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C1378: the grievances of Jida and Shao

The bait has been thrown. It depends on when Gao Yue is hooked. Ji Xiao's cold and sharp eyes have seen her excitement from her calm expression. Maybe in front of the deeper people in the city, those who think they are smart become a joke.

Ji Xiaohan had a few drinks with his friend. Lu Qing came to him and said, "young master, Gao Yue is gone."

"Well!" Ji Xiaohan sneers in the bottom of his heart. It's true that when he comes and gets what she wants, she can leave safely.

At more than 10 p.m., Ji Xiaohan was a little drunk. Lu Qing sent him to the presidential suite of the hotel to have a rest. He lay on the bed and squinted for a while. At first, he thought he could wake up after only squinting for half an hour, but when he really woke up, it was more than two o'clock in the morning.

He was in a cold sweat. His eyes were wide open. Looking at that time, he got up immediately, put on his coat, and walked quickly to the door.

Next door is Lu Qing's room. Lu Qing hasn't slept yet. Just after sending a chat message to Liu Xiaoxing, he sees Ji Xiaohan standing at the door, his hair is short and messy.

"Get me a car, I have to go back!" Said the season owl in a low voice.

"Young master, it's early morning. Do you have to go back?" Lu Qing looks at him in surprise.

"Do you want to see your boss kneel on the washboard or kneel on the Durian?" Ji Xiaohan asked with an exaggerated expression.

"Ah So serious! " Lu Qing finally understood his young master's position in the family. He could not help laughing and replied seriously: "yes, I'll go down and prepare a car for you."

Of course, Ji Xiaohan is joking with him. Tang youyou won't be so violent to him, but she is good at playing cold war. If she doesn't talk to him for three days, Ji Xiaohan will go mad.

Lu Qing personally drove Ji Xiaohan back to the villa. At this moment, the villa was quiet, the lights in the villa were off, and everyone entered the deep sleeping area.

"Go back to rest!" The season owl raised his hand to them.

"Take care, young master!" Lu Qing kindly reminded him that if his young master really ran the washboard at home, he would have to throw his face into outer space.

Ji Xiao's face stiffened for two seconds, then he turned around and walked quickly upstairs.

As soon as I got to the stairs, I was stopped by a voice.

"What time is it before you come back?" Ji Xiaohan's eyes widened and looked up. He saw that the old lady was still awake and came out of the stairs on the second floor in a pajama.

The handsome face that season owl cold frightens changed color, hold fast to the rail tightly, just didn't be scared to fall by Grandma's sudden voice.

"Milk Grandma, why haven't you slept? " Season owl cold heart all frightened crazy jumped up, hurriedly cared about of ask.

"I came downstairs to have a look when I heard your car. You didn't come back until early in the morning. Xiao Han, you have to remember that you have a family." The old lady didn't sleep very well, so she was woken up by the noise of the car. She went downstairs and caught her late grandson.

"Of course I remember!" Season owl cold step by step to go up, a face to admit the wrong expression.

"Hum, I'm afraid that you will be fascinated by the outside world of flowers, just like your father in those days, Xiao Han. I can tell you that you want to learn from your father, and I will not close my eyes when I die." The old lady scolded him angrily.

Ji Xiao was stunned. He hurried to grandma, reached for her and swore: "grandma, I will take my life to assure you that I will never be like my father."

"Your man's oath is not worth listening to!" The old lady said so, but she was relieved.

Season owl cold expression a stupefied, grandma how net say big truth?

"Go to sleep quickly, don't wake you up, you are full of alcohol! Smoke me to death! " The old lady pushed her grandson's hand away and didn't want him to hold it. Then she went into her elevator and went upstairs to have a rest.

Ji Xiaohan was despised by the old lady. He became more conscious and couldn't help laughing at himself. Even if he turned over his hands to cover the clouds and rain outside, he was just a child who would be trained at any time when he came back home. But this feeling was very good. Even if his grandmother disliked him every day, he also hoped that the old man's parents would live to be 100 years old and healthy. He could only be trained for several years.

Ji Xiaohan turns to walk towards the bedroom. When he passes the children's room, he gently pushes the door open. He sees his son sleeping peacefully in the quilt, but his daughter is leaning on her side and hugging her doll. All the quilts on her body are kicked to one side, showing a pair of tiny pink feet. Fortunately, the air conditioner is turned on in the room. Otherwise, she sleeps like this, There must be a cold in the winter.

Looking at his daughter's lovely sleeping posture, Ji Xiaohan is soft in heart. He quickly reaches out his hand to cover the quilt for his daughter. When he is about to turn around and leave, he finds that his son seems to turn over. The frightened man is stiff all over and feels like a thief.

The son is young, but he begins to manage people. Ji Xiaohan is afraid of this kid. He will threaten him with his mother all day long. He doesn't know how many times he wants to throw him out, but he still resists every time. If this makes the children suffer any grievances, Tang youyou has to quarrel with him. Anyway, he is afraid of that woman. The only way to deal with it at present Dharma, there is only favor.

Season owl cold footstep puts very light, this just triumphant walked out of the door, close the door gently.

Thin lips can't help but go up Yang. It's said that he's afraid of his wife, but in fact, he's afraid.

At last, Ji Xiaohan pushed the door into his bedroom, which was so dark that he was stunned.

Quickly walked to the big bed of the room and touched it. It was cold on the bed. Ji Xiaohan's heart was not very good. He quickly reached out and turned on the light. He didn't sleep in the bed?

"What about people?" Season owl cold expression a stiff, quickly ran to the bathroom to find people, but found that the bedroom full of find don yo, where she went?

Ji Xiaohan immediately takes out her mobile phone and dials up her phone.

"Hello..." A long time later, Tang youyou's confused voice came, as if he had slept before answering his phone.

"Yo, where are you?" Season owl cold strong hold back the inner unhappiness, ask a voice.

"Why? What's the matter? " Asked Tang youyou.

"I'm back. I didn't see you. Where did you go to sleep?" Season owl cold can't help but a hand inserted in the waist, alleviate their dissatisfaction.

"Oh, I've come to see my aunt. She's in hospital today. I'm worried about her. I fell asleep in her house!" Tang youyou gave her an explanation.

"What? Is your aunt seriously ill? " Ji Xiao's face was surprised and concerned.

"It's not serious either. It's just a cold. It's going to take a few days to get an injection. Anyway, aren't you going to have a party in the last two days? I'll come to accompany her when I'm free. Don't worry, I'll take my bodyguard with me! " Tang youyou slowly woke up and began to talk to him seriously.

"Well, take good care of your aunt. It's late. You can go to bed earlier." What else can Ji Xiaohan say? No one seems to care about his grievance.

"Where are you?" Just when Ji Xiaohan was about to hang up, Tang youyou asked.

"I I'm back! " Season owl cold voice a little lower.

"Back now?" Tang youyou is a little surprised.

"Well, what, any questions?" Season owl cold not from ridicule ask.

"It's so late. How can you waste your time going home? You have to rest in the hotel." Tang youYou can't help complaining about him.

"I'm afraid you're sad, so I came back in such a hurry. Originally, you didn't care about me so much!" At last, Ji Xiaohan can't help being wronged.

Tang youyou smiled unkindly over there, and the man's face became more ugly.

Tang youyou smiled for a long time, then stopped and found that he didn't seem to laugh at him.

"Unexpectedly, you still care about me so much, I am very moved, husband, you go to bed earlier!" Tang youyou hurriedly comforted him with the gentlest tone. Moreover, he called his husband for the first time, because since he was married, Tang youyou likes to call him his name. Although Ji Xiaohan emphasized many times that she wanted to call her husband, but Tang youyou felt that it was not easy to call him. This evening, she suddenly called him this way. Ji Xiaohan's mood suddenly snowed from June In March the spring flowers will bloom.