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C1280 it wasn'st a rival

Fang Yang and Cheng Ying have a daughter's affair, which has always been a sharp thorn in Liu Lan's heart. Although they had done too much, they broke up with Fang Yang on their own initiative, which led to Cheng Ying's involvement in their love and gave birth to a daughter, but Liu Lan was a big girl. How could she bear such a betrayal? During this period of time, she quarreled with Fang Yang every day at home, and Fang Yang has been in a good row He didn't go home for a few days. What's more, Liu Lan secretly quit his job. After hearing this, Liu Lan was almost furious. If she wanted something more, it must be his decent job. Unexpectedly, he gave up everything, no family, no career. What would he do? Just want to reunite with Cheng Ying's mother and daughter?

Bah, she won't agree to die!

"Mom, let's fight another day. Today, Luo Jinyu is here." Fang Kexin has backed out. She doesn't want to embarrass herself in front of the man she likes and lose her image. "

What's the next day? We've blocked this little bitch for several times, and she's slipped away. Today, I can't easily see her. Do you want to give up? " Liu Lan stared at her daughter in disappointment, with an angry expression on her face. "

but I don't want Luo Jinyu to see me as a shrew. Maybe I have a chance with him..."

"No future, even if this man is excellent, as long as he is Yang ChuChu's boyfriend and our enemy, I will never miss this opportunity." Liu Lan said angrily.

Fang Kexin knows her mother's temper. Today, she has to make trouble.

"Well, let's just expose the truth of the matter and make Yang ChuChu disgraceful. Don't really offend Luo Jinyu. I really like him." Fang Kexin still reached out and pulled his mother's sleeve, pleading. "

well, I just want her to be exposed as a wild species. The media will clean her up." Liu Lan snorted coldly, his eyes were full of poisonous light.

"Well, then, Dad's reputation..."

"Does he still have the face to be your father? Don't you see the family that he is defending Cheng Ying? His reputation should have been ruined for a long time. He is not qualified to be a vice mayor for such a two boat son of a bitch. Besides, people don't want to do it for a long time. What kind of affection can they leave for him! " Liu Lan's teeth were biting with hatred. With the tide of people, his mother and daughter went to the meeting place. "

mom, how can we expose this matter later? Do you have a way? " Fang Kexin and Bi Jing are young and don't have so many ideas.

"I heard that she is today's model. When she comes to the stage, we rush up and question her in front of a group of people. I don't think she has the face to stand on the stage!" Liu Lan took out the character of a slur and decided to vent his resentment even if he lost face today. "

OK, Ma, or you can go to the stage alone. I'll have a look under the stage..." "

you useless stinky girl, that man is really so important?" Liu Lan stared at her daughter with a dispirited face. "

mom, he's the only man I'm interested in. I really don't want to be too shameful..." Fang Kexin is about to cry. Liu said angrily, "OK, stay away from him for a while. Don't let him see you. Anyway, I'm free today." "

thank you mom!" Fang Kexin was relieved.

Yang ChuChu is today's special guest part-time model. As soon as she enters the arena, she goes directly to the backstage. Luo Jinyu's position is arranged in the front row. As soon as he passes by, he sees a familiar person. No mistake, Lu xuanchen, a popular male star who just played a rival play with Yang ChuChu.

Luo Jin's eyes narrowed, and the two people's positions were arranged together. They were in a strange mood. "

president Luo, how delicate is it?" Lu xuanchen asks him with a smile. "

she's in the background!" Luo Jinyu shows good manners and smiles politely. "Is she Miss Yang's boyfriend?" said a female voice Luo

Jin Yu just turned around and saw Lu xuanchen sitting next to him, a beautiful woman in a long beige dress. He was slightly shocked.

Lu xuanchen sees Luo Jinyu staring at his girlfriend all the time, coughs softly and says, "this is my girlfriend, Mao Rongrong!" "

Hello!" Luo Jinyu hears his introduction, depressed mood is inexplicably a loose, immediately smile to Mao Rongrong.

Mao Rongrong is also a confused expression. I don't know why this man has such a brilliant smile. Lu

xuanchen also found that Luo Jinyu seemed to be interested in his girlfriend, so he quickly sat up straight and blocked his eyes. Luo

Jin Yu just found out that he was a little bit overboard. He smiled awkwardly and asked casually, "Mr. Lu, what industry is your girlfriend engaged in? Is it in your circle?" "

No, she's a lawyer!" Lu xuanchen's friendly answer. "

Oh, that's really interesting. I thought you would find insiders!" Luo Jinyu asked deliberately, also because he was afraid that Lu xuanchen would like Yang ChuChu, a young and beautiful girl. "

is not Luo always a person of two circles? It can be seen that love is not divided into industries, only fate! " Lu xuanchen said with a chuckle. Luo

Jin Yu agreed very much, nodded: "this is, like each other is the most important."

This time the exhibits are very rich. Luo Jinyu and Lu xuanchen inexplicably have a lot of topics. Maybe Luo Jinyu also wants to know more about Yang ChuChu's industry. Lu xuanchen can help him understand more deeply. The two men look at it and talk in a low voice. The atmosphere is very harmonious. Mao

Rong Rong was dragged by Lu xuanchen to be an audience. Although she is a woman, she doesn't know much about luxury goods. She just came here to appreciate beautiful and handsome men. Of course, she also realized that she is a woman. She decided to return to the delicacy that women should use for the sake of love and the man around her Life, it takes a period of time, but she is working hard. "

did the man look good just now?" As soon as Lu xuanchen turned around, he found that Mao Rongrong was staring at the male model's big long legs. His eyes were all turned around. He did not blink. He immediately attached it to her ear and asked her. "

good looking!" Mao Rongrong is a real woman, only telling the truth.

But the truth is often the most hurtful, sure enough, the next second, her waist was a strong hand to embrace. Rong Rong shuddered all over, then felt that the man stretched out his other hand to block her eyes.

"What are you doing? Didn't you ask me to come and see it? Why don't you let it go? " Mao Rongrong's face is speechless. This man is domineering and inhuman. "

Yes, but you can't stare at a man for more than two seconds!" In the ear is a warning of the dangers of men whispering.

"I think people have to remember seconds? It's too hard for me! " Mao Rongrong was directly laughed by him. He always felt that this man was a little childish, but now it seems that this is not only a little bit.

"I don't care. You'd better have a good sense of proportion!" Lu xuanchen said angrily.

"Look, here comes the beauty. Look at her more quickly!" Mao Rongrong cried in a low voice. Lu

xuanchen really looked up. In order to annoy her, he purposely stared at me a few more times, waiting for the women around him to be jealous. Unexpectedly, he was surprised. "

it's beautiful. The skin is so white. I don't know how they maintain it?" For the first time, Mao Rongrong found that he was really not like a woman, other women were too delicate, but he lived as simple as a man.

Lu xuanchen was stunned directly.

"Can I ask you later?" The man asked her coolly. "

is that ok? Then ask for me! " Mao Rongrong laughed.

"Don't ask. After watching the show, I'll take you to buy cosmetics. You can take care of it. It won't be worse than them!" Men are definitely action oriented. It's not enough just to talk about it, but also to take practical actions. When a couple whispered to each other, they drifted to Luo Jinyu's ear from time to time. His thin lips were pressed into a line, and it took him a long time to resist the impulse to laugh. Before that, he took Lu xuanchen as his rival in love. His eyes were always unfriendly. Now, it seems that he was totally seeking trouble. Lu xuanchen had the woman he wanted to protect. Besides, why are men jealous the same? Domineering like a child.