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Ji Tingyan drives back to Ji's home, and happens to meet Xia Xinnian, the eldest brother and sister-in-law, who also comes back for dinner. The little nephew runs around the adults happily. The room is full of laughter and laughter. When Ji Tingyan walks in, she is inexplicably guilty, maybe because she conceals her boyfriend.

"Tingyan, we're all going to go back after such a late night." Jimucheng saw his sister and said with a smile.

"Brother, sister-in-law, do you want to go back? I had dinner out with my friends. " Ji Tingyan said with a smile.

Tang youyou leads his grandson to come over and asks his daughter with a smile: "Tingyan, you said this morning that you have made a boyfriend, and you won't make me happy again."

Ji Xiaohan is sitting beside the sofa drinking tea. Hearing the news that his daughter has a boyfriend, he looks up and asks, "when did you make a boyfriend? Why didn't you mention it to us? "

Ji Tingyan glances at the eldest brother. Ji Mucheng smiles with profound meaning. Then, he takes his wife's hand: "mind, let's go back first."

"Goodbye, mom and dad." Xiaoyuchen hurriedly raised his hand. He now lives with his grandparents most of the time. They send him to school.

"Yu Chen, listen to the words of Grandpa and grandma, we'll go first." Xia Xinnian smiles and goes out with her husband Ji Mucheng.

Ji Tingyan sighed helplessly. Just now, her big brother's smile made her clear that there was no need to hide this matter.

"Mom and Dad, to tell you the truth, I did make a boyfriend, but Don't hurry to see him, I'm afraid you will scare him away. " Ji Tingyan had to be honest.

"How can we frighten him away by saying something stupid?" Season owl said with a cold smile.

"It doesn't have to be. If he thinks our house is too high to climb, he is a man with a lot of self-esteem. I'm afraid he will have pressure." Ji Tingyan lowers her head and explains in a low voice.

"I've considered it for him before I married him?" Ji Xiaohan looks at his daughter speechless and says that she is not suitable to stay. This is true. Although he is anxious about his daughter's marriage, he really knows that she has a sweetheart. Maybe he will marry her one day. Ji Xiaohan feels really sad.

Tang youyou is very enlightened. Seeing her husband's mood, she hurriedly went to comfort him. "OK, don't say that. Tingyan will take care of him. It shows that they have a good relationship. Daughter, when are you going to let us meet?"

"Mom, I haven't thought about it yet. Don't worry. He's really a good man. I've seen him before, and he thinks he's good." Ji Tingyan said anxiously.

"When did your eldest brother know?" Ji Xiaohan's expression is very strict. Are these two brothers and sisters coming to hide from them?

"Well When I first met him, I knew that. " Ji Xiaohan sold his brother out completely.

"This bastard." Ji Xiaohan gnaws his teeth, but his son is also the one who knows.

Ji Tingyan immediately went to his father and sat down, took his arm, leaned over and soothed him in a low voice: "Dad, don't be angry. I didn't mean to hide it from you. We just need more time to get to know each other."

"As the daughter of Ji's family, you have to be self disciplined in your behavior. Although you have made a boyfriend, you also have to hold on to Jin." Ji Xiaohan gently advises his daughter to love herself.

"Don't worry, Dad, how old I am. I know that for sure." Ji Tingyan immediately laughs. Is her father afraid that she will be cheated? How could she be so stupid.

"Auntie, is the uncle handsome?" Small feather Chen after listening to adult's words in the side, smile to ask.

Ji Tingyan pinches his delicate face and nods affirmatively, "yes, he is very handsome."

"Is there anything more handsome than my father?" Asked the little fellow, blinking.

"Almost, a little bit more handsome than your father." Ji Tingyan chuckles.

"Well, don't tease Yu Chen here. Go upstairs and have a rest." Tang youyou said lightly.

Ji Tingyan nodded and suddenly found that there were two people missing from her family. She asked curiously, "what about her younger brother and sister?"

"They went to the classmate party. Now it's time to come back." Tang youyou looks at the time. It's half past ten. Why are these two people still at home?

"I'll give Siyue a call." Ji Xiaohan immediately picked up his cell phone and was ready to call his daughter.

Ji Tingyan went upstairs with her lips closed. She was relieved to tell her family about it. Later, she was fair and aboveboard with tie ting.

Tie Ting is lying on the bed of the hotel. He has no sleep. He gets revenge. It's time for him to go to sleep. But when he thought of the picture she was in the room just now, his blood is boiling. Where can he still sleep?

All of a sudden, his phone call came. He has now returned to his country. He has serious work there.

"Brother, when you return home, go to see your mother. Don't let her worry about us too much." He said.

"Well, I'll go to her city the day after tomorrow. I'm going to take Xiao Nai to meet her." Tie Ting replied in a low voice. "OK, I'll go back to China as soon as my project is finished." Tie Xun also wants to come back to see his mother soon.

"Did Tang Weixin contact you?" Tie Ting is still very concerned about his brother's love.

"No, I'll call her and she'll turn off the phone. Brother, she won't give me a number at will." Tie Xun tone with depression, he is this by Tang idealism deceived feelings?

"No way. She may not be able to answer the phone right now. This is the nature of her work. You have to get used to it." Tie Ting firmly believes that Tang idealism is not so boring. Her eyes are full of light when she looks at her brother, which shows that she is also in love with his brother.

"Well, how can I feel that I have already tasted the feeling of losing love before I started to fall in love?" Tie Xun is very aggrieved.

"If you can stand loneliness, you can keep prosperity. What are you in a hurry?" Tie Ting couldn't help laughing. His younger brother wanted to suffer for himself. He had already reminded him that no one can hold a woman like Tang Weixin. He didn't believe it. He also tried it himself. Now, he is a man who is worried about gain and loss. Who else can he be?

"Well, I'll be patient." There seems to be no other way but to wait.

Hang up the phone, tie thunder sighed a tone, hope younger brother 's love don' t too twists and turns.

In the early morning of the next day, there was a sudden upsurge on the Internet. The rich women's hotel met the mysterious man at night, and they had a close manner. They stayed in the hotel for more than half an hour before leaving. There were several processed photos below, which covered the license plate number and the faces of the two people. However, some people in the circle recognized the Limited car run at a glance.


In the evening, miss jijiada did something shameful with a tall man in the hotel.

When Ji Tingyan knew the news, she was at the breakfast table. Her sister's big eyes suddenly fixed on her: "sister, which man did you go to the hotel with yesterday?"