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C639 fear she take the wrong medicine

Bai Yiyan didn't expect that the old lady would even order her own name. She was flattered for a while.

LAN Yue looks at Bai Yiyan. She knows that her little son has made a girlfriend recently, but she hasn't seen her before. She finally met today. She looks beautiful and smart.

"OK, grandma!" Bai Yiyan had to sit down beside Ji Yueze.

Ji Xiaohan also took a sofa and sat down, without speaking, waiting for the old lady to say. The old lady sighed at first, and then she expressed her own thoughts: "Xiao Ze, Xiao Han, your father has been dead for more than ten years. Today, grandma hopes you and your mother can mend old ways. I have discussed with your grandfather. Your grandfather also means this. I want to hear your opinions."

Ji family's two brothers' expressions were all a shock. LAN Yue also looked at the old lady in surprise.

With tears in her eyes all the time, she looked at her two grown-up sons, who were so mature and calm that Lan Yue was deeply distressed.

"I'm against it!" Ji Yueze immediately opened his mouth and said with a sneer in his voice, "why do you want to make up with us again? Is chaveen not in love with you? I don't think you're too old. I want to kick you off... "

LAN Yue listened to her little son's sarcasm and turned pale.

The old lady frowned and scolded seriously: "Ozawa, no talking." "I'm not talking, grandma. What's wrong with you today? Why should we make up? At the beginning, she abandoned us. All the time, you taught us to be a mother without her. How has everything changed today? What happened? " Ji Yueze's mood is a little excited. He doesn't want to forgive her as long as he thinks of the picture of chasing his mother's car when he was young.

LAN Yue suddenly said, "well, it was my fault. I couldn't mend it. I didn't have the face to ask them to accept me again. Thank you!"

The old lady frowned, sat majestically, turned her head and stared at her grandson.

"Xiaohan, can you say something? Do you forgive your mother?" The old lady asked directly.

Season owl cold low eyes, deep eyes, it is impossible to guess what he is thinking.

His big hand slightly clenched, then, loosen, voice Indifference: "give me a reason to forgive her!" "What other reason is needed? You are both born after her hard work. You are the first child. It was almost difficult to give birth. Your mother lay down in the delivery room for a day and a night before you were born. " The old lady heard that the attitude of the two grandsons was so firm. Although she wanted to give LAN Yue a chance to return to Ji's family, it seemed that the chance was not big.

Season owl cold face more stiff, but did not say anything. LAN Yuejue's business may not have any chance, she can only laugh at herself: "old lady, don't mention the past, thank you for taking care of their two brothers so well for so many years, and expect you to continue to accompany them to take care of them." Seeing that Lan Yue also wanted to flinch, the old lady immediately mocked herself: "I can live for a few years. What should I do with these two children in the future? You are their grandma. It's right to help them take care of them. Besides, Yueze and Xiaoyan are getting married soon. If they have children, who can help take care of them? "

Bai Yiyan, who was a little stunned, suddenly heard the old lady's words, and her white face blushed inexplicably.

She is really moved that the old lady attaches so much importance to her. Unfortunately, her relationship with Ji Yueze is only clear to her.

It is absolutely impossible to get married and have children.

She did not dare to hope.

Ji Yueze said coldly, "even if we have children in the future, I will ask the nanny to help me take care of them. It's not that I can't afford to pay without money."

The old lady frowned and said gently, "although the nanny can be hired, after all, she's not from her own family. I'm not sure if I can give it to her."

LAN Yue knew that the old lady was kind, but she also knew her son's character.

If they are forced to do something they are not willing to do, the effect will definitely be the opposite.

At this time, Tang youyou and Xia Weiwen, led two children down the stairs.

When Ji Yueze saw Xia Weiwen, he snorted coldly again.

Xia Weiwen went downstairs and said to LAN Yue, "it's late. Let's leave first."

LAN Yue stood up and nodded, "OK, let's go first!"

Tang youyou knew that he could not keep his father and LAN Yue, so he asked the two children to take them out for a ride.

Two little guys like them very much. They stand on the steps and wave at them.

When they left, the atmosphere of Ji's family became dull.

Tang youyou is at a loss. She feels that she is the one who destroys the atmosphere. She is very upset and guilty.

Maybe before she and Ji Xiaohan get married, she really should go out and find a house of her own.

In this way, Dad can come to visit himself at any time, instead of making the whole season unhappy.

Seeing that what she wanted to do had not been done, the old lady sighed with some loss: "well, they are all gone, everyone don't calm down, what should I do, uncle Yun, is dinner ready?"

Uncle Yun came out of the restaurant and replied respectfully, "old lady, it may take more than ten minutes. You will be informed when you are ready!"

"Well, it's hard for you!" The old lady smiled gratefully, then waved to the two little guys, "let's go upstairs and find your great grandfather and go downstairs for dinner."

Two little guys are also very smart to find that the atmosphere in the living room is not quite right, so they quickly followed the old lady upstairs.

At the moment, the four people sitting in the living room have different expressions.

Tang youyou nervously holds his finger and looks at Ji Yueze's gloomy face. She takes a breath and plucks up her courage and says, "thank you for letting my father see the child just now!"

Season owl cold thin lips slightly hook up: "is it? Do you know how I like you and thank me? "

This sentence, let the dull air, waft up the ambiguous factor.

Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan are both adults. Although they haven't had a formal relationship, it's not normal to listen to Ji Xiaohan's words just for fear of Tang youyou's thanks.

Tang youyou obviously didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan would say this. Her pale face turned red instantly.

She took a furtive look and saw the servants passing by the door and the restaurant.

"Cough I seem to forget to take the medicine. I'll go upstairs to get it first! " Tang youyou was embarrassed to stay in the living room, so she made an excuse and walked upstairs quickly.

"Let me see for you, lest you take the wrong medicine!" Ji Xiaohan suddenly stands up, straight and elegant, and walks up the stairs with Tang youyou. Tang youyou heard that he took the wrong medicine, and his brain was buzzing again. Today's season owl cold seemed to give her a sense of panic.