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C1781 a pair of twins

Time is waiting. More than a month has passed. Tang youyou's due date is approaching. For safety, Ji Xiaohan booked a room in the hospital in advance and arranged for Tang youyou to wait for delivery in the hospital. He accompanied her all day long. The two little guys also quarreled to come to the hospital to see Mommy. In a moment, the hospital and the family ran at both ends.

Xia Weiwen has also dealt with the aftermath of overseas companies. Not far from Ji's home, he also bought a villa to live in his later years. Now his daughter is going to have a lovely grandson. He is really happy.

Tang youyou lies on the bed, watching his relatives and lovers busy for himself, and then sees two little guys running around the bed, that feeling, unspeakable happiness.

God is fair to her. He has changed all the sufferings she suffered before into sugar and made her feel sweet.

The due date is approaching. Everyone is looking forward to something. Tang youyou has prepared herself. No matter how painful she is, she is not afraid of anything.

The pain started in the middle of the night. Tang youyou only felt a pain in her abdomen. Moreover, she felt uncomfortable obviously.

Ji Xiaohan sleeps on her side, because it's a very spacious hospital bed. Hearing the low voice of the woman, he wakes up almost instantly.

"I may be about to have a baby. It hurts so much."

Tang youyou is full of sweat. He looks at the nervous man around him weakly.

Ji Xiaohan immediately turned over and got out of bed, rang the bell, and a professional obstetrician came in quickly to check Tang youyou.

"It's been opened for three times. Mrs. Ji is really going to have a baby. Hurry to the delivery room to prepare."

The doctor said in a hurry.

Tang youyou is immediately pushed into the delivery room. Ji Xiaohan and Xia Weiwen are both temporarily in the hospital. At the moment, Xia Weiwen also puts on his coat and rushes to the hospital. Seeing that Ji Xiaohan is waiting outside the door anxiously, he asks anxiously: "how is it?

Is yo going to have a baby? "

"Yes, it is."

Ji Xiao's face is full of anxiety and tension. Although he is a father, he is still experiencing this situation for the first time. He can't imagine the situation when Tang youyou gave birth to his first child. He is living in a foreign country and there is no one to look after him. What kind of courage did she take to give birth to the two little guys? What kind of vision and pain did she bear They were brought up.

Ji Xiaohan wants to control his thoughts, but he can't imagine it. Because the more he thinks about it, the more he hates that he didn't go to investigate that day earlier, the more he hates Tang Xuerou's deception of himself and his two children's exile.

"I hope mother and son are safe."

Xia Weiwen was also very worried. Two people were walking back and forth outside the door, listening to the movements in the delivery room from time to time.

However, the movements inside are all covered by several doors. Ji Xiaohan proposed to Tang youyou before. He wanted to go in and accompany her in the production, but Tang youyou refused. He also said that if he dared to go in, she would not go with him. Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that she would insist so much, and he was helpless. Finally, he could only let her in alone.

In fact, he also knows Tang youyou's idea. She doesn't want him to see her weak and embarrassed, but he doesn't care at all. He really doesn't care, as long as she and the child are safe.

Tang youyou has made every effort. The pain has made her numb. She clenched her teeth. At this moment, she really doesn't care about anything. She just wants the baby to be born quickly.

"Out, out."

The obstetrician who delivered the baby comforted Tang youyou tenderly. The first little guy was born. The doctor immediately told Tang Youyou, "it's a beautiful little boy."

At this time, a very loud cry, as if to tell their mommy, their health.

Tang youyou hears this sound, tears fall silently in the corner of her eyes, and she seems to have greater courage. This time, the second little guy is also born, and the doctor is more pleased to tell her: "it's a little princess."

It's another pair of twins. When Tang youyou heard the result, she was really happy. Tears accompanied by sweat flowed down together. The two little guys seemed to cry in the competition. For a while, they were full of the joy of new life.

Tang youyou is very tired, full of hot sweat, but his beautiful face is white and weak.

Two nurses carefully carried the cleaned little guy to the door. At this moment, Ji Xiaohan and Xia Weiwen are about to collapse. Because Tang youyou has been in for two hours. If he doesn't come out, Ji Xiaohan really wants to rush in and see the result.

"Congratulations, Mr. Ji. It's a pair of twins. The baby is very healthy."

The nurse was very happy to tell them the result.

Ji Xiaohan and Xia Weiwen took over one by themselves. They watched the Nuo Nuo dumpling wrapped in a soft quilt. Their hands were still scratching. They closed their eyes tightly. Their mouths moved. They couldn't say how cute it was.

Ji Xiaohan and Xia Weiwen look at these two little lives. Their eyes are wet. The big man is moved to cry at this moment.

"And my wife?

How is she? "

Ji Xiaohan stops looking at the little guy's face for a second and immediately asks Tang youyou about it.

"Mrs. Ji is in good condition. She will come out later. Please rest assured."

The nurse hurried to comfort them.

"Dad, take two children back to the room first. I'll call Mrs. Yue to take care of her. I'll wait here for a while."

Ji Xiaohan hands the little guy in his arms to Xia Weiwen. Xia Weiwen carefully holds the two little guys in his arms. Just now, when he heard Ji Xiaohan calling him, his heart was shocked. At this moment, he was in a complex mood, but he was very happy.

"Well, wait a minute. I'll go first."

Xia Weiwen is in a bad mood at the moment. Looking at a little guy lying quietly in his arms, he suddenly feels that he is no longer afraid of aging, because what he wants to see has been sent to him by heaven. His lost daughter has now filled in two adorable little grandsons.

Tang youyou was gently cleaned by the doctor. She was lying on the cart. Her brain was still dizzy. Although she was sleepy and tired, she was relieved. Because she knew that two little guys had been born, she could finally rest at ease.

Just after the delivery room was launched, Tang youyou was confused and saw a magnified handsome face. Then, her hand was tightly held by a warm big hand.

"Long time!"

The deep and gentle male voice rang in her ear. Tang youyou tried hard to open his eyes and saw Ji Xiao looking at her anxiously.