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Ji Yue Ze's face turned ugly when he was scolded lightly. Just at that moment, his phone rang.

He quickly took out his phone to take a look. It was from his big brother, Ji Xiao Han.

Although Tang You You did not want to pay attention to him, his expression still became a little tense upon hearing his words.

He said that the father of the child must be similar to him. The father of the child was his elder brother, how could he not be similar?

"Big Brother, those two children are yours? "Are you sure?" Ji Yue Ze really could not accept this fact. He had always thought that … What did the child have to do with him?

Now it seemed like his guess was right, and it really did matter. He was the child's uncle. God damn it, this world was too absurd.

Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but burst out laughing when he heard his brother's suspicious tone, "Of course I'm sure. Don't tell me that you don't think that child looks like me? And I've already experienced DNA. It's absolutely true. "

Ji Yue Ze knew that his big brother was an extremely strict person. If the child wasn't his, he definitely wouldn't have allowed this woman to appear here.

"Got it. Congratulations. Big Brother, such a cute little guy isn't something anyone can have." To be honest, Ji Yue Ze was really envious of his big brother. Actually, he quite liked those two little fellows too.

"I'll stay for dinner tonight and formally introduce you to the children. Also, help me keep this a secret first. Don't tell grandparents about this, remember!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he hung up.

Ji Yue Ze's hand that was holding the phone, powerlessly drooped down. Looking at Tang You You who was drinking water in the dining hall, he was filled with anger.

"Tang You You, aren't you playing too hard? Yesterday, you already knew that the child was my big brother, yet you didn't tell me, and even made me make such a big joke.

Tang You You drank a large cup of water and turned around. Seeing Ji Yue Ze's face which had become completely red, she curled his lips and laughed, "Is it because I'm being excessive, or is it because of you? If you think that you've become a joke, then you deserve it too, just treat it as a lesson. In the future, when people do things, it's better to be kind and not smash others' rice bowls because of their refusal to cooperate with you.

"Don't think you can talk to me so arrogantly just because you gave birth to two children for my big brother …"

"Ji Yue Ze, are all celebrities as unreasonable as you? You think too highly of yourself?" Tang You You raised his brows, choking with unhappiness.

Ji Yue Ze was stunned!

Tang You You could not be bothered with him, and was preparing to go to the kitchen to find something to eat.

The more Ji Yue Ze Kan Zhuo Ta thought about it, the more angry he became, and the more he felt as if he had been wronged.

"Tang You You, you have to apologize to me. You knew what happened yesterday, yet you still made fun of me."

Tang You You opened the refrigerator to take a look. There were a lot of fresh ingredients inside, and at this point, Uncle Yuan would probably be out on business, not at home.

Tang You You decided to cook a bowl of egg noodle soup for herself. She pretended not to hear the man behind her berating her in embarrassment.

The more she ignored him, the angrier Ji Yue Ze got. However, he didn't dare do anything to Tang You You and could only glare at her with a flushed face.

Tang You You felt that this man was truly unreasonable.

Why are all the people from the Ji Family so arrogant and conceited?

Tang You You did not realize that she did not do anything wrong.

Moreover, in the end, Ji Yue Ze had still treated him too seriously. Since he mentioned about cooperating, did he have to cooperate with him?

It was ridiculous to be looking for trouble with her now.

"Mummy... Who is this uncle? I've never seen it before. " Just as Ji Yue Ze was unable to suppress the grievances in his heart, a childish voice came out from behind him.

It was Tang Xiao Nai who had woken up, and upon realizing that Mummy was not by her side, she immediately crawled out of bed and wobbled down the stairs.

She did not expect to see an unfamiliar uncle standing in the dining hall the moment she went downstairs. It was as if he was arguing with the Mummy.

Ji Yue Ze suddenly turned around, and saw a little guy standing behind him, really small, with messy long hair and an exquisite and cute little face. He was wearing a set of milky-white pajamas with a few cow's heads scattered on it.

Ji Yue Ze stared at the little fellow, and the little fellow stared at him too.

Tang You You stuck her head out from the kitchen and when she saw that the little guy had woken up, she immediately came out. "Xiao Nai, why did you come down here without a single piece of clothes on? You're still sick, you know that? "

"Mummy, I don't have a fever, I'm not sick, so I don't need to take any medication." The moment the little fellow heard that he was sick, the first thing that came to its mind was the possibility of him taking an injection, causing it to frown.

Tang You You comforted her gently: "Alright, don more clothes on so you won't need to be injected, but you still need to eat some medicine, understand?"

"Mummy, you haven't told me who this uncle is. He's so handsome! " Tang Xiao Nai raised her head, still sizing up Ji Yue Ze.