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C1076 one of the worst lives

Bai Yiyan is sitting in the car, looking out of the window at the familiar scenery, the street, and her eyes are somehow dry. Once, she wanted to leave the city and go out to see the world, but now, after a short time outside, she desperately wants to come back. People are really a contradictory complex. Cold is really a dedicated bodyguard, sitting beside her, like an invisible person. If you don't ask, you don't ask. Bai

this time, Yiyan went back to China secretly, so she gave herself a short time. She has booked a ticket to go abroad in the evening. Now she will go to see Bai Zhenzhen directly.

Ji Yueze has helped her to say hello and get through the relationship in advance, so Bai Yiyan successfully meets Bai Zhenzhen. It used to be the identity of Auntie and niece, but they talked without saying anything. Now, when they meet, they don't know what to say.

"Xiaoyan, I'm sorry! You hate me for hiding from you for so many years. I'm not qualified to be your mother. After you die, don't come to see me again. I don't want to affect your life! " Bai Zhenzhen is really ashamed of her guilt and shamelessly apologizes to her.

"It's already like this. Don't say that again. I just want to ask you why did you give birth to me? Why give me back my life when I know I can't afford to raise me? " When Bai Yiyan asked about this, she was in a calm mood. She felt that no matter how surprised she was, she could not lift the waves in her heart. Her life had reached this point in dog blood. She accepted her life. "

If I say I Is forced to give birth to you, you will hate me more? " Up to now, Bai Zhenzhen doesn't want to lie any more. She feels that it's very tired to lie, and she has to pay a greater price. She has broken her daughter's life support glass, so she shouldn't hide anything from her anymore. "

forced? Why are people forced to have children? Mom, are you trying to lie to me again? How many words are you true to me? I can't believe you any more. " Bai Yiyan's heart at the moment is like a knife cutting. Her mother lies every word. It's not a common pain.

"No, I didn't lie to you. What I said is true, Xiaoyan, do you know? If... If you are a son, your life will never be the same as it is now. You will be rich and rich as soon as you are born. Unfortunately, if you don't strive, neither will your mother. I bet wrong! " Bai Zhenzhen said that at this moment, she had already covered her face and cried bitterly. She felt that she was too stupid.

Bai Yiyan is like being hit by the pawn. The whole person is covered. It took a long time for her to find her voice: "what do you mean? Why is life different when I am a son? What happened? " She was as white as paper, as if she didn't want to recall those painful years. She bit her lips and didn't dare to speak. "

do you want to tell me if we can do something? And do you know who my biological father is? " Bai Yiyan heard a lot of information from her mother's words. She always felt that her mother still had something to say. "

well, I said, I promised someone to give birth to a son for their family. Unfortunately, when you were born that day, they found that you were a daughter, so they didn't want us. Moreover, I suspected that they did the wrong thing that I was wronged for taking drugs and going to jail. Although I had no evidence, I felt that I had something to do with them." Bai Zhenzhen has ignored it and told the truth directly. This is like a bomb, which directly blows out the blue and white of Bai Yiyan's face. "

you mean I was born in a deal with someone? " Bai Yiyan's whole life is not good. She wants to faint at any time. She thinks her birth must be the result of her parents' love. But now, she still thinks it's too good.

"Xiaoyan, mother damn, mother really damn!" Bai Zhenzhen really wants to run into Bai Yiyan and die in front of her. She has no face to see her again.

"Why do you do that? Can you do anything for money? Even if you don't live with dignity? " Bai Yiyan is going crazy. She screams at Bai Yiyan sharply.

"Xiaoyan, my mother is wrong. I shouldn't take money so seriously. I shouldn't easily believe the lies of those rich people. At that time, I really didn't have money. It was very difficult for us to eat meat. Then someone came to me and said that I could give birth to a grandson for my mother and son. He said that my condition was very good, my growth was beautiful and the children must be beautiful They will give me a lot of money. I promised. The conditions were not so good at that time. Before I was pregnant with you, they gave me a kind of herbal medicine. I believed it when they said Bao gave birth to a son, but I didn't think it would work. My daughter or I gave birth to, they didn't care about us. Xiaoyan, I was really stupid at that time. They believed whatever they said, I I really don't have the face to see people. " Bai Zhenzhen thought of his confused years, and the whole person was still in agony. Bai

Yi Yan doesn't know what else to say at the moment, so she feels that her life is worse than before. Fortunately, Ji Yueze gives her enough warmth, so that she won't be frozen to death by the cold in the world. "

in that case, I may not even be able to find my own father, am I?" Bai Yiyan laughs bitterly at herself.

"No, you can still find him. If you are desperate, you still need to find him. He has money and status. If you threaten him, he may give you a lot of money. Xiaoyan, I find that women can't be too kind, so be ruthless!" Bai Zhenzhen also aroused the old resentment at the moment, and said with a twisted face. "

and then? Like you, do you have to do all the bad things, be caught and locked in this dark cell for the rest of your life? " Bai Yiyan feels that her three views are correct, so she will not be blinded by hatred. White

I'm really stiff. It's really embarrassing to be ridiculed by my daughter. "

I will do nothing. I just want to live my own life now. I think it's enough to live a better life!" Bai Yiyan stands up, wants to leave, stops suddenly, turns to look at Bai Zhenzhen and asks, "tell me, what's that bastard's name?"

"Cheng Jianhong!"

"Have I heard of the name?" Bai Yiyan asked suddenly.

"Of course you have. He often appears in the news. You can't have never heard of him." White really ridiculed. "

Mayor?" Bai Yiyan is petrified. Yes, she has heard about it. When she was a journalist, she also carefully understood this man. He is Cheng Jianhong, the mayor who has been reappointed for eight times.