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"I don't care about age, really!" Yang Chu Chu could tell that when he heard her words, she was shocked and immediately expressed her thoughts after a moment of hesitation.

Luo Jin Yu looked at her exquisite and beautiful face. She was very pure, her face still had baby fat, and her skin was so good that it seemed like it could pinch water. His lips were captivating red, and his eyes were clear and bright.

Luo Jin Yu never thought that the person he would fall in love with in the end would be a girl ten years younger than himself.

was also very anxious when she was being sized up by Luo Jin Yu. Her beautiful eyes flashed as she sized up the man.

Although Luo Jin Yu was already twenty-eight years old, his face still carried a sense of youth. Of course, his temperament was very mature and steady, with the imposing aura of a person in power.

But somehow, Yang Chu Chu was captivated by his mature temperament.

"Who's in your family!" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran asked.

Yang Chu Chu's expression suddenly became gloomy, and she replied in a low voice: "My mother and I!"

Luo Jin Yu's expression shook slightly. As expected, it was as he had expected, this little girl might lack some sort of love because he liked someone his age.

"I'm not your father!" Luo Jin Yu Tu Ran was very annoyed, her voice filled with a dense sense of unhappiness.

Yang Chu Chu was stunned, she raised her beautiful eyes and looked at him: "What father? Luozheng, did you misunderstand something? I never wanted you to be my father. "

"But aren't you looking for the kind of love and care older men have for you?" Luo Jin Yu mocked.

"I didn't!" Yang Chu Chu's eyes instantly turned red from grief, "I didn't think that way, and I don't need any kind of fatherly love either.

"Perhaps, you can't even differentiate between your own feelings, you like an older man like me, maybe it's to make up for your missing bit of fatherly love. Yang Chu Chu, I, Luo Jin Yu, am looking for a woman, not a daughter, do you understand?" Luo Jin Yu was already certain that the feelings Yang Chu Chu had for him were not those of a man and a woman, but a hazy relationship of a father and daughter. He instantly felt that he had been fooled, which made him incredibly angry from embarrassment.

Yang Chu Chu was very innocent. She shook her head hard, and her eyes reddened: "I really don't see you as anyone, I know how I feel about you, don't think that I don't understand these things when I'm young. I understand, I just love you, and it's not like there's anything else."

"Do you know what love is?" Luo Jin Yu leaned forward, his lips were already very close to her pink cheeks.

Yang Chu Chu dodged backwards in panic. Indeed, she was a little afraid as her beautiful eyes flashed randomly.

Seeing that she was so frightened by his proximity that she almost stopped breathing, laughed sarcastically: "You're still saying you're not afraid, you're clearly afraid of me. Yang Chu Chu, tell your mother to find a man, that way, you won't lack your fatherly love anymore."

After Luo Jin Yu finished, he took the phone on the table and was about to leave.

Yang Chu Chu was completely stunned by what this man had said to her. Seeing that he was about to leave, she suddenly stood up and grabbed his arm, "Luo Jin Yu, you have truly misunderstood me. What I want to find is the boyfriend I want to marry in the future, not for some kind of fatherly love."

"You're sure!" Luo Jin Yu's expression turned dark as he turned to look at her, only to see her resolute expression.

"I'm sure, very sure!" Yang Chu Chu answered loudly, then her eyes turned red: "How can you think of me like that?"

Luo Jin Yu looked at her trembling lips, which were indescribably alluring. In the next second, Luo Jin Yu fiercely pulled her into his embrace, and sucked her thin lips into his.

Yang Chu Chu was struck dumb. Her beautiful eyes trembled in panic as her two small hands pushed against his chest, pushing him fiercely.

Luo Jin Yu felt her resistance and immediately released his hand without the slightest bit of lustfulness. With a deep look in his eyes, he revealed a trace of evil: "Look at you, you still don't know what love is."

Yang Chu Chu was dumbstruck. She stood there in a daze, looking like a terrified child.

She raised her eyes and faced the slightly cold gaze of the man as her entire body trembled.

Luo Jin Yu walked towards the door with his long legs. When he reached the door, he stopped and turned around, looking at the dumbstruck Yang Chu Chu: "Come look for me after you have thought it through!"

Yang Chu Chu caressed her lips. There was still some warmth from his kiss, so when she turned around, she saw that the door had closed.

"I... What happened to me just now? " Yang Chu Chu began to find it hard to understand his own thoughts.

It was clear that in her dreams, she longed to have closer contact with Luo Jin Yu, just like that kiss just now. She had imagined it countless times, and she could even spontaneously imagine the feeling when she kissed him.

But when he really kissed her, and she actually pushed him away, Yang Chu Chu felt that he was definitely going to die.

That man was so proud, so insufferably arrogant. Being pushed aside by him, he must have been extremely infuriated.

Yang Chu Chu was so scared that she wanted to cry, but she also hated herself for being useless.

When all the delicious dishes on the table were served, Yang Chu Chu, on the other hand, had no appetite at all.

She paid for the few dishes that Luo Jin Yu ordered.

Unfortunately, he left!

When Yang Chu Chu wanted to pay the bill, she realized that Luo Jin Yu had already bought the order.

Heh, a seemingly cold and ruthless man is actually quite considerate of others.

When Yang Chu Chu was about to go downstairs, she was suddenly recognized by a male fan.

The male fan grabbed her and said excitedly: "Yang Chu Chu, is it really you? I'm so happy to meet you here. Let's take a picture together. "

"No, I'm not in the mood today!" Yang Chu Chu felt that man was embracing her, and she instantly broke free.

However, that male fan hugged her very tightly, as if he was trying to take advantage of her.

"Let me go!" Yang Chu Chu shouted somewhat angrily.

However, the man took out his phone to take a picture of the two of them without any hesitation.

Yang Chu Chu panicked. Just as she was about to kick the man, a big hand suddenly pushed him hard.

In the next second, Yang Chu Chu crashed into a firm embrace, releasing a familiar aura. When she looked up, she saw Luo Jin Yu.

Why did he come back?

Yang Chu Chu stared at him blankly, but Luo Jin Yu lowered his head and looked at her, and asked: "Are you alright?!"

"Didn't you leave?" Yang Chu Chu's expression was slow.

"I'm worried about you staying here by yourself. Come back and take a look!" When Luo Jin Yu was about to drive halfway, he realized that the lady did not bring a single assistant and was sitting alone in the private room. She could be considered to be a Big Star, if someone recognized her, she would be in danger.