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C512 an agreement

When Tang youyou heard Lu xuanchen's words, the whole person was shocked. For a moment, he didn't know how to answer him.

Lu xuanchen said to himself: "I admit that I'm not as good as Ji Xiaohan or as rich as he is, but my feelings for you are the same. Since you have decided to break up with him, shouldn't you give me a chance?"

Tang youyou smiled bitterly: "brother xuanchen, let me tell you the truth. I really love Ji Xiaohan. Even if we break up now, I can't forget him. I may not think about this at present. I'm really sorry. Thank you for your love, but I don't want to cheat you."

"I'm willing to wait, a year or two, I'm willing to wait." Lu xuanchen did not give her pressure, but said affectionately. "Why do you do that? Brother xuanchen, you are also excellent now. I heard that you won the award of best supporting actor not long ago. I should have called to congratulate you. I am sure you can find the same excellent woman as you. You really don't wait for me. It's not worth it. I don't deserve you." Tang youyou is more and more frightened when she hears it. She feels that she really has to take the responsibility of someone else's youth, so she can only persuade him painstakingly. "If I am not, only my heart knows. Long time ago, my feelings for you were hazy. Now, I am sober. What you attract me is not only your beautiful appearance, but also your heart. It always gives people a very stable feeling. Unfortunately, I am not your child's father. If I am

, I will not abandon you like Ji Xiaohan. He doesn't know Tao cherishes, but also misses the most precious sincerity. I feel pity for him. " Lu xuanchen's eyes are fixed on the road ahead, and his voice is not light or heavy.

Tang youyou's face was red and ashamed.

How could she be as good as he said? She always felt that she was just living some real life, living some seriously. Now many women are not like this?

The woman who has become a mother will love her children as seriously as she does.

"Brother xuanchen, thank you for giving me such a high evaluation, but I don't think I'm as good as you said. Distance produces beauty. I'll be tired of it if I get along with you for a long time. Maybe Ji Xiaohan is tired of it!" Tang youyou laughs at himself, very bitter.

Lu xuanchen saw her face hurt, and his heart was not well.

"Didn't you just say you wanted to rent a house? Otherwise, you don't have to rent it. I have a vacant suite. It's decorated. I just need to buy some furniture to go in. Besides, it's very close to your company, only ten minutes away! " Lu xuanchen suddenly changed the subject.

Tang youyou is a little embarrassed: "brother xuanchen, even if it's your house, I can't live in your house for nothing, unless you will collect my rent!"

"You look at it. I don't want to accept more of our friendship!" Lu xuanchen is satisfied that Tang youyou does not refuse his kindness. "I'll inquire about the rent first. If you really want to rent it to me, then I'll give you the rent?" Tang youyou is very confused now, and also anxious to move out. Later, two children often come to live and rent someone else's house. She is not too relieved. If Lu xuanchen can rent it to her and is close to the company, she will not refuse.

"Yes, in the afternoon, let's go and pick up some furniture. Since I'm the landlord, I'm going to rent a house for you, so I'm going to buy the furniture well. Aren't all the houses I rent now carried in?" Lu xuanchen said with a smile.

"OK, but I'll pay for the furniture!" Tang youyou didn't object, just wanted to share some of the economy.

"If you want to say that, I won't charge your rent. You can use furniture to pay for it!" Lu xuanchen deliberately joked.

"How can I do that? I'll give you the rent!" "You are still so stubborn. It seems that you haven't changed at all. You like to figure out everything. Even human feelings. Remember what I gave you before, you will give me the same the next day." Lu xuanchen remembers the time before, and still feels very good. At least, the person he likes has not changed.

Tang youyou was embarrassed by what he said and blushed a little: "brother xuanchen, don't make fun of me. If I can have a friend like you, I really feel that I have accumulated some virtue in my last life." "Yo, can you promise me one thing? If you and Ji Xiaohan really don't have a chance to be together, you should think about me. Somehow, we can take care of each other. We can understand each other's character and get along with each other. It will be easy." Lu xuanchen suddenly raised a sensitive topic again.

however, he felt that he could not be as shy as before. If he didn't say it, it would always be a secret, which others could not guess.

When Tang youyou heard what he said with such sincerity, she was a little dazed.

To be honest, she doesn't know whether she and Ji Xiaohan will have a chance to get back together. At present, she doesn't see any hope.

"Well, if many years later you haven't married and I don't have anyone to ask for, let's make an appointment for the rest of our lives." Tang youyou said jokingly. "Then make an agreement. If you and Ji Xiaohan still have a chance to get back together, I won't pester you. You just need to treat me as a friend to rely on. I will work harder. One day, I will get the awards I want, and I hope my feelings will have a good result." Lu xuanchenjue is confident to fight again. No matter what, Tang youyou gives him the power to stop him. This is also a good phenomenon.

In fact, Lu xuanchen of Tang youjue is a person who has great perseverance and will work ten times harder for his goal. It's natural that such a person can't succeed.

Season owl cold went up the second floor, sat in the study, the mind but all drifted out of the window.

Finally, he called Lu Qing, his assistant, and asked him to find someone to stare at Tang youyou and Lu xuanchen's next itinerary.

Lu Qing immediately dare not neglect, find someone, keep up with Lu xuanchen and Tang youyou's sports car.

In the villa on the hillside, Tang xiaonai is depressed and has no mood for anything to do or eat, which makes the old lady anxious.

So she went up and asked, "what's the matter, nane?" "Great grandmother, do you know about the quarrel between daddy and Mommy?" Tang xiaonai immediately raised his head and asked her, his face full of help: "great grandmother, you love me and my brother the most, can you persuade them not to break up, if they are separated, my brother and I will become orphans!

"what nonsense, don't you have daddy and us? Xiao Nai, your father and Mommy are going to break up. It's their adults' decision. Will you let great grandmother take care of you and your brother in the future? " The old lady gently advised.

"Don't I want mommy. If daddy and Mommy break up, I'll live with mommy all the time! " Tang xiaonai said firmly. The old lady's expression froze.