingyan is really thirsty. They choose to eat in the restaurant of the hotel. It must be more than eating. There must be other arrangements in the evening. What she can't say is her pride. Maybe it's the jealousy that has accumulated in her heart for many years, which makes her want to see how miserable Ji Tingyan's marriage is.

As Tong Xiaohui guessed, after having dinner, Ji Tingyan and feting Ting did take the elevator to the room. Just now in the dining room, they were able to talk seriously. But when the door closed, they were embarrassed.

The big bed in the room is a silent reminder to two adult men and women.

Ji Tingyan's face is red and her ears are red. She pretends to take a bottle of water and twist it for two drinks. She goes to the floor window and looks at the coastal scenery outside.

In fact, feting Ting was very nervous. Looking at the graceful figure in front of the floor to ceiling window, he wanted to hug her, but he didn't dare to show the wolf's nature. He could only think about it in a dark way. Wait a moment, wait for a proper time, maybe everything will be natural.

Ji Tingyan suddenly realized that the scenery outside the window was dull, so she had to turn around and saw Bonnie leaning against the nearby wall, with deep eyes, looking at her tenderly.

Ji Tingyan's breath is sluggish, and her beautiful eyes flash quickly. She wants to break the ambiguous atmosphere. However, what she seems to do, the men's eyes follow her, until she can't hide or avoid. Finally, she summons up her courage and looks at him.

The intertwining of eyes confirmed the yearning in each other's hearts. Finally, tieting had the courage to walk towards her, and her white and delicate cheek was touched gently by her fingers.

Ji Tingyan no longer avoids, thinking about him and thinking about him in her mind, and imagining the time with him in her dream for countless times. Now, she finally has such an opportunity to be undisturbed. She gives up struggling, like a kitten, rubs her face on his palm, and slightly closes her eyes.

Tie Ting's breath became heavy. He approached slowly, and his thin lips tried to kiss her lips.

His love has never been hegemonic, nor arbitrary, but with respect, exploration, step by step to today, any link, as long as she said no, he will not force her.

Although Ji Tingyan was not kissed by him for the first time, her heart is beating fast today. Even if she kissed him before, even if it was fierce, there would always be some reasons to prevent two people from stepping into the minefield.

But today, the weather, the place and the people are all alike. Once we get involved with him, it's really that the dry firewood meets the fire with unpredictable consequences.

Men's lips, warm, gentle, tempting to stick on her soft and moist lips, see her not too much resistance, tie Ting Mou bottom flashed a successful smile, and finally deepened the kiss.

Ji Tingyan's brain has been on the move for a long time. She is blank and can't think of anything. Her body has a surprising reaction. She finds that she is not only refusing, but also looking forward to it.

After a deep kiss, the two people's breath is disordered. Ji Tingyan's pretty face flies red. She is embarrassed to lower her head and put her hands on the man's chest. The man's long arms trap her in his arms.

"It's late, I have to go back..." Ji Tingyan looks out of the window. She wants to retreat, but the man is full of interest. She picks up her chin and kisses again.

This time, Ji Tingyan is really close to the critical point. Her heart is as disordered as hemp. Her arms are climbing up the strong shoulders of the man, and her toes are up.

"I have to go home at eleven o'clock in the evening. We have an hour left. We have to do everything faster." Ji Tingyan's heart is alive, her breath is not stable, and her beautiful eyes are stained with mist, bright and charming.

"Don't use fast words on men. At least, I'm not fast." Tie Ting listens to the signal in her words, he thin lip a hook, can't help but for oneself proper name.

"What are you talking about? I don't mean that." Ji Tingyan smiles angrily and smashes two times into his arms.

"Go home. Don't be afraid today." Tie Ting felt that she was very nervous and uneasy. After all, this is not a small thing. It is a top priority related to two people, and it should be done cautiously.

"I can't help being strong. If I don't go back, hurry up and hurry up." While Ji Tingyan is talking, she has reached for the back to pull down the zipper of her skirt.

But, because she was so nervous and trembling, she could not hook the zipper at once. Now, her face was even redder.

Tie Ting looks at her speechless. Since she knows the time is so short, how can she still be so stubborn?

This kind of thing, needs the environment to need to brew the mood, is not directly tradable.

"Well, it's not urgent. I'll stay here for a week. We have plenty of time." Tie Ting couldn't help laughing. She felt inexplicably lovely.

Ji Tingyan's heart is itchy. When she heard that he asked her to go home, she was inexplicably lost. It's strange that she is a woman. How can she have this mood? She should feel relieved. The man let go of himself.

Alas, this strange mood makes Ji Tingyan laugh and cry. It seems that she is really old enough to live with a man.

"Well, what are we going to do tomorrow?" Ji Tingyan had to stop. She fell in his arms and asked her in a low voice.

"I'll buy a car tomorrow, and then I'll continue to see the house." The purpose of tie Ting's coming here is to marry her. If there is no room here, how can he propose to Ji's family and ask them to marry his baby daughter?

"Well." Ji Tingyan chuckles. Why does this man cling to his house and car? Is it really his male self-esteem?

"What are you laughing at?" Tie Ting thought of today's grievance, she dared to make fun of him, he couldn't help kissing her again, slightly punished.

Ji Tingyan did not dare to laugh anymore, so she had to take the bag to go out.

"I'll take you downstairs." Feting didn't trust her to go out alone at all, so they got down from the elevator and went to the parking lot. When they were separated by the car, they held each other tightly for a while, which made them leave. Feting watched her car go away and walked towards the elevator.

Not long after Ji Tingyan's car left, in a blue car not far away, Tong Xiaohui looked at the photo in her mobile phone triumphantly: "I've been upstairs for more than half an hour, and I'm sure I've done something ugly, but I've done it in half an hour. Isn't that fitness coach a fast man?"

Tong Xiaohui's abnormal products compensate for this kind of abnormal happiness, as if a person has been under pressure for many years, and finally can boast once.

Thinking of this, Tong Xiaohui starts the car and leaves with a sneer.