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Tang You You was stunned, then laughed: "Your father is no longer in this world, I can't find him!"

Tang Xiao Rui's crafty big eyes suddenly flashed, after that, he quietly went over to Tang You You's ear and said: "Mummy, I saw someone saying on the internet that our father is Big Star yesterday …"

"Which Big Star?" Tang You You's heart skipped a beat.

Hearing her daughter's reminder, Tang You You's entire body was drenched in cold sweat, a bad premonition was plaguing her heart, causing her heart to tremble.

"Alright, you two little fellows have too much imagination. Let's hurry up and leave. We're going to be late!" Tang You You suppressed the suspicions and unease in her heart, held onto the two Little Treasure's hands and quickly walked towards the kindergarten.

"I still feel that Ji Yue Ze is our father …"

"Impossible, that uncle just now looked even more like …"

"Alright, stop talking and quickly follow me into the classroom. I won't be coming to pick you guys up for lunch, and in the afternoon Mummy will come to pick you guys up from school." Tang You You said a few words softly before sending her children to her teacher's side and turned to leave.

The moment she stepped out of the school gates, she bit her finger in panic. She turned around to look at the school, then looked back at the road where she had parked her car.

What was the man's purpose for suddenly appearing here?

Tang You You looked down at the contract in her hands, the depths of her beautiful eyes filled with rage.

If it was her child's idea, she would tear up the contract and throw it at his face.

Tang You You's heart was filled with hatred, she absolutely would not allow anyone to have any thoughts towards her child.

No matter what the other party's goal was, Tang You You wanted to see exactly what it was.

She waved to stop a car, and came to the door of the One Thought Building, then called his mother, Liu Xi, and told his that he was being re-hired.

Liu Xi was happy for her at first, and even said that he would give her a welcoming dinner tonight to celebrate.

Tang You You didn't dare mention that bastard's other motive to his mother.

She stood in the office of Personnel Department Only Idealism, and the treatment she received was obviously much better than last time.

She was shown into a very elegant drawing room.

As he lowered his head to think about something, the door to the reception room was suddenly pushed open.

A tall and upright figure walked in, causing the dumbstruck Tang You You to suddenly freeze.

The man's sharp gaze was fixed on her the moment he walked over.

His unfathomable black eyes were intimidating, and as he casually swept his gaze over, it caused Tang You You to shiver.

I'm finished, she moaned. I've fallen into this bastard's pie trap.

Even as a mother, Tang You You would definitely not be a match for Ji Xiao Han.