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Just as Yang Chu Chu's dance was about to end, she saw the man sitting on the chair standing up.

After which, he turned around and walked towards the exit.

Heavens, she really lost a lot of face this time. She actually saw him leave and fell down.

"No, I can feel it. He left because I didn't look good when I was dancing. I just knew it." Yang Chu Chu cried even more, she felt that she really wanted to say goodbye to her beloved.

Just then, Ji Yue Ze ran in flustered and exasperated, he said angrily: "Yang Chu Chu, what are you doing, you actually fell down, did you do it on purpose?"

Seeing Ji Yue Ze angrily criticizing her, Tang You You hurriedly stood up and helped him explain. "She didn't do it on purpose, don't scold her."

"It wasn't intentional? What was that all about? You haven't eaten in the morning, but your legs have gone soft? " Ji Yue Ze frowned, but he could not bear to see his subordinates embarrassed.

"Ji Yue Ze, don't yell at her, she's already worked hard. Let her be by himself for a while." Tang You You hurriedly pushed Ji Yue Ze away.

But at this time, Yang Chu Chu stood up, pointed at Ji Yue Ze and yelled: "It's all because of you, why do you have to pull me every time you cause a ruckus? You're my boss, right? But can I ask you to find a woman you like to hype up? Don't make me your girlfriend every time. Do you know why no man has ever liked me? Because of you. "

Hearing her dare to point at his face, Ji Yue Ze's face turned cold: "Yang Chu Chu, are you rebelling?"

Seeing that they were actually arguing, Tang You You became anxious and quickly tried to resolve the dispute: "Alright, Ji Yue Ze, he's a girl, you don't have to bother about her, quickly go out."

"I'm not trying to rebel. I just suddenly lost my love just now. My heart is in pain." Yang Chu Chu was truly disheartened at the moment, and felt a sense of hopelessness.

Ji Yue Ze had a strange expression: "You broke out of love? But didn't you just say that no man would like you? Where did you get your heartbreak from? "

Tang You You turned his head to look at Yang Chu Chu, only to see her sobbing like rain: "Who said I don't have anyone I like, can't you tell that I like Luo Jin Yu? I've always been secretly in love with him, but just now, when I was dancing on the stage, he actually left his position. I know that he definitely doesn't like me, so I don't have any hopes anymore. "

Ji Yue Ze's handsome eyes widened, and after a long while, he finally let out a laugh: "Yang Chu Chu, you're not bad. A secret crush on you and you found such a rich and powerful financial backer.

Tang You You, upon hearing Ji Yue Ze's words, could not help but give him a hard shove. "Can you speak less? Didn't you see how upset she was already? "

Ji Yue Ze lowered his head, seeing Tang You You's two hands supporting his chest, and just now when he was angry, he felt that something was wrong, but now, he suddenly shivered, and then, he quickly retreated two steps, not daring to let her touch him again: "Wanru, go out, I want to talk to her for a bit."

"What else do you want to talk to her about? Don't you dare hurt her again. " Tang You You did not realise that there was anything wrong with pushing Ji Yue Ze over just now. At this moment, she just felt sorry for Yang Chu Chu.

Ji Yue Ze chuckled: "I won't beat her up. After all, she is my trump card, I plan to help her beat it out."

Yang Chu Chu raised her dim eyes and looked at Ji Yue Ze: "You want to help me? What can you help me with? "

Just at this time, someone came over to call Tang You You, and Tang You You could only say to Yang Chu Chu: "Don't be sad, everything will be fine."

"Big Sister Tang, thank you. You can go and do what you need to!" Yang Chu Chu also knew that she was too emotional and missed Tang You You's time. She instantly felt very embarrassed.

After Tang You You left, Ji Yue Ze immediately sat down and looked at the crying Yang Chu Chu with a pair of smiling eyes. "What kind of secret crush is this, you're really something, I always thought you were a bold girl, I didn't think that you would not even dare to take the initiative to love me, I really want to look down on you."

Yang Chu Chu had long since gotten used to Ji Yue Ze's spicy mouth, so she was not angry nor did she speak.

"Let me help you!" Ji Yue Ze remained silent for a few seconds, before opening his mouth again.

"Don't you try to fill in the mess for me. Do you think I'm not embarrassed enough now?" Yang Chu Chu did not have any confidence, nor did he have any confidence.

"Chuchu, I did not fully consider the matter of pulling you out to incite the rumors, but don't worry, I will change to a different woman tomorrow and definitely will not implicate you again. If you really like Luo Jin Yu, you will have the guts to confess, don't hide it, if this goes on, I'm afraid you will be left unmarried until you are thirty years old." Ji Yue Ze encouraged her.

"Confession?" "I don't dare!" When Yang Chu Chu saw that man, his legs went weak and his mouth turned stupid.

Ji Yue Ze looked at this girl who was curled up in his own little world. He felt that there was nothing he could say, so he stood up: "Fine, you decide for yourself, that's all I have to say, I'm going out. Think about it carefully."

Ji Yue Ze decided not to start with Yang Chu Chu anymore. He directly walked out, and headed in the direction Luo Jin Yu had just left in.

In a smoking area, he indeed saw Luo Jin Yu's tall and straight figure. One person leaned against a wall, and the cigarette in his hand had already been half burnt.

When Ji Yue Ze saw him, he couldn't help but size him up.