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Lingmo Feng's voice is not threatening, but his words are sharp and can't be answered. Lanchen had a ghost in his heart. At this moment, he can only forcibly explain: "before I came, I had to find a senior man to calculate, and I will send my father away at six tomorrow morning, which is good for the geomancy of our blue family."

"Who is the superior? I also happen to be confused and want to ask for advice, just give me his contact number. " Seeing that it's time for him, Ling Mo Feng even wants to bluff him with this theory of ghosts and gods. He has to let him appear in place.

Lanchen was so angry that Ling Mo Feng was really a difficult person. Lanyanxi asked him to come here. He didn't leave any way back.

"Ling Mo Feng, although you have been elected president, you are not the son-in-law of our blue family after all. Where are you and my second brother in charge? The old man is our father, and we are naturally good for him. " LAN Chen's face changed in an instant and he was no longer friendly.

He believed that even though Ling Mo Feng was in a high position, he could not be unreasonable, let alone how he was treated.

When Ling Mo Feng heard that Lan Chen always used this sentence as a reason to prevent him from participating in the investigation of the case, he gave a light hum, reached into his arms, and took out a small book: "I know you will treat me as an outsider, so I have to ask someone to take my marriage certificate with Yanxi and show it to you. I am Yanxi's legal husband now. I have to do something about her grandfather Tube, reasonable and legal. If Uncle LAN wants to say anything else, just say it. "

"What? It's impossible. When are you... " Lanchen immediately reached for it, but found that it was Ling Mo Feng's and lanyanxi's marriage certificate. They even secretly took it.

Ling Mo Feng gave a sneer: "Yan Xi and I have learned that we do what we want to do. It's not difficult to ask for fortune telling like Uncle LAN."

LAN Chen's face turned red. He handed back his ID card to Ling Mo Feng.

"Ling Mo Feng, don't you know what our blue family has become? What else do you want to do? The old man donated to the company to bring you and lanyanxi a good reputation. If my father is alive, he certainly hopes that more things will be better than less. My daughter is young and not sensible. Even if my father left this time because of her carelessness, what can I do? My daughter is his granddaughter. " LAN Chen finds that he can't make any sense, so he can only begin to play the drama of bitterness. He hopes Ling Mo Feng can open up his net and don't mix with the blue family again.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face was gloomy. When he heard LAN Chen's words, he felt ridiculous.

"If the old man is still alive, of course, I won't care about the blue family. But he went to the blue house. Yan Xi is in pain. Of course, I will find out the truth and give her an account. Otherwise, how can my husband protect my wife? I don't care what your blue family looks like. Under the law, I will never connive at a murderer, or let your daughter confess, or The evidence is clear, let her plead guilty to the law. " Ling Mo Feng said, stood up, straightened his clothes, and said coldly: "nobody can take away the remains of the old man. Before the case is clear, I will explain to the hospital and never let anyone near his remains."

"You Ling Mo Feng, you are too much. Don't think that you are Mr. President, you can bully people. " Blue Chen also stood up, angry to blush neck thick, stretch out finger scold Ling Mo Feng bully.

Ling Mo Feng sneers: "if I really want to bully people, do you think you still have a chance to have a fair talk with me here?"

LAN Chen heard his threatening words, and his face turned pale with fear. He stepped back as if Ling Mo Feng would really treat him.

LAN Chen finally failed to take the old man away, and he went back to LAN's home in frustration.

Ling Mo Feng returned to the ward, LAN Yanxi hurriedly came over, grabbed one of his arms and asked in a scorching voice, "how are you talking? Is my third uncle very angry? "

"Not only angry, but also cannibal. However, he was a little pitiful in his struggle for her daughter's death." Ling of course understands the significance of LAN Chen's coming tonight. They all say that the hearts of parents in the world are the same. Indeed, even if LAN Chen is not good enough, he will fight for his daughter, which means that his heart is not bad.

"Who is not pitiful? Isn't my grandfather pitiful? He knew how to fight for his daughter, but he didn't think about who brought him up and let him live a comfortable life. " LAN Yanxi's two little fists squeezed tightly and said with clenched teeth.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her sad look, couldn't help but hug her gently behind her, put his thin lips on her shoulder, comforted: "Yan Xi, the sad days will always pass, you should look forward, I believe your grandfather would like you to shake up and take good care of the future for him."

Lanyanxi knows that he can't get over this obstacle in a short time, just like a disaster, coming so suddenly.

"Don't think about it. We'll talk about everything tomorrow. Let's go to bed earlier." Ling Mo Feng put out his hand to cover her eyes, not to let her continue to suffer.

LAN Yanxi reluctantly leans on his bosom, finally no longer stubborn, nods.

Ling Mo Feng just joined hands, let her lie down on the bed, turned off the light in the room, saw that she hugged the quilt tightly, though her eyes were closed tightly, her body was still quivering, he knew that she could not sleep at all.

Ling Mo Feng sighed. Seeing her like this, he would be really heartbroken.

Chu lie sent someone to bring him clothes. Ling Mo Feng took a bath and came out. Seeing that he couldn't hold his sofa at all, he finally chose to squeeze LAN Yanxi into the bed.

LAN Yanxi opened his eyes and saw that the man had changed a set of pajamas. She moved her body, and the man lay down on his side and put her whole body in his arms again.

Curled up in his arms, smelling the light mint fragrance on his body, blue Yanxi's eyes were tired of crying, which really closed.

In the middle of the night, Ling found that his wrist was hurt by something. When he woke up, he found that lanyanxi had a nightmare. She seemed to regard him as a devil. The fingertip of a finger hurt his skin angrily.

"Hope!" Of course, Ling Mo Feng is not afraid of these stings. He just finds that Lan Yanxi is sweating all over and his brows are tight, as if he is suffering from Nuo's great pain.

"Ah..." LAN Yanxi heard the voice, and sat up fiercely, his hands on his back, his face frightened.

Ling Mo Feng also sat up with her and asked softly, "what's the nightmare? It scares you like this. "

LAN Yanxi turned around stiffly, and found that he was with Ling Mo Feng, rather than fighting with those bad guys.

"Nothing." Lanyanxi continued to lie down. She just dreamed that someone was chasing her and grandpa. Those people were very violent. She kept fighting in her dream.

Ling Mo Feng knows it's a dream related to the blue man. She just doesn't want to say it.

He didn't ask again. He took a look at the time. It was more than four in the morning.

"Ling Mo Feng, go to sleep. I'm all sweaty. I'll take a bath." LAN Yanxi did not dare to sleep at all. She got out of bed and left the whole bed to Ling Mo Feng.

"Good!" Ling didn't persuade her, but watched her enter the bathroom. His healthy body had the chance to stretch, but his back was already sore, but he was willing to do everything.

After taking a bath, LAN Yanxi came out deliberately. When he came out, he found Ling Mo Feng fell asleep. He must be very tired.

LAN Yanxi no longer went to bed, but sat on the sofa, with one hand on his head, staring out of the window at the sky.

It was like this until over six o'clock. The sky was light.

Ling Mo Feng slept for several hours, and his mental state was obviously much better. As soon as he got up, Chu lie came to knock on the door: "Sir, in Lanlin's car, he took a note left by the old man."

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi were shocked.

Chu lie took the note in, Ling Mo Feng stretched out his hand and opened it. He saw that the old man didn't know what kind of situation he was writing. It was a little crooked, like his hand was shaking.

"Xiaolin said that she would take me out to relax. This road is to Nanshan cemetery. I don't know what the child is going to do, but I hope someone will see this note and tell my family that I came out voluntarily."

It's very difficult to understand the words of the old man. If you understand them, you will break down.